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Ma“am You Have Been Uncovered

Author: Frustrated Flower All The Time

Lastchapter: 164 Five Big Shots, Grandma Exposed

Updated: 2020-06-30 16:37

164 Five Big Shots, Grandma Exposed
163 Yun Cheng Is Lively!
162 Sister Ran Took Action, Gu Xichi Is Late
161 Alarming Movement!
160 Contact Gu Xichi, All Big Bosses Take Action
159 Reveal the Sharpness
158 Shes Too Normal Compared to Master Wei!
157 A Family You Really Should Not Provoke
156 Last Years City Top Scorer
155 A Classmate Named C Has Sent You a Video
154 Because He Is a Genius Composer
153 I Heard The Same Thing Three Years Ago
152 Qin Yus Violin Sound
151 His Surname Is Wei?
150 Cheng Mu Felt Like He Had Time Traveled
149 Qin Ran Knows Someone in the Medical Department?
148 Neighbor Who Repairs Computers
147 Bad Omen
146 Is It You
145 She Had Used Her Right Hand
144 qr, QR
143 What a Coincidence
142 Compare Character Cards
141 Yang Fei: Is Student Qin Ran Here?
140 Yang Fei Sent Her to Weibos Headlines with One Word
139 First in Hand Speed
138 On Revelation, Qiao Sheng Went Crazy
137 Theres a Big Boss Behind Gu Xichi
136 There Are Other Members in OST?
135 Qiao Sheng Threw a Stack of Tickets at Qiao Sheng
134 No. 8 in Row 5 of Zone A
133 He Gave Qin Ran a Stack of Tickets
132 Meng Xinran Had Gone Pale
131 Throwing Meng Xinrans Books Down One by One
130 Touching Big Bosss Things?!
129 Take Note of One Word: Yang
128 Lu Zhaoying About to Go Crazy, Butler Cheng
127 Familiarity
126 No.3!
125 Who Is Qin Ran?
124 Elder Xus Successor
123 This Person Will Send Shockwaves in the Capital!
122 Amazing the Entire Class by Being First in Five Subjects
121 The Talent Qin Ran Was Discovered
120 A Strong Slap in the Face. Are You a Master, Qin Ran?
119 First! First for All!
118 All Correc
117 Should She Use the Right or Left Hand?
116 Let Me Be!
115 On Her Way to Becoming a Nerd
114 Ill Do Well for You Guys
113 Big Boss Did It for His Girl
112 Youre Actually a Middle School Student?
111 Ran Rans Power
110 Mysterious Master Ran, Rejecting a Symbol of Peace
109 Fall Silen
108 Your Daughters Are Exceedingly Outstanding
107 Dont Provoke Him
106 Who Told You I Would Rely on the Lin Family?
105 Who Did You Tell Me to Learn Violin From?
104 Mr. Cheng Wants to See You
103 Can You Recover?
102 Unexpected Slap
101 This Is My Dad
100 The Different Between Qin Ran and Qin Yu
99 Sister Knows Chairman Feng?
98 Numbered Musical Notation
97 Do You Understand What a Violin Is?
96 Xu Yaoguang Is Only Interested in Two Things
95 Old Mother Qian Dui
94 Why Was Qian Dui as Cold as Ice During the Lunch?
93 Unbelievable
92 Youve Revealed I
91 Prince of the Medical Field
90 Why Did You Tell Her?
89 Irritable Ran Ran, Online Discrimination
88 He Likes Ran Ran, Where Is She?
87 Ulterior Motives, Hidden Big Sho
86 Number One Female Detective
85 Tearing Qin Yus Mask!
84 How Did You Know Such a Person?
83 Mayor Hotline
82 Two-Faced Master Juan, Its on the Hot Search!
81 Is It True?
80 He’s Feng Loucheng
79 I Know Him
78 Forum Picture
77 What Big Guts?
76 Extra
75 You Want to Bicker? Fine
74 Do You Like Her That Much?
73 Qin Ran Made You Check, Right?
72 Check the CCTV, Dont Bicker with Me?
71 Impressive, Qin Ran!
70 Whats the Point of Targeting Qin Ran?
69 Jealous of the Big Boss
68 That Picture Is Qin Ran
67 Boss Qin Is the Real Boss
66 How Sacred Is Ms. Qin?
65 Do You Really Think Im Easy to Bully
64 Am I Late?
63 I Want One of His Hands
62 Who Told You She Was Left-Handed?
61 Strong Reversal
60 Terrified Chief, Come to the Door
59 Two Slaps
58 Who Said Qin Ran Didn’t Learn the Violin Well?
57 Found Ou
56 Strike to the Face
55 Kick the Iron Plate!
54 Who Gave You the Courage?
53 Nobody Dares to Be Arrogant in Front of Master Cheng
52 Bullying
51 The Truth
50 Looking for Death!
49 Disobedien
48 Is That Principal Xus Car?
47 What a Fairy Deskmate!
46 Lone Wolf, Ran Ran Studying
45 First Ves
44 Ning Qings Doubts, Master Wei of Beijing
43 Qin Rans Popularity Is Too Strong
42 Qin Rans Brother
41 Master Juan: Good Girl
40 She Is Qin Ran
39 Look! Look back!
38 Lin Jinxuans Surprise, The Board
37 Qin Ran Is Really Like Someone
36 Embarrassing Yourself
35 Touched Hands
34 Elder Xus Successor
33 Who Are You Showing Off To?
32 Attack Together, Save Time
31 Is There Another Computer?
30 Is That Qin Rans Boyfriend?
29 Something Skipped in His Hear
28 Code Name Q
27 Mysterious Hacker
26 Sister, Which School Do You Want to Go?
25 Master Juan: Too Close Together
24 Young Master Xus Suspicion, Familiar Violin
23 The Big Shot Has Approved
22 Master Juan: Who Did You Call Crazy?
21 I’m Not Crazy
20 580,000 Violin
19 Hidden Number
18 Too Much Money
17 Not Everyone Can Get Zero
16 Elder Xus Thoughts
15 Love Letters, Influential Figure
14 Because I Am Really Famous
13 I Am Not a Good Person
12 My Ancestor
11 School Bully
10 The New School Belle
9 Untitled
8 Diamond Card
7 Irritable Sister
6 Encounter
5 Exam Scrip
4 Recommendation Letter
3 Hua Meng
2 This Is Lord
1 First Arrival at Yun Cheng