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Building The Ultimate Fantasy

Author: Li Hongtian

Lastchapter: 125 At First, Li Sansi Did Not Want To Do Tha

Updated: 2020-07-05 02:21

125 At First, Li Sansi Did Not Want To Do Tha
124 Someone Made A Breakthrough to Internal Organs
123 Young Master Thinks Very Highly of You
122 The Azure-Robed Daoist Nun at Dragon Gate
121 As Long As Beiluo Remains Uncaptured, Father Will Keep You Safe
120 I Only Want to Reunite with My Family
119 One Knife Strike to Cut Open the Gate of Daoist School
118 Putting on the Thickest Armor and Getting the Fiercest Thrashing
117 When The Young Girls Eyes Open, Dry Bones Remain
116 The Eight Dragons Roar and the Dragon Gate Appears
115 In Everything I Do, I, Li Sansi...
114 Old Nie Heads South for the Daoists
113 The Daoist On The Bluestone Plays, While The Bamboo Jade Listens
112 I Have Another Small Reques
111 One Black Eye, One White Eye
110 The Uninhibited Overlord
109 Another Deployment, Overlord’s Attack
108 Not Humans
107 Now That the World Forces Us to Be Unbenevolent, We Will Be a Tyrant Forever!
106 Overlord Asking for a Hexagram Read
105 You Are a Cultivator
104 No Idea I was So Strong
103 Wanna Get onto the Island? Take Three Pot Strikes from Me.
102 Overlord Came Stepping on Waves
101 The Fear of Being Dominated by Young Master Lu
100 People’s Lack of Awe for Cultivators
99 Only Hope She Is Keeping Safe
98 Young Master Luo Leaving Beiluo
97 A Denunciation of the Wizard Lu
96 The Emperor Feeding the Black Jiao Dragon with His Blood
95 Young Master Lu Will Always Catch the Right Fish
94 Young Master Allows You to Continue
93 Wizard Lu Ping’an Who Sabotaged the Country!
92 The Eight Dragon Raising Techniques
91 Spill Your Guts
90 The Emperors Decree Has Left The Imperial City
89 If Lu Pingan Comes, Will You See Him Or No
88 You Are From The White Jade City of Beiluo?
87 The Withering Blood Red Jimsonweed
86 You Are No Longer An Ordinary Poultry Woman
85 A Cultivators Sword
84 Half-Shattered Smiling Mask
83 Spear and Shield
82 Young Master, Im going to open i
81 The Last Ques
80 Ni Yu’s Immortal Cultivation Journey
79 Please Enjoy Your Chicken Soup
78 Young Master Lu Killing a Philosopher after Three Steps
77 Yinyang School Let Me Down
76 Rangers Breaking the Taboo with Martial Force
75 The Mohist Giant Came to Beiluo
74 This Batch of Newbies Was Excellen
73 Sitting as an Immortal, Standing as a Demon
72 Kowtow before the Demon
71 Overlord Demonifies for the Woman
70 After Qi Core was Internal Organs
69 What Do We Need White Jade City for?
68 A Handsome Reward
67 Missions All Cleared in the First Secret Realm
66 Young Master Lu Will Finally Meddle in!
65 Despite the Flaw, It Was All Righ
64 Even If Number Counted, an Immortal Was Still an Immortal?
63 Heaven and Earth Are Ruthless, and Treat the Myriad Creatures as Chess Pieces
60 Venturing the Secret Realm Without Qi Plaques?
59 The Planner Is an Outsider
58 The Immortal Encounter Isnt Worth the Bother
57 White Jade City Disciples Shall be Included in the Rank of the Heroes in the World
56 He’s a Miracle of Life
55 Mo Liuqi the Assassin
54 Refined Qi Level 100. Not So Difficult.
53 The Society, Imperial Court, or The World—None of My Business
52 The Imperial Advisor Arrived at the Island Smiling; Righteousness Qi VS. Spirit Pressure
51 If You Fight Against the Immortal, the Fun is Endless
50 Spiritual Chrysanthemums Blooming. Spirit Qi Had Appeared in the World.
49 An Old Man on the Lake; the Imperial Advisor Wouldn’t Pull Out the Green Onion
48 The Empire Will be Established for You
47 Heavenly Go Manual
46 Immortal Cultivation Is Not For Those Without Sincerity
45 He Can Come Out of the Ground Whenever the Imperial Advisor Arrives
44 Have You Told Your Own Fortune?
43 Telling Young Master Lu’s Fortune
42 Is the World Outside That Dangerous?
41 If You Can Hold Up Against Three Chess Pieces
40 You Call This Flying Sword Technique?
39 Springing on Swords into the City, the Last Stand
38 Grandmaster Swordsman… Escaped Again
37 Blood Stained the Street for Three Miles
36 Then… Kill Them All
35 Can’t Take Even the Slightest Bit of Humiliation
34 There Is No One Else Like This Young Man
33 Supreme Power… White Jade City
32 Plant Chrysanthemums and Kill Half the Peach Trees on the Island
31 It Has Appeared! Young Master’s Spirit Pressure
30 Control Twenty Knives, Put Down Twenty Chess Pieces
29 Laughing at the Group of Confucianists, Nie Wields His Knife
28 Stepping on Lu Pingan’s Dead Body
27 Beiluo Lake Island, Nie Tries Out His Knife
26 Recovering the Blood That Had Gone Dry, Sixth Resonance Grandmaster
25 Level-Up: Refined Qi Level 2
24 This Guy Is No Ordinary Creature
23 Select a Poetic and Idyllic Place
22 The Nights a Little Too Quie
21 Be My Coachman Firs
20 He Is a Big Fat Liar
19 Im a Cultivator. This Is Spirit Pressure
18 Daoist No. 9
17 The One I Want Is You
16 I, Ni Yu, Want to Cultivate and Become an Immortal!
15 I Am a Martial Arts Practitioner; I Don’t Believe in Immortals or Deities
14 This World Really Has Immortals?!
13 I Have Come, So Now There Are Immortals
12 Great Immortal Lu Trying to Trick Everyone
11 Dao Imparting Platform
10 Stop Taking Shortcuts and Refine Qi Seriously
9 Leaving Quietly After the Mission Has Been Accomplished
8 Qi Core Realm Cultivator
7 Don’t Be Afraid. I Have Your Back.
6 A Grandmaster Maid
5 I Am Very Good-Tempered
4 Everything Is Under Control... Yeah, Righ
3 An Immortal Touched the Top of My Head
2 Spirit Qi Deploymen
1 That One Fascinating Foo