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Vengeance To The Royal Ones

Author: Llaellen

Lastchapter: 114 Was Only Here To Play Around

Updated: 2020-08-04 16:56

114 Was Only Here To Play Around
113 He Really Knew How To Get Revenge
112 Leaving Amber To Daze On Her Own
111 She Was Not Fond Of I
110 Who Never Truly Love Themselves
109 Not Just A Simple Rich Young Lady
108 Her Own Things That She Must Do
107 Get This Lady A Cup Of Water
106 In Exchange, Ill Call You Thalie
105 Please Dont Be Rude
104 Youre Such A Beautiful Child
103 Its Not My Faul
102 Her Very Own Evil Smile
101 You Were Crying Non Stop
100 Everything Was Genuine
99 Made Him Look At Her?
98 Why Are You Still Awake?
97 Dont Lose More
96 Just Who Could You Be?
95 It Was Good Tears
94 To Hate The Reason
93 She Really Is... Peculiar
92 When He Grew Even Older
91 Fine, We Promise
90 Saying That It Hurts Yesterday
89 Didnt I Promise You?
88 I Just Hated My Blood
87 Comparing A Gem To A Dir
86 What Kind Of Girl
85 I Am An Impatient Person
84 Pillar Of Suppor
83 I Understand Sister-In-Law
82 Appeared On Her Masked Face
81 Quite Capable Arent You
80 Am I Hearing Jealousy Here?
79 If The Police Dont Then Who Will
78 Unexpected But It Was Inevitable
77 End Of All Flashbacks
76 Story Of My Parents
75 Blizzard Hotel
74 A Fruitful Three Years
73 An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth
72 Wheres The Bro Code Now
71 Doing Nothing Is Boring
70 Like I Am The Outsider
69 As A Busy Body As She Was
68 What Kind Of Celebration
67 Ashton Is In The Water!!
66 Whether To Be Sad Or Get Mad
65 It Was Already Too Late
64 You Are But An Orphan
63 Spend Time With Him
62 They Were Ignoring Her Existence
61 Gave Her A Major Slap
60 Staring At The Board
59 Im Not Making Fun Of This Name
58 Just Pay For Your Fees
57 If Her Revenge Is Over
56 Without Any Compassion To Anyone
55 The Programmer Known As "Pianist"
54 Ill Just Get My Jacke
53 Let Off Some Steam
52 Youre Giving Me Goosebumps
51 The Aura Around Her Have Somehow Changed
50 Placed His Hand On Top Of Her Head
49 Do I Look Scary
47 Proper Burial Place
46 A Passerby
45 Birthday Party
44 80% Of The Plan
43 Coincide With His Own
42 Last Time
41 Clover
40 Horror Movie
39 Invitations
38 A Very Selfish Person
37 A Hundred Million
36 Switches
35 Three Fee
34 Who Are You?
33 Flowers Were Blooming
32 Properly And Diligently
31 Draw Out A Contrac
30 Thirsting For More
29 The Three Of Them
28 Nice Sho
27 Toothless
26 Lucky My Face
25 Compared To The Past Me
24 Living But Not Actually Living
23 Were Going Somewhere
22 Ocean Of Mess
21 Its Rude To Stare
20 "An Eye For An Eye"
19 Vicious Woman, Bra
18 Horror Stories
17 Determination
16 Pitter Patter
15 Nathalie Price
14 A Lone Tear
13 Tinge Of Sympathy
12 She Feels Like... Me...
11 Why Let Her Suffer For Three Years?
10 Young Fragile Girl
9 Rain Is A Sad Thing
7 Please Stop Staring At Me
6 Place A Doll Here
5 Last Gif
4 Computer Science
3 A University
2 Turned Their Back
1 An Eye For An Eye