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Netherworld Investigator

Author: Oli

Lastchapter: Chapter 289: Fishing Line Suicide

Updated: 2020-08-11 01:58

Chapter 289: Fishing Line Suicide
Chapter 288: The Decapitation Massacre
Chapter 287: The Temptation Of Fame And Wealth
Chapter 286: Yi Xi Is Dead
Chapter 285: Getting Closer To The Truth
Chapter 284: Undercover At The Charity Dinner
Chapter 283: The First Intimate Contac
Chapter 282: The Secret In The Recording
Chapter 281: The Way To Use Troops Lies In The Ever-Changing And Unexpected
Chapter 280: Dispatching The Online Water Army
Chapter 279: The Cunning Lawyer
Chapter 278: The Kiss Of Death
Chapter 277: The Arrest Of A Big Star
Chapter 276: The Diamond Sutra, Under The Bodhi Tree
Chapter 275: Great Meri
Chapter 274: Capturing The Abbo
Chapter 273: Sexual Bliss
Chapter 272: The Code
Chapter 271: The Case Of The Historical Relics
Chapter 270: Flower Snares The Finch
Chapter 269: Digging For Treasure In The Mountains
Chapter 268: Blood On The Handle
Chapter 267: The Set Up
Chapter 266: The Strange Temple
Chapter 265: The Tears of Buddha
Chapter 264: A Day Tour Of The Reservoir
Chapter 263: Prison Break
Chapter 262: The Death Of A God
Chapter 261: The Truth Is Revealed
Chapter 260: Song Xingchen To The Rescue
Chapter 259: The Power of Love
Chapter 258: Only One Can Live!
Chapter 257: Hideou
Chapter 256: The Arrest Begins
Chapter 255: The Forces Behind The Scenes
Chapter 254: The Criminal Chase
Chapter 253: Riding The Wooden Donkey
Chapter 252: The Lunatic
Chapter 251: The Iron Maiden
Chapter 250: Song Xingchen VS Wang Yuanchao
Chapter 249: Pork Rong
Chapter 248: Suicide Bomber
Chapter 247: Where’s The Bomb?
Chapter 246: Rampant Provocation!
Chapter 245: Death Game
Chapter 244: Bomb Countdown
Chapter 243: The Mechanical King
Chapter 242: The Genius and The Devil
Chapter 241: The Old Man's Secre
Chapter 240: Crime Scene Restoration
Chapter 239: Locking Up The Murderer
Chapter 238: The Arm-breaking Contraption
Chapter 237: The Unfilial Man
Chapter 236: The Hackers
Chapter 235: Horrifying Live Streams
Chapter 234: The Most Bloodthirsty Website In All History
Chapter 223: Teaching Young Master Wang A Lesson
Chapter 232: Traitors To Humanity Deserve To Die
Chapter 231: Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Chapter 230: The Case From Ten Years Ago
Chapter 229: Tongue Torture
Chapter 228: The Missing Tongue
Chapter 227: A Murder Performance
Chapter 226: Burning To Death In Armor
Chapter 225: Dinner With The Corpse
Chapter 224: The Strange Explosion Case
Chapter 223: Human Leather Workshop
Chapter 222: The Love Affair
Chapter 221: The Foot Reflexologist’s Godfather
Chapter 220: Record-breaking Detective Work
Chapter 219: Frightened To Death
Chapter 218: Human Skin Kite
Chapter 217: Forensics Award
Chapter 216: Shadow Guard
Chapter 215: The Truth Is Revealed
Chapter 214: Postmortem Examination
Chapter 213: A Father's Revenge
Chapter 212: South Korean Victim
Chapter 211: The Idle Mr. Ma
Chapter 210: The Ghost Marriage
Chapter 209: Statemen
Chapter 208: The Zombie Bridegroom
Chapter 207: The Top Expert of The Song Family
Chapter 206: Merchants of Yin Objects
Chapter 205: A Severed Hand With A Wave Of The Sword
Chapter 204: Chaos In The Woods
Chapter 203: Pulling In The Ne
Chapter 202: The Secret In The Mouse Hole
Chapter 201: Tit For Ta
Chapter 200: A Spurned Woman
Chapter 199: A Woman’s Envy
Chapter 198: The Song Family’s Old Estate
Chapter 197: Simulation of the Crime
Chapter 196: The Red Phantom
Chapter 195: The Mysterious Tailor’s Shop
Chapter 194: Yuanchao Kicking Ass
Chapter 193: The Ghost in the Well
Chapter 192: The Disfigured Corpse in a Red Skir
Chapter 191: The Bone Density Fluid
Chapter 190: Master Detective Song
Chapter 189: A Sign of Gratitude
Chapter 188: Trapped in the Wall
Chapter 187: The Missing Woman
Chapter 186: The Cemetery Search
Chapter 185: The Doctor’s Tragedy
Chapter 184: Thirteen Living Corpses
Chapter 183: The Hibernation Lab
Chapter 182: The Secret Code
Chapter 181: The Poison and the Antidote
Chapter 180: The Blackmailed Murderer
Chapter 179: The Living Corpse
Chapter 178: The Song Family’s Persimmon Paste
Chapter 177: Corpse Manipulation
Chapter 176: The Crazy Assassin
Chapter 175: The Blind Date Party
Chapter 174: Sun Tiger in Trouble
Chapter 173: Smoke and Mirrors
Chapter 172: Young Master
Chapter 171: The Faceless Slave
Chapter 170: The Song Family’s Heavenly Dog Tracking Technique
Chapter 169: A Looming Threa
Chapter 168: The Plastic Surgery Clinic
Chapter 167: The Missing Page from the Diary
Chapter 166: The Song Family’s Corpse Reconstruction Technique
Chapter 165: The Woman Who Turned into a Pig
Chapter 164: The Talking Pig
Chapter 163: The Swordsman in Trench Coa
Chapter 162: The Ear in the Box
Chapter 161: An Angel’s Revenge
Chapter 160: The Close Bond Between Sisters
Chapter 159: You’re Lying!
Chapter 158: Fake Death Syndrome
Chapter 157: Not for the Faint of Hear
Chapter 156: Phosphorus Flame
Chapter 155: Necrophilia
Chapter 154: Venomous Weapon
Chapter 153: The Waking Corpse
Chapter 152: Night at the Funeral Home
Chapter 151: Locked Room Murder
Chapter 150: Fighting for the Boss
Chapter 149: Xiaotao’s Birthday
Chapter 148: Song Yang Is Mine!
Chapter 147: The Poison Mistress
Chapter 146: Becoming the Murderer
Chapter 145: Arsenic
Chapter 144: The Real Culpri
Chapter 143: Another Dead End
Chapter 142: Everything Is Poison
Chapter 141: The Fourth Victim
Chapter 140: Doctor Cheng’s Secrets
Chapter 139: The Three Major Poisoning Cases
Chapter 138: Jealousy
Chapter 137: Murder by Botox
Chapter 136: Sun Bingxin
Chapter 135: A Surprise Reunion
Chapter 134: The Poison Tes
Chapter 133: The Five Elements Poisonous Classics
Chapter 132: The Funeral of a Hero
Chapter 131: Fox Eye Vs. Cave Vision
Chapter 130: The Lonely Hero
Chapter 129: The Triple Divination Technique
Chapter 128: The Time Bomb
Chapter 127: The Green-Eyed Fox
Chapter 126: Video Evidence
Chapter 125: The Highway Pursui
Chapter 124: The Battle Royale
Chapter 123: The Attacks on Huang Xiaotao
Chapter 122: A Formidable Enemy
Chapter 121: The Hypnotist Murderer
Chapter 120: Song Yang Was Arrested
Chapter 119: The Murder on the Stage
Chapter 118: The Beautiful Professor
Chapter 117: I Will Haunt You Forever!
Chapter 116: The Visitor from Beyond the Grave
Chapter 115: Thrice Steaming Bone Tes
Chapter 114: You’re the Murderer!
Chapter 113: Sex in the Car
Chapter 112: Lao Yao to the Rescue
Chapter 111: The Car Acciden
Chapter 110: The Queen An
Chapter 109: An Intellectual’s Revenge
Chapter 108: The Bullet Ants
Chapter 107: The Bleeding Wall
Chapter 106: The Apparition’s Appearance
Chapter 105: Capture Tactic
Chapter 104: Yin Yang Pillow
Chapter 103: A Great Bargain
Chapter 102: The Story of the Haunted Mansion
Chapter 101: Little Boy Playing with A Ball
Chapter 100: Top Ten Unsolved Mysteries
Chapter 99: The Autopsy
Chapter 98: The Haunted House Adventure
Chapter 97: Drugging Her Drink
Chapter 96: Putting the Obnoxious Rich Guy in His Place
Chapter 95: Special Consultan
Chapter 94: Eternal Life
Chapter 93: The Terrible Truth
Chapter 92: The Battle of Frigh
Chapter 91: Human Flesh Slaughterhouse
Chapter 90: The Dark Room Hidden Underground
Chapter 89: Hot on The Trail
Chapter 88: The Delicacy of Human Mea
Chapter 87: Mad Cow Disease
Chapter 86: Baby-Eating Psychopath
Chapter 85: Ma Jinhuo
Chapter 84: Three Missing Persons
Chapter 83: Bloodthirsty Butcher
Chapter 82: Vinegar Echolocation
Chapter 81: Slow Death by A Thousand Cuts
Chapter 80: The Guessing Game
Chapter 79: Dumplings at Xiaotao’s Place
Chapter 78: Split Personality
Chapter 77: The Strange Meat Filling
Chapter 76: Human Flesh Buns
Chapter 75: Our First Date
Chapter 74: Are You Trying to Woo Me?
Chapter 73: Suicide by Hanging?
Chapter 72: Guilty Man, Innocent Ca
Chapter 71: The Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 70: Breathing Fire to Fight Against the Cat Spiri
Chapter 69: The Thing Inside the Cat Figurine
Chapter 68: Catching Bai Yidao Red-Handed
Chapter 67: The Spirit Materialized
Chapter 66: Teased by Supervisor Huang
Chapter 65: The Brazen Yu Jun
Chapter 64: You’re Lying!
Chapter 63: Honing In On the Murderer
Chapter 62: Wealth Beckoning Cat Spirits
Chapter 61: A White Lie
Chapter 60: The Murderer Was A Spirit?
Chapter 59: The Mysterious Ca
Chapter 58: My First-Hand Experience As A Cold-Blooded Murderer
Chapter 57: Murder Reenactmen
Chapter 56: The Murderer Who Does Not Exis
Chapter 55: The Golden Beckoning Ca
Chapter 54: My Relationship with the Supervisor Huang
Chapter 53: The Vow of Justice
Chapter 52: Cat Paw Prints
Chapter 51: Reanimated Corpse
Chapter 50: A Two-Month-Old Fetus Resembling a Peach Blossom
Chapter 49: A Wonderful Candy Before Autopsy
Chapter 48: Bai Yidao Got Wrecked!
Chapter 47: The Case of the Locked-Room Murder
Chapter 46: The Most Feared Law Enforcement Officer in Guangxi and Guangzhou
Chapter 45: Possessed by Demons
Chapter 44: I’ll Be Waiting for You in the Room
Chapter 43: The Teaching of the Bible
Chapter 42: The Final Battle in the Darkness
Chapter 41: The Secret Technique of the Song Family—Ink Shadow
Chapter 40: The Truth
Chapter 39: The White Nigh
Chapter 38: Demon Child
Chapter 37: A Rare Genetic Disease
Chapter 36: The Drill Instructor of People’s Armed Police
Chapter 35: Count Dracula
Chapter 34: The Man Who Was Afraid of Sunligh
Chapter 33: Corpse Positioning
Chapter 32: If You Lose, Eat the Whole Ashtray!
Chapter 31: A Dead Body with the Blood Sucked Dry
Chapter 30: The Big Burly Officer
Chapter 29: The Mighty Tiger
Chapter 28: Humiliating Dr. Qin
Chapter 27: The Final Moonlight Sonata
Chapter 26: Capturing the Murderer
Chapter 25: The Ghost in the White Dress
Chapter 24: The Trap Was Se
Chapter 23: Baiting the Big Fish
Chapter 22: Legend of the Haunted Piano
Chapter 21: The Cursed Piano
Chapter 20: The Cell Phone
Chapter 19: The High IQ Criminal
Chapter 18: The Secret Hidden in the Dorm Room
Chapter 17: Lao Yao, The Genius Hacker
Chapter 16: Wanna Bet on That?
Chapter 15: Steaming the Corpse with White Vinegar
Chapter 14: The Severed Head in the Piano
Chapter 13: First Class Superintendent Huang Xiaotao
Chapter 12: The Soul Reaper’s Sonata
Chapter 11: The Red Umbrella, The Ultimate Secret Tool
Chapter 10: Cave Vision
Chapter 9: The Mystery of the Suicide on Campus
Chapter 8: The Race Between Good and Evil
Chapter 7: The Case from Ten Years Ago
Chapter 6: Jiangbei Daggers
Chapter 5: Grandpa’s Death
Chapter 4: Song Ci, Father of Forensics
Chapter 3: Frankenstein Corpse A Surrogate Burial
Chapter 2: The Genius Detective of the Century
Chapter 1: The Chronicles of Grand Magistrates