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28 First Ride

 Anna's Pov:

I get into the passenger seat..

He started driving to the house..

I didn't speak anything..

I just turn my face to window Side..

In order to get distracted..

He increased the speed of the car..

He suddenly stops the car by sudden break..

I was shocked and just fall onto the dashboard..

My head may hit the dashboard..

But something stopped me..

A saving Hand..

Its Mark..

Yes, Mark kept his hand between my head and dashboard..

I forgot everything I feel secure when his hand touch on my forehead..

I sit back normally and look at him as if nothing happened..

Mark: "Are you ok?"

Anna: I nod my face as Yes..

and check on the road what happened..

I didn't find anything..

Mark POV:

(She lost in her thoughts..

I tease her more..

she is sitting like a statue in the car..

Meanwhile, I saw a face..

The face I am searching for..

It's John he is coming opposite to me on a bike without helmet..

I suddenly stop the car..

Meanwhile, Anna may hit to the dashboard I keep my hand to save her..

and I saw the number plate through my side mirror..

Anna: (I turn to Mark and ask..)

Anna: what happened?

Mark: Nothing..

I just checked the break that they are working or not..

(I don't want to tell her about this.. she may upset.. So I tease her that I got a chance)

Anna: hoo.. (I said)

After a few seconds, I realize that he started again to tease me again..

And I turn to him with an angry look..

Mark: (she looks pretty when she pretends to be

Angry.. and I smiled.. and said..

"Act like grown-up girl.."

Anna: I no need to act like grown up..

Because I am grown up girl..

Mark: you have grown up..?

Anna: Yes.. (I said strongly..)

Mark: Then why you didn't lip lock?

Anna: What?

Mark: "Then why you didn't lock your seatbelt"..

(I said loudly and act like angrily.. To make my second statement strong)

Anna: (I check the seat belt..

I didn't really keep the seat belt because I am thinking somewhere...)

and by keeping the belt and ask Mark

"Did you ask the same question before?

Mark: Yes..


Anna: nothing I hear the different question so..

Mark: Do you have a hearing problem?

Anna: What?

Mark: Exactly..

I should repeat everything 2 times..

In the restaurant when I am asked about french fries..

Now I am asking about seat belt..

If you have any deaf problem..

Let me know..

I know a physician, he will help you..

What.. What.. Are the only words you know?

(I said arrogantly to tease her again..)


(I was in shock when he raised his voice like that..

I am scared to see him like that..

May be really I got deaf?

I am hearing wrongly..

Even now?

He has the point.

Something happened to me..)

"Actually, I didn't have any hearing problem..

But in recent times I hear wrongly, especially today..

I think it happens because of the accident, I went through..."(I convinced him in a pleasing tone)

Mark: (how cute she is.. How innocent she is.

she didn't even blame me.. She really thinks she has duff)

You are hearing wrongly?

Can you tell me in detail?

Anna: (I was dead.. What should I say now...

About french kiss or about liplock..

It's better if I shut my mouth quietly)

I forgot.. (I say in confusion)


Forgot? (I smile to myself.. By seeing her confusion state..)

Let it be..

"Ok then Grown-up girl put your seat belt whenever you are in car ok?" I said

Anna: I nodded my head as Yes..

Mark: (I started the car and start driving home.. Meanwhile, I observe the Bruise on her hand that I made yesterday night..)

Can I ask you one thing?

Anna: yes..

Mark: Why did you hide to Mona about your Bruise caused by me?

Anna: (how he knows that I hide from Mona?

Does he know that I have another bruise on my waist.?

then I think strongly and I ask a question in reverse..)

"Why you convince Mona about don't give injections to me..."

"You still don't know my past by the morning, but why you convince her?

(Silence between us for few minutes..)

then I replied..

"I think both questions have the same answer.."

Mark: (how she knows that I convinced Mona about the injection.

I convinced Mona because I care Anna..

I don't know her past by then.. But she hides behind me to save her..

After I hear about phobia I don't want to hurt her again so I requested..)

We both reached our home..

I went to my room..

Meanwhile, Anna handover parcel to Nanny and she went to her room..

Anna: I went to my room and had fresh up..

And came down to Nanny to check what she is doing...

She is doing something..

Anna: what's that nany?

Nany: it's strawberry salad beta..

Sir like strawberries a lot..

Anna: hoo..

(I can remember that he ordered for strawberry ice-cream..)

then I can hear someone is walking from the hallway..

I went to check..

it's she the girl I saw yesterday with her chest coverage before Mark..

(I feel angry on her..

but why?

am I feeling jealous??)

then I ask..

who are you?

Genie: I don't give answers to the one who can't effort for a dress..

Anna: I feel a stab in my heart.. tears fill in my eyes..

Meanwhile, Nany came and ask me to inform mark that his pa has arrived..

I was shocked she is pa to him..

why don't he appoint a male pa.?

in my thoughts, I went to his room and knocked..

he opened the door with a towel rubbing his wet hair..and he is shirtless and has only short.

I just turned around and said " your pa has arrived"

Mark: ok (laugh to himself that by seeing Anna was turned around..)

Anna: I then went to my room..

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