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27 Magic spell of sex Desires

 Mark's POV:

When I lift Angel..

Anna is saying goodbye to angle..

She said she wants to give a goodbye kiss to the angel..

Meanwhile, I lose grip on angel she may fall..

So I bend and catch her..

In between, I feel a soft sensation on my lips..


It's Anna's lips..

I was in shock...

Is that real?

I was really craving for her lips..

Her lips were like soft tissue..

I want to chew them..

I don't want to leave them..

I just pressed her lips with mine for initiation to kiss..

she is in shock..

I can sense her..

Her skin becomes pale.. and getting cold..

I know this is her first kiss..

I am lucky to grab her first kiss..

Meanwhile, she stepped back and she is still in shock..

I raise angel in the right position again..

If an angel was not there in my hand..

I definitely grab Anna's face with my hands..

I will kiss her deeply..

No matter how she responds..

She just shows me a taste of her strawberry lips..

How I will leave the entire strawberry dessert of her lips..

Meanwhile, Mona called us and they took Angel to drop at her school..

They should drop her..

Because Anna should not know about angels whereabouts..

If she found she will upset...

I saw Anna...

she still froze like a statue..

But my erected dick I can't help out.. It's become very hot and erected..

I tried to manage normal.. And said to her to wait there I will bring my car.

She just nods her head..

I went to a car parking slot it was a bit dark..

I opened my door and take the driver's seat, but my bulge doesn't support me to get normal..

If I was in this state..

I definitely keep this red hot dick into her Virginia and I release before we reach home..

I need to cum right now..

I take my Dick out..

It's pop out erected and I can see the muscles are erected...

I started masturbating by visualizing Anna..

(I started stroking..

We are in the same restaurant..

I sat beside her..

I kept a hand on her waist under her t-shirt.

I moved my hand to her boobs..

Her face becomes red to want more.

I squeeze them.. I am moving them..

There are so many people in the restaurant..

she tried to stop moaning..

I pinched her boobs she said "Ouch..."

It's hurting..

I slowly keep my hand down to her pants and found her hole..

It was wet I smile to her..

she is looking at me to don't stop..

I keep one of my fingers..

she just closed her eyes to sense..

With my thumb finger, I pressed her clit...

I am moving my finger in and out speedy by pressing her clit parallelly.. When she about to cum.. I stopped

she saw me again to don't stop

and I insert another finger..

It was tight with 2 fingers

She cupped her hands to her mouth to stop moaning outside..

I increased my speed than before..

She kept one of her hands on my bulge and pressing it with pleasure..

(I increased my stakes speedy and fast..)

I didn't stop and increased more speed with 2 fingers..

She escapes a moan.." ahhhhhhhhh"

And she tells in desire.. Am cuuummiinnggg..

Then, with few strokes, she cum..

(I cum in the car I cleaned with tissues and my Dick was not Normal it was erected little less than before.. So I want to cum again and I started masturbating again..)

then I let her sit under the table and open my zip it was pop out..

I said" Eat your lollipop till it gives you juice"

She immediately grabs my dick into her mouth..

she is doing a super job..

Her mouth is cold, which helps my hot dick to cum..

I pinched her upper lip with my hand..

she increased the speed more passionately..

She is not bothered about that we are in a public place..

She is just having her treat..

With one of my hands, I pulled her hair to increase more speed..

(I am increasing the strokes..)

she instantly started increased speed like a devil..

Inn out in out in increasing speed..

Meanwhile, I can hear her moan.. mmmmmmm..

She didn't slow she just making it into her throat. To satisfy me..



I moan a bit..

(I increased my strokes with full speed)..

I shoot out my cum into her mouth..

Her mouth is not sufficient for my load..

I just cum again with a grin I cleaned it with tissues again..

I get relieved..

I closed my zip..

I check my face in the mirror..


I think she wore a Magic Spell of Sex Desires on me..

It's been 4- 5 days that I hardly know her I am masturbating by thinking her..

I can still sense her lips..

I don't know how our journey will end..

But I am more fantasizing her..

I want to get out of her thoughts, but the more I am thinking to get out, the more I am getting close to her..

I started my car and went to where Anna is waiting..

she is still in the frozen state..

Her face was pale..

She is busy with her thoughts that she didn't even recognize me..

Mostly she is thinking about me..

About my lips..

and our kiss..

so I blow the horn..

she saw and come and sit on the passenger seat beside me..

we started to home..

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