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26 First Kiss

 Anna's Pov:

When I ask Angel why you order 2 ice creams..

she replied that mark promised 2 ice creams for me..

I ask Why..

When Angel is trying to explain with her cute words..

Mark interrupted her and grabs her from my lap suddenly and make her sit on the table..

While he is taking her..

Accidentally his hand hit on my boob..

I can understand he did not do that intentionally..

I can feel his hand it is very hard.. It squeezes my boob..

A sudden shrill pass through my Spine..

(All this happens in just a fraction of second)..

I remain silent..

Then Mona asks Angel. "Angel.. How old are you?"

Angel: 4 yealsss..meanwhile, our order for ice creams came..

I and Mona and Angel grab our flavour butterscotch..

We all kept the ice cream in our mouth..

I and Mona close our eyes and moan at the same time.. "Mmmmmmmmmm"

"It's delicious" said by Mona..

(Both Mark and Tom look at each other and a little smile on their face... And Mark looks at Anna and Tom look at Mona...

They took their bowl of ice cream.. they are smiling to themselves..)

Mark: after Anna moans I was erect...

Not even me, I think after Mona moan Tom get erect..

(Annaaaa... she is making me crazy day by day.. I was already erect when I tease her about french kiss..

Her moan makes me more erect...

My hand still feel the sense of her boob..

Why all this is happening one by one..

I can't control myself..)

Then I took my Ice cream..

I take one spoon and kept near to my mouth and said..

"It was soft as a jelly.."

And I saw Anna I wink her with one of my eyes..

and passionately thinking that its Anna's boobs I am sucking it and take into my mouth..

Anna makes a fake cough and turn and eating silently...


Tom takes the ice-cream and before he took into his mouth, he said " mine was too Hard..

I think I need to put it in a juicy bowl.. Then it melts.." and he turned to Mona..

Mona widened her eyes and stare at him..

Her face becomes red..

And he again asks Mona directly..

" Do you have Juicy bowl?".. With a grin on his face.

Mona shakes her head as No..

(Again I and Tom look each other eyes and smile to each other..)


(Did he tell about my boobs or he tell about ice-cream..?)

I saw him when he told him, winked me again..

I widened my eyes..

Then he keeps that spoon of Ice cream into his mouth slowly.. Where I can sense a visualization that he taking my boobs into his mouth and sucking it passionately..

I got goosebumps and make a little cough to come out of my thoughts and turn to my ice cream and started eating silently..

Meanwhile, angle had her first ice cream she made the cream on her entire mouth and cheeks..

I took a tissue and laugh at her little face and cleaned her.. I cleaned her clearly meanwhile Mark is staring at me..

I saw him then he look at Angle and with his thumb finger he touched angle edge of her lower lip and he saw me..

Then I saw an angel and thinking that I cleaned her.. Then why he did that..

Then, with my tongue, I just lick the corner of my

Lower lip.. I sense some ice cream was there..

Then I take a tissue and clean it again..

It makes me shy...

Meanwhile, Mark laughs to himself..

Mark: when Anna is cleaning angel I saw she has cream on her corner of the lower lip..

I feel crazy..

I just want to grab her towards facing me and I want to taste that cream.. On her strawberry lips.. The combination of both..

My Dick was hard and erect when I am thinking her..

she saw me..

Then I gave her a clue by touching angel lip and I saw her..

she again saw an angel and within few seconds she licks the cream with her tongue..

I think that I want to grab her tongue into my mouth which completes French Kiss..

and I laugh to myself..

We completed our lunch..

then the waiter gave a food parcel to Anna..

I look at her..

She replied I order one pizza and ice-cream to nanny..

I nod my head..

I paid for the bill..

I was a bliss that she is taking care of nany..

I lifted angel and Anna stand before me to look at Angel..


I ask Angel, can I give a puppy (in the local language, it means kiss) to your teddy..

Angle: Yes, here..

(She shows the cheek of the teddy..)

I kissed teddy and say bye teddy..

Take good care of My angle ok?

Angle: wait my teddy will give a puppy to you..

she said and she kept her teddy on my cheek..

I and Mark laugh at a time..

Then I said " let me give a goodbye kiss to angel too.. and I bend towards angel cheeks..

Meanwhile, her teddy fell down, she bends suddenly to side to catch the teddy..

Immediately mark bends his face to grip angel not to fall.. (all this happens in a fraction of seconds)

I sense lips..

It's Mark's lips..

We both stare at each other..

I was in shock..

then he pressed his lips towards mine to initiate..

(A sudden shrill pass through my stomach,.)

I came back a step..

He leans down and catches the teddy and give it to the angel..

I was just staring at him not moving an inch like a statue..

I feel like I lost somewhere..

I can't hear anybody I can't see anybody except mark..

then Mark winkles with his eye..

then I found myself..

I swallow my trust.. and Mona shouted at us to come fast... we move from there..

Tom told to mark that he and Mona will drop angel to her school..

and say goodbye to him.. and take Angel with them..

I was still in shock..

what just happened is real?

meanwhile, Mark interrupted my thoughts and said..

"Anna wait here I will bring the car," he said casually and left..

I nod my head as yes and stand there like a lost doll..

My First Kiss..

This is my first kiss..

it's an accidental kiss and my First Kiss..

I can even sense his lips it's a little hard..

He didn't get back... Instead he pressed to my lips intentionally to initiate the French Kiss

I swallow again..

Meanwhile, I hear his car horn and I went to his car and sit on the passenger seat beside him..

I am still in shock and unconscious with my thoughts..

My first lip kiss with Mark..?

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