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22 She is meeting someone in secre

 Mark POV:

I went to the bath..

I just got relief..

I came for dinner..

I ask Nany about Anna..

She said she didn't come yet..

I sat opposite to staircase..

I started to have soup..

After a few minutes, I saw Anna was coming..

When she is on the stairs, I saw her.. She is in a ponytail..

I was shocked to see her in a ponytail..

I just fantasize about her with a ponytail..

I smile at myself..

She feels awkward that am staring at her..

She makes her head down and come straight and sit before me..

She started eating and am about to finish my dinner..

I should know at least the stupid school name in order to find that hostel warden..

I ask her about the school name..

She didn't even see my face and answer me..

I think she has become shy for the kiss on the forehead..

If she knows what I just fantasizing about her.. She definitely kills me, I thought and laugh to myself and I went to my room..

Then I call to my private detective I appointed him for Ria's death mystery..

I told him the school name and address and the year Anna studied and ask him to ensure that hostel warden..

I need the information by tomorrow morning..

I said and I hang my phone and I sleep..

I wake up at 6 and done workout of 2 hours..

Genie was called about the doubts in contact notes..

It's around 10 in the morning..

My door was knocked..

Yeah.. Who's that?

Mona: it's me Mona..

Mark: Come on Mona..

Mona: good morning mark..

How's going..? (With a smile on her face)

Mark: (I just shut my laptop and saw her)

Yeah, fine..

What makes you happy this early morning..?

Mona: Guess what?

Mark: how I can guess the reason for my sadistic friend happiness..

Mona: I smink and I tell..

" My dominant friend finds his submissive"

I laugh loudly..

Mark: you start nonsense again..

Mona: Don't hide under the bush Mark..

Mark: I am not hiding anywhere.. Please be straight..

Mona: I just treated Anna.. She is very happy that I didn't give her an injection..

Mark:(little smile on my face)

Mona: something is going on.. Why don't you let me know..

Mark: what are you talking about..

Mona: ok, I will be straight..

I found 2 Bruises on Anna..

One on her waist and the other on her arm..

I check them..

They just caused when someone holds her tight for 2-3 minutes..

It will cause due to struck of blood circulation..

And I also know that Dominant enjoy holding tight her submissive when he has sexual attraction towards her..

She narrowed her eyes towards Mark..

Mark: (visualize that on the waist, it is done to tease her about injection.. And on hand when I kiss her on the forehead near the pond.. I smile at myself..

I again act normally) ok what should I do?

Mona: (narrowed her eyes again)..

Do you have a sexual attraction to her.?

Mark: No way.. (I turn my face towards laptop)

Mona: Is that you...

Who make Bruises on her body?

Mark: What the hell.. Why I will even touch her..

Mona: (in confusion) then who can do that..?

You are the only men staying here..

Mark: I think you should ask her who's responsible.. (And I opened the bottle to drink water.. It makes thirsty because to hide from this stupid interrogation...)

Mona: Yeah, I asked her.. (With a pause)

She said it's you..

Mark: (sudden cough came when drinking water. It goes to the nostril, my face becomes red and my cough still and control of myself and think Anna is a shy girl she doesn't tell by herself.. So it can be tricky with my stupid friend,)

It's not me Mona.. (I act serious face)

I think she was meeting someone in secret we should know who's that..

Did she tell herself about Bruises?

(Mona believes Mark's words)

Mona: no.. Actually, nanny told me about the waist, but Anna pretends to hide them from me.. She feels nervous to show me..

I think it was you..

And Nany shows me Anna's another Bruise on hand..

Anna is worried very much that I know about this..

I pretend casual because I think it was you..

Mark: why do you think it's me, Mona..

Do you think I fall for this kind of girls..

(I pretend mona is mistaken..

Her facial expression was funny.. I tried to control my laugh) (and I bliss that Anna tried to hide them)

How many know, about Bruises?

Mona: Nany is the one who is taking care of Anna.. Maybe she saw during the bath..

Mark: ok leave the topic, I will find with whom she is meeting secretly..

I need to know one thing.. You told me about perverts in Ria's case that they scratch her with their nails on her body..

Do perverts use needles too for their satisfaction of torture?

Mona: needles are a small term they use so many tools which makes their partner pain which gives them satisfaction..

(Mona paused for a second and narrow her eyes.. And ask mark)

Why are you asking about needles?

Does it relate to Anna?

MARK: no it relates to Ria.. (I escaped again)

The phone vibrated..

Mark lift the phone its detective..

"Hey Mark, I send full details of that hostel warden.."

Mark: ok..

Mona: who's that?

Mark: detective on Ria's case.. I need to leave.. And my wound has healed no need of dressing further I told to Mona and I left hurry.

Mona shouted from the back.. Do you think who's the doctor..?

I should say it heal or not.

ok, I will visit later..


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