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19 You will be safe with me

 Anna's POV:

I don't know why.. after he asked that I am hurt..

I want to share him my bad memory which leads me to scare about needles..

Then I break the silence.. I was watching the pond and started to share..

When I was 5 years old.. My father.. Army general.. He died.. I hardly remember him..

Later mom took the responsibility to raise me..

We don't have sufficient money to have food..

But my mom never lets me know about that..

But I know she slept without food so many days..(deep sobbing.. With tears falling from my eyes.. Am still staring at the pond.. And continue my story..)

Later she joined me in the hostel when I was 5and half years..

She joined me in the first class..

I was alone in the hostel I don't know why mom left me, I thought she will come in the evening take me with her it's been 2 days she didn't come.. (Tears are increased from my eyes)

On the 3rd day night.. After I sleep one hand make me wake up..

I can't recognize him in the darkroom.

There is no light in that hall..

11 more children are sleeping in that room.

Then He.. Hhhheee (I stammer... I take deep sobbing..)

(I feel a hand on my shoulder to console me..

Then I feel safe I don't know why.. Even though he teased me, I feel secure under his presence..

Now I got a little strength to tell him again)..

He makes me to sit on his lap.

I was on nightdress with a pant and shirt it's a night uniform...

He closed my mouth with one of his hands..

With the other hand, he touches my thighs..

He makes me move forward and backwards..

He just moved me on his lap.. ( I paused)

Near his pennies..

The room was dark.. I don't know what's happening..What he is going..

After 10 min of moving he pinch me with the needle.. I just get scared and shocked when I get the sense of needle byte..

He laughs slowly and he releases his cum.. I can sense wet on my pant..

He left me there and warn me don't say to anyone otherwise he will kill my mom..

He also said he killed my dad..

I got scared that he will kill my mom..

I will do whatever he says..

For the next 12 days.. (I take a deep sobbing, I can't control my tears..)

He used me.. He comes at midnight.. He wakes me up and he keeps me on his lap and he moved me front and back..

In the middle, he enjoyed to pinch me with a needle.. My pant got wet..

I found him, he's my hostel warden.. his age is around 30's..

After he went I changed to other pant and pray to god to not to kill my mom..

After 2weeks my mom came to visit me..

She bought chocolates, cakes etc..

But when she saw me she identified my dark circles around my eyes... She is about to ask me something I hugged her and cried..

She said she will visit every Sunday..

Later she observed the needle bites on my hand..

She asks me what happened.. I tried to hide them..

If I say anything to her he will kill my mom..

Then my mom takes me close and requests me everything to tell..

Then I told her everything she catches me and cried..

I don't know why she cried.. When I got a young age, I understand it's child abuse..

(I take a deep sobbing.. He is just tapping on my back.)

From that day I got scared of darkness..

And deadly scared of needles..

(I continued my sobbing)..

My mom has changed the school now girls school everyone will be handled by madams she inquired everything and after one month she joined me the school..

At the first night at the hostel I was scared..

It's dark in the room.. I sat on the bed corner and started crying.. Here 4 girls in the room..

One girl went and switch on the study light.. I feel safe..

She sat next to me and hold my hand..

And she told.. "Don't get scared I will be with you..."

I get relief when I catch her.. She said she is my class.

I ask her " what's your name"?

She said Ria..

(I take a deep sobbing, I increased my crying, he has just come close to me with his hand, he pushes me towards his chest and tapping on my back.. I hold his shirt with one of my hands and hide my face on his chest and I cried..)

Ria is my first friend.. She said she will take care of me.. Why she left me alone?

Why she again through me in that nightmare..

I said and I started crying..

Mark pov:

Tears are rolling from my eyes after I listened to Anna..

I just grab her to my chest... She catches my shirt and hides her face and crying..I make my grip tight that she is safe with me..

I raise her face with my left hand..

She closed her eyes.. Her face is full of wet with tears.. Her face becomes red her eyes swollen more..

I raise her head a little more.. And bend forward and kiss on her forehead..

She opened her eyes.. I look into her eyes and told..

"You will be safe with me.. I will be with you"

Tears roll down from my eyes too..

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