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18 Did you fall for her?

 Mark POV:

I went to my room..

Am just doing some work...

The phone vibrated..

I check who's that..

It's Genie my P.A.

I pick up the call..

Genie: Hey Mark, I am outside of your house..

Call your security to allow me..

(Because of Anna's security I warn my security to not allow any person..)

I call them to let her in..

I came near the dining table to check Anna that she came for lunch..

She's not there..

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Gen is coming..

She hugged me..

Genie: Hi Mark.. Without you the work is boring..

Am Missing you..

When will you be back to the office..

Mark: soon to be..

Come let's sit here.. (I showed her dining table to discuss the office matters..)

Genie: ( with awkward face.. ) Here,?

Why not your office room or bedroom at least?

We will have privacy..

Mark: (I had one office room in my house too..)

I need some fresh air.

Am always struck in that room..

So change of place..

And come to work.. Here no one is there so this place is well sufficient...

(Actually, I chose dining table because to know about Anna.. If she comes for lunch.. I can see her.. And feel relief.. I take the seat where Anna sits in the morning during breakfast..)


Here are the contract notes..

Read them and if you need any changes to highlight them and if you are ok with the contract you can sign..

Mark: there are almost 7 contacts..

I started studying.. I involved in the work and I told her to change some points..

Meanwhile, many gave coffee to both of us and she left to the outhouse for some rest.

We continue with our work..

Suddenly Genie said something..

Genie: "Why did you say to bring t-shirts in my size.. She is very thin and she doesn't have the size of the boobs of mine"..

Mark: what?

And then I saw Genie eyes, she is watching someone..

I turned back its ANNA..

I feel happy when I saw her..

Her eyes are swollen..

I feel very bad that I hurt her emotions..

She casually walks into the kitchen..

She acts like she doesn't notice me..

I confirmed she was angry with me..

And then I recall what Genie said..

She said those words to hurt Anna intentionally when she's near to us..

I turn to Genie.. She is staring at me and she immediately asks..

Genie: Did you fall for her?

Mark: it's none of your business Gen..

And I told you to bring your size because I like loose shirts on her..She is pretty.. And she is not fat like you.. And yes, she doesn't have your size but I am sure her size is perfect for a woman, which is perfect need to impress a man...

(I actually told about loose shirts because to heal her wound.. Mona told not to use tight garments.. So... But even though she looks super cute on them..)

Genie: Did you see them? (She asks about her boobs)

Mark: Yes.. (I told her a lie.. Actually, I didn't see her boobs clearly.. When I saw her beauty mole she is on Bra.. But I saw her boobs curve.. I rather sense them more while hugging..

I told lie to Gen because she don't disturb her again because I am taking care of)

(Genie face got black and feel jealous)

Genie: great..

(I don't make you see her again)

Mark: we finished our work in 15 min actually I am hurrying to meet Anna because she don't even look at me and went to the garden area with coffee.. And then I send Genie back to the office with some work..

Genie left the house.. Its been 30 min she still sits near the pond..

Actually, that is my favourite place in this house..

I used to sit there with my Mom..

After they died, I went to that place and cried a lot..

Later, when If I feel lonely I will go and sit there..

Now Anna sits in the same place and leaning her face on knees and observing the pond with deep thoughts..

Why she selects the same place that I like the most..?

And I walked slowly towards her

(Actually, I don't like to console anybody..

Particularly girls.. I never fall for them..

I don't know, it may be my ego..

But this girl is changing my attitude towards her..

How she can do that..

I went near to her, she didn't even feel my presence I sit next to her (left side her) the pond is on the right side she's still staring at the pond..

I ask her, "Did you Hurt"

I used that phrase that may connect to injection and teasing and Jen words...

She lifts her head and saw my face..

I just turned to the other side not because to show off this time.. Just because I can't see through her swollen eyes..

It may get tears in my eyes..

Why my eyes are becoming wet..

I just control my emotions I say to myself..

She again turns her face to the pond-side..

She didn't respond to me..

We both didn't take anything for 2-3 minutes..

We both are driving our own thoughts..

After that, she breaks the silence..

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