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6 Saving my Life

 Mark: Hello...

Anna: Mark.. it's me Anna.. (I can't control my tears)..

Mark: I already told you don't dare to call me by my name..

Anna: Am so sorry, Sir..

M..mmy.. Bro..brooother Raped Ria (I stammer with crying). With his 3 friends..

I know them, I will help you find them..

Mark: I know that (he shouted loudly)..

Your entire family has to pay for this..

Anna: Sir, please listen to me..

John is still at my house..

He may escape..

He tries to kill me..

My mom saves me from sacrificing her life

(I take a deep sobbing)

Mark: Where are you?

Are you trying to escape from me?

You will be dead if I find you,

Anna: No, I escape from my brother..

Am at 10th Street in the same area of your house..

(Meanwhile, a gang of 6 alcoholic teenagers came near to me.. One of them sat beside me touching my thigh..)

I kept my phone aside and warn them..

"Who are you?

Don't dare to touch me.."

Gang: "We got a hot chick why we only touch your thighs instead we touch your boobs.."

I just stand to escape from them..

One of them catches my wrist...

I just slap him and run through the streets..

They are chasing me..

I am running, it's almost 12.30 midnight...

I don't know where I am..

Am just running..

Suddenly street lights were off..

The streets are dam darkest...

I am scared of darkness..

I recall my nightmare I got a day before that I am running in a street at the same time the lights are off..

I stop running; I stand still...

I can hear they are approaching me..

They are coming near me..

No God will come to save me..

Ria died because of me..

My eyes are filled with tears..

When one of the gang touches my shoulder from the backside..

Suddenly a car stopped a few inches in front of me...

I don't know who's car is that..

Someone comes out of the car...

He is walking towards me..

The hand on my shoulder left me and I can hear they are moving backwards..

I can't see the men clearly because of full of tears in my eyes...

In that gloomy street, I can see only the headlights of the car..

I got terrified..

I don't know what happened in my life..

I just collapsed before the car headlight on the road and hands on my face and sobbing deeply and crying..

I can hear some fight is going for a few minutes and I can hear cop vehicle sounds..

I am saved..

Someone saved me, I don't know who it is...

I can't dare to raise my head to see him..

Some hand touches my shoulder...

A sudden shrill pass through my Spine..

(the same feeling I got when mark touch my wrist on that day) I feel secured..

I sense safe..

That anonymous man touches my shoulder and called my name,

"Anna... You are safe now".

I am shocked and clear my eyes and raise my head and saw his Face..

Its MARK...

I take deep sobbing and stand immediately and hug him tightly and crying..