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5 Mom.. Miss you..

 Anna's Pov:

My mom...

she loves me so much...

I am a precious gift from my Dad to Mom...

My mom and dad love each other.

My dad is an army general.

He died when I was 5 years.

I hardly remember him.

But my mom always tells about his dare activities..

After dad died mom took the family responsibilities.

she joined in a Job, because of hectic work she can't take proper care on me..

So she decided to join me in a hostel which accommodates my school.

There I met Ria...

when I turned to 13 years, my mom decided to go for 2nd marriage.

and she asks for my permission...

Am happy about her for the decision they took..

My step-Dad is the employer to my mom...

and he had one son named John (19 years) by the time of marriage now his age is 25 years.

My mom never shows partiality between us.

He doesn't talk much with me.

I am top in school and College..

My dad always praises me..

He wants me to take care of the business further...

am happy about that but I don't think it causes an effect on my brother feelings..

Why he kills my mom...

I don't want to miss you, Mom...

Please come back..

I need you..


All the memories flash into my mind when I was running on the streets..

I was praying to God that it should be a dream...


I need to wake up...

I need to wake up...

I need Ria...

I want to go to college with her.

I want to enjoy my life with my parents..

tears filled my eyes..

I can't run anymore..

I collapsed on the middle of the road I keep hands on my face and started crying heavily with deep sobbing..



I got a flash of mark..

it's around 11.30 p.m in midnight...

I want to tell him about John...

John may escape..

my father is in the danger zone with him..

I moved on to the bench beside the road and searched for my phone..

luckily it's in my pocket...

I call to Ria's landline number...

Nany lift the call

Nany: "Hello..

who's this?"

Anna: "Nany, it's me Anna..

Can you please connect to Mr Mark?"

Nany: Anna beta..

(they use beta for a child in local language)

what happened?

why did you call this late hour?

Is everything ok?

Anna: I don't have much time..

can you please forward my call to Mr mark?

Its an emergency

Nany: ok beta, he is in Ria's room wait...