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68 68 Kazuki

 "Your brother left you behind? Do you feel hostile to him?" Subaru started to help and watched Gabriel through the corner of his eye.

"He did but it is not all that bad. I was never mad at him for it and I have grown a lot. Being an heir to the hospital is very stressful and I would never blame Kazuki for leaving. In a way, I am grateful because now I have gained a ton of knowledge and gained skills that will help me save the girl that I have fallen for. So for me, it is more of a blessing than a curse." Gabriel keeps the same pace as Yesterday.

"I am sorry for digging into your memories. That cannot be easy to admit. I am glad that you took over but do you think your brother will come back and take your spot away?" Subaru keeps picking the tea leaves.

"If and when Kazuki comes home, I will hand the hospital back to him. I do not want to be the director. I want to be a medicine man. I do not want to be in charge of all the office work and Amelia will need me more than the hospital. I want to be there for her. I love her so deeply." Gabriel placed the tea leaves down and went back to pruning.

Subaru smiled, "I totally get that. Spend all your days loving her. Live each moment like your last. As you never know when that will be. I will provide you with everything that you need and come to help you when you need it." He stopped and looked at the tea leaves and sighed. "This is truly remarkable. I thought this would take a few weeks as I would not have enough help to get it done but it is actually complete."

"We make a good team. Let's go to your garden and harvest what needs to be done and then sort out what I will be taking with me." Gabriel places the last of the tea leaves down and looks at Subaru while picking up the fabric.

Subaru shakes his head and leads Gabriel back to his house. "I am sure that everything will work out in the end. I just wanted to see what else drives you and if you had any animosity towards your brother. It is not like I know him but if I come across him I will let him know that you are waiting for him."

"Thank you, that would be most appreciated. I know that he is hiding and thinking that I hate him. I just want him to be happy and healthy. I also wanted to tell him that the girl he was too married to, ran away with another man and has not been seensince." Gabriel stepped into the house and displaced the tea leaves down.

Subaru looked back at the woods and nodded his head. He looked forward and showed Gabriel the ointments that he was unsure of. "How do you portion these out?"

"So I take the bamboo leaves and portion out what I think that patient will need." Gabriel picked up a leaf and started to portion the pain ointment.

There was a knock at the door and a man walked in. He looked at Gabriel, "Hey, Gabriel. I am sorry for everything that got pushed onto you but I'm glad that you are doing well."

Gabriel turned around when he heard the voice. "Ka-Kazuki! It has been forever! Will you be coming home?"

Kazuki freezes and looks at Gabriel. "Ummmm, I will think about it. I do not think that Father and Mother will be all that happy to see me. Seeing how I ran away with another woman when they had set me up with a stranger. Did you get forced to marry yet?"

"They will not be mad at you for that but the girl you were to marry also ran away and all they will care about is if you are happy." Gabriel was now staring at Kazuki not moving closer to him. "I am not being forced to marry. I chose the girl I wanted to marry. We have not discussed dates yet but I was planning on heading home after I got what I needed from Subaru."

"I think that it is time to own up to what I did. I will come home with you and I will bring my wife and child with me. I think that is the best thing to do. I would like to introduce you to my wife and my daughter. They are my world. Subaru, I will borrow Gabriel." Kazuki waves and leaves the room.

Gabriel runs after Kazuki. "I look forward to meeting your wife and child. I am sure that Mother will cry if you come home." He follows him into a house that is just outside the town.

"Kazuki, is that you?" A lovely lady walked through the doorway and looked at Gabriel.

"Suzuka, it is good to see you after such a long time." Gabriel bowed to her.

Kazuki looks at Suzuka and Gabriel in complete confusion.

"When your wife to be was supposed to meet you for the first time you ran away from the house and left her behind. I was asked to step in for you. I was nice but it was then that I found out Suzuka was in love with another so I encouraged her to elope not knowing that you were the one. Oh my goodness. This is hysterical. The one you were intended to marry is the very one that you married. This is too beautiful." Gabriel starts laughing.

Suzuka looks at Kazuki and then at Gabriel. "You mean to tell me that Kazuki is your older brother. That one that you wished him prosperity and good health when I ran away with my beloved?"

"Gabriel, are you playing some form of a game with me right now?" Kazuki looks at Gabriel in horror and shock. "It was fate that brought us together. Now even more than ever we should return to my family house."