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 Gabriel woke up in the morning and pushed off the extra blanket and got up and stretched. 'The rain was a little harsh but that is okay. I think that will help the corps in the areas. There was a bit of talk going on about there being a drought.' He walked to his clothes and changed into some new clothing that he brought into the room.

Mari knocks on the door and slides the door open. "Good Morning, I have brought you breakfast." She slides the tray in the room and places the teapot inside of the room.

Gabriel was facing away from the door and tying up his yukata and turned around. "Thank you for breakfast. How is your daughter feeling?" He walks over and picks up the meal and takes it to the table. "Itadakimasu."

"It is all thanks to your efforts that she is finally recovering. Thank you again for all your help. I am glad that you were here to help out Subaru." Mari bows and carries the teapot to the table.

"It really was nothing, I will be borrowing Subaru to help him improve on his skills. So I want to make sure your daughter will be okay while he's gone. Can you and your husband bring her to Subaru's place around noon. If it is raining we will come to you." Gabriel ate in between his requests.

"I do not think that it will be an issue. Subaru is a great guy and he is self trained. It is not easy to learn everything you can on your own. You must be worried about your girl. Do you think you will head back tonight?" Mari was sitting beside Gabriel pouring him tea asking about his plans.

"That is what I am hoping for. I want to get back to her as fast as I can but there is a lot that needs to be dealt with here before we can leave. I know that Subaru has responsibilities that he must do. So I will make sure that I help him out before I steal him for a few days. I will not let you guys suffer." Gabriel drank the tea and Subara entered the room after knocking.

"You know you have a great sense of responsibility as well. I am proud that you are here and that you are willing to bestow your knowledge on me. I think we will be finished by noon today so I agree with Gabriel that we will see Tomomi at that time." Subaru sat next to Gabriel.

"Gochisosama. It is going to go by fast. Did you get all the medicines portioned that I made?" Gabriel finished his tea and placed everything on the tray and got up. "We will see you at noon Mari."

Subaru got up and walked with Gabriel to the door. "It was good to see you so happy Mari. We will see you at noon." He walked out of the room with Gabriel. "I got most of them portioned but there were a few that I thought I would ask you how to portion as I do not usually make them. I figured we should finish with the tea leaves as the rain has stopped and it looks like it will start up again in the afternoon."

"Yes, I was thinking we should get it done as soon as possible. The rain will definitely start back up. It is not like that is much of a surprise. I was beginning to worry that the rain would kill the crops for your guys though." Gabriel walks to the entrance where he changes his shoes.

"I would not worry about that. We have a stream that is nearby and that is how we are able to keep the crops growing. The two people you lent us are amazing. I heard that there was praise over them. I am glad we are working together. Thank you." Subaru changed his shoes and stepped outside.

Mari raced after them. "Gabriel please take this umbrella. It would be disastrous if you got sick from the rain." She held out an umbrella.

Gabriel turned and took the umbrella. "Thank you for your concern. I will take it with me and I will return it before I leave." He took the umbrella and left the inn. He walked next to Subaru. "What do you need help with packaging up?"

"I do not usually make ointments. The people here do not ask for them. I think that is because I do not have enough time to whip some up.��� Subaru scratches his head embarrassed.

"There is no need to be embarrassed. I will not judge you for this.I think that it is noble enough for you to make the medicines. As a part of our trade. I am willing to make the ointments and send them back with the driver that delivers herbs to me." Gabriel smiles and the two reach the tea garden.

"you do not know how much this means to me. I am still learning and you are amazing for someone that is so young." Subaru says this and covers his mouth.

"What you said is the truth. I am still young but that doesn't make me any worse or better. I was formally trained where you were informally trained. I think that is great. My Grandfather was strict with me. I was told that I needed to be efficient and productive. I do not think that people understand how hard it was. I was slow in the beginning like your speed but I trained until my fingers bled." Gabriel gets to picking the tea leaves.

Subaru placed a cloth down, "your Grandfather sounds like a strict man."

"He was but at the same time he took care of my wounds. It was after that, that I realized how truly lucky I was. He trained me well. My father took over the hospital but it was me and my brother that Grandfather trained. Kazuki is equally as great and I was really looking forward to working with him. Kazuki is no longer at home but I bet he is still studying medicine wherever he is." Gabriel smiles happily.