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 Miyuki rushes and grabs the tea and runs to the kitchen.

Edna nods her head and gets up placing the fruit on the table. She brings back all the medicine.

Amelia opened her mouth and lets Irene feed her the medicine. "I am sorry my dear. I know that these do not taste the best but it will help stabilize you." Irene gave her one at a time skipping the sleeping aid. She held up a cup of water and got Amelia to drink it.

"Thank you, Mother. I am feeling a little better already. Sorry to cause a fuss." Amelia opened her eyes and saw the deep concern in her mother's eyes.

"Maybe it is from sleeping next to the door and having it slightly open?" Edna looks at the door and sees that it is open.

"I don't think so. This is normal and the breeze from outside feels good." Amelia sits up more and stops leaning on Edna. "Thank you for holding me up mother Edna."

"You are most welcome. I am sorry that I could not do more." Edna looks at the ground sadly.

"No, you did plenty enough. I will eat but it will be done in this room I do not think I should be up and about. I am feeling rather lethargic right now so I will stay in my room for the rest of the evening. You still have your flower arranging class go teach and I will be okay. Mother, you go with Mother Edna. I will stay here with Miyuki. She is here to help me and keep me safe. I am sorry for causing you both to feel such deep concern." Amelia bowed just her head.

Miyuki came back and placed the tea on the table. "I am so sorry that I picked you up and brought you to your room but I did not want you to be on the ground." She bowed very low to the ground facing Amelia.

"No, you did the right thing. If that happens in the future do not hesitate to help me out. I do not know how many more times this will happen and you are the one that is to care for me. So please take care of me, Miyuki." Amelia smiled at the girl that was bowing so low to the ground.

"Miyuki you can rise. I don't know why you are so low to the ground. I will have another servant bring the two meals for dinner here and you can focus all your attention on Amelia. We are going to do the flower arranging class and will come back to check in when the class is down." Edna got up and waited for Irene.

"Please stay and rest Amelia. I will come back and check on you later. I still need to set up so that I can rest tonight. I will come back later with Edna." Irene stood up after touching Amelia's cheeks.

"Yes, go do what you need to Mother Edna and Mother. I will rest and drink my tea. Thank you for bringing me the fruit." She smiled and watched as the two ladies left the room.

Miyuki poured Amelia the tea and handed her the teacup. "Here is the fever tea."

Amelia changed positions and sat up and leaned her body against the wall. "I am sorry for scaring you, Miyuki. I was not expecting to collapse. I have felt a little better since I have come here. So I was hoping I would be okay." She sipped on the tea until the cup was empty and she fell asleep leaning against the wall.

Miyuki pulled the blanket up Amelia's body and sat next to her. "I know that you did not mean to scare me. I am here to look after you and you have given me a purpose. I will watch over you all the time." She took the cup to the table and sat next to Amelia doing more embroidery but this time it was a different project. She worked on it then hid it away after an hour of working on it and went to the door. "Can you bring me some hot water, please?"

The girl that brought dinner looked at Miyuki and smiled. "I can if it is for the Young Missus."

"I wanted to make her more tea but I am on watch duty, so I am not allowed to leave. It would be most appreciated that you do this for me." Miyuki looked at the girl and took the food to the table. She moved all the dishes around and had it all set up for Amelia.

The girl left bitterly but brought Miyuki the hot water. "Here, the water. I did not know that you would be so sly Miyuki."

Miyuki gasped at the words. "What do you mean sly? I was ordered to watch the Young Missus. That was the whole reason I was brought to the house in the first place. It was always supposed to be like this. I never did anything to hurt anyone."

"You are a snake and steal from the Young Lady. You do not think that we do not know about the food that you eat here?" The girl raised her voice at Miyuki.

Amelia kept her eyes shut but had heard every word. "If she was stealing do you think that she would still be allowed in my resting quarters. You do not know what goes on here. Get out and do not come around my quarters again." She opened her eyes and glared at the girl as she ran from the room.

"I am sorry that you had to deal with that for me, Amelia. I would never steal from you. Are you hungry? Dinner has arrived. It is mostly soup and I am sure that Madam requested a dinner change." Miyuki poured the hot water into the pot and added more tea leaves.

"I am a little hungry. It is not your fault for someone else's jealous actions. I am sorry that you have to go through that just for me." She bowed her head and got up part way very slowly but got dizzy, so she had to sit back down.