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64 64 Longing

 Gabriel lifted the herb cloth up by himself. "I can carry things you carry Itsuki. It's going to pour rain here shortly." He looked at Subaru and waited to see what he would say.

Subaru picked up Itsuki and started leading the way. "If you say it like that then we shall rush back now and make sure that we miss the rain." He leads the way back to the house. They reach the door as the rain slowly starts. He opened the door and stepped inside with Itsuki.

"Papa, I got a little wet. Will I be okay?" Itsuki looked at his clothes concerned.

"You can take your son and warm him up. I will help prepare some medicines down here while you help him warm up and get dry." Gabriel bowed and started to light all those candles up. He went to the table and started with fever medicine. He poured that into a bowl and set it aside. Then he made a pain relief medicine. As he worked he didn't think about anything else but getting it done to go back home.

Subaru came back to the room and saw that Gabriel had made ten different medicines while he was helping Itsuki warm up. "So fast. This would take me a week to prepare this much."

"This is almost what we use in the hospital during one day of work. I have to stay ahead or else the patients are the ones that suffer." Gabriel stopped what he was doing and looked at Subaru. "Sorry, I tend to get carried away. I hope that this is the same way you make them. I made what I thought the people here might need."

Subaru tested a little of each power and nodded his head. "There are some slight differences but yours is better. I was thinking that we could go to the inn and get some dinner. Itsuki wants to have Mari's cooking. That is if you do not mind the company?"

"I do not mind. I will teach you how to make all of these at the hospital. I will need to catch up anyway. This is in good faith with a prosperous working relationship." Gabriel bowed to Subaru.

"You can leave these and I will wrap them up overnight. I am glad that we will be building a long-lasting working relationship and friendship." Subaru bows back and lifts up Itsuki who was hiding behind his legs.

"Let us be off then." Gabriel walked back to the doorway and changed his shoes and looked at the rain as it got heavier. "Are you sure that you want to go out in this weather?"

"Errrr, Itsuki? I think that it would be best that we cooked at home. The weather is dangerous, Okay? We will eat Mari's cooking another day." Subaru let Itsuki down.

Itsuki looked out the door and saw that rain. "Okay, but what about Elder Brother?"

"I will return to my room at the Inn. I have some other things that I need to do. Do not fret over me I will be fine heading back." Gabriel pats Itsuki on the head and then runs all the way back to the inn. He opens the door and is now a drowned rat.

Mari was passing by and looked at Gabriel. "Oh my! Gabriel! Are you alright? You are going to get sick here please take this blanket."

Gabriel looked at Mari and took the offered blanket. "Thank you for your hospitality. I will go and bathe and warm up." He took off his shoes and placed the blanket to the side. He started to wring out the yukata as to not track water all over the inn. Then wraps the blanket around his body.

"Please take care, I will bring you dinner in two hours." Mari bowed to Gabriel and rushed to get another blanket.

Gabriel stepped on the floor and saw that he was not tracking all that much water into the hallway and let out a sigh of relief. He got back to his room and dropped the blanket by the door and took off the yukata that he was wearing and walked to the bath. He set the water and started to wash himself. Once that was done he sat in the tub and waited for his body to warm up. 'Amalia, I am almost done here.'

An hour later he got out of the tub and got dressed into new clothes as he was drying his hair and picked up a sketchbook book and flipped through the pages. He looked at the sketches he had done of Amelia before nodding his head. He picked up his wet clothes and wrung out as much water as he could then laid them out to dry. He sat next to the door listening to the rainfall.

Mari knocked on the door and opened the door and saw that Gabriel had fallen asleep. She placed lunch on the table and brought an extra blanket and placed it over him. As she did that she heard him mumble Amelia in his sleep. 'She is one lucky girl.'

Amelia slept until dinner time and woke up in her bed with both her mother's fussing over her. "I co-llap-sed?" she opened her eyes weakly.

"Amelia! You woke up. Yes, you did. Miyuki found you and brought you back to your room. Are you hungry? Do you hurt anywhere? What do you remember?" Irene panic fires a bunch of questions all at once at Amelia.

Edna looks down at Amelia and then at Irene. "The wagashi was gone by the time we got there and in their place was this fruit again." She held up the fruit.

"I was at the shine making the offering and I got dizzy and I must have collapsed. I am okay other than a little hungry and I should take my medicine now." Amelia tries to sit up and the room spins out of control.

Irene catches Amelia and holds her up. "Edna, can you grab the medicines and we will make sure she takes them. Miyuki there is a tea that should be in a green packaging. Would you go and make some for her?"