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63 63 A Surprise Meeting

 "Oh, that is remarkable. I will help and we will go pray to them once more." Irene cries a little and steps into the kitchen.

Amelia smiles and watches her two mothers. 'It is nice that they both get along.' She walks up to the wagashi and sees that it is already coloured and she looks at Kuma. "Thank you, Kuma."

"Missus, I did not do that. Miyuki did that before helping move your stuff inside. I think she wanted to help you so when you left she worked on mixing the fruit colours in." Kuma smiles and spills the beans.

"Thank you for telling me." Amelia picks up the purple and blue colour and rolls both into a ball. She then takes the uncoloured beans and rolls that as well. She picks up the blue colour, then flattens it on the palm of her hand she then adds the purple colour flattening that as well over the blue colour. She picks up the last ball and slowly allows the flat pieces to fold over the ball until it is in the shape it needs to be in. She picks up a triangle stick and pushes the blue into the purple and makes it look like a pumpkin. She takes the dark green and rolls some flat and cuts out a leaf then rolls a small piece and adds both the top. She places it on the tray.

"You are quite good at this Amelia, I am a little surprised." Edna watched Amelia instead of making the sweets.

Irene smiled and started to make a different design. "Amelia was stuck inside a lot. So when I had the money, I would prepare the beans and the two of us would sit down to design our own treats. It was only a matter of time before she surpassed me and improved tenfold."

"Mother, stop you are embarrassing me." Amelia looked down and picked out a red and pink colour next. "I only wanted to get better so I borrowed some books from the library." She repeated the steps up until the ball shape. This time shaped it to be a little flatter on top and bottom. She took the same triangle stick as before and mad X's into the sides going to the centers until she was done. On the top, she used the end of a chopstick and pushed down to make a petal. She then took a little of the yellow colour and placed it to represent pollen. She made one more exactly the same. "I am going to go offer these on my own. I think that would be for the best."

"Alright, we will join you there is a bit. It is surprising how fast you made those." Irene smiled and was looking at what she made and sighed.

"Go ahead and pray to them, we'll join you soon." Edna chuckles and starts to teach Irene.

Amelia went to her room and switched shoes then walked to the shine. She found a leaf on the shine and picked it off before she could start praying the little fox came to her and floated around her neck. "Hello. It is good to see you again." She reaches out and touches the fox affectionately.

"It is nice to see that he likes you. That must be why you can see him." A female voice came and another fox stepped through but this time she was more human and had fox tail and ears.

Amelia bowed to the Goddess. "Thank you for the fruit. It was very nice. As a thank you, I made these wagashi." She held out the plate.

The little fox floated around and started to panic.

"Please rise. I accept your offering. Did you make these with your hands?" The fox goddess walked up and took the tray.

Amelia stopped bowing and patted the fox that was panicking. "I am fine. Thank you for worrying about me. I did, I was hoping that if it was not any issues could the young one have the purple coloured one?"

"But of course. My son can have the wagashi that you made for him. Inari you can transform this human has nothing but good intentions, so it is safe to show yourself." The goddess sits on the ground after taking the wagashi.

The little fox rolls on the ground and becomes a toddler and runs to his mother. "Mama, I am excited to try the sweets!"

The goddess stops her son. "I am still a little upset that you gave away something yesterday without permission." She held out her hand, stopping Inari.

"Mama, I am sorry. I wanted to help the pretty lady since she was able to see me. It is rare that humans can see us." Inari stopped in his tracks and does not move forward.

"I am sorry to cause you trouble. I didn't think requesting something would cause you to upset your mother, Inari." Amelia looks at the Goddess, "I am Amelia. I will be residing at the residence here from now on." She bowed and sat up and her vision started to blur.

The Goddess gets up and covers Amelia's eyes. "Thank you for treating my son so well. Sleep and rest until dinner time." She laid Amelia on the ground. She picked up the wagashi and Inari. "Until we meet again."

Miyuki was walking by and saw Amelia laying on the grass outside and rushed out without changing her shoes in a hurry. "AMELIA!!!!" She sees her breathing and lifts her up and rushes back to the bedroom. She lays her down on the bedding and feels her forehead. "Please, Amelia, you have to be okay." She rushes to the kitchen in her dirty shoes. Warning the ladies that Amelia collapsed outside.

Gabriel stopped working for a moment and looked up at the sky. "I think that we should pack it in." He started to pack up and looked at Subaru.

"Pack up but there is so much time left and we are almost done." Subaru looks at Gabriel confused but starts packing up.