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62 62 She is my Angel

 "I do not mind at all." Subaru smiles and the two make it back to the green tea leaves location.

Gabriel hears the two voices and finally looks up. 'When did Subaru leave?' He looks in his arms and chuckles. He took the tea leaves to the fabric and placed them down. He saw Subaru carry Itsuki and the food. "I am sorry. If I heard you, I would've gone with you to collect the food."

"It is not a big deal. Let's eat before we continue. I do not want you to suffer from not eating or drinking." Subaru sat down and settled Itsuki in his lap.

"Hello, again, Itsuki. I am not sure if you remember me." Gabriel got down and looked at Itsuki.

"You are the Big Brother that will buy me a toy. I will not forget!" Itsuki looks at Gabriel and kicks his little legs while smiling.

"I am glad that you remember me. I have not forgotten. Are you here to help us?" Gabriel took the food from Subaru. "Thank you."

Subaru smiled and patted his son on the head after handing Gabriel the food. "You seem like you would be like me. Continue to work and forget about eating and drinking."

Gabriel laughs and opens the food. "Itadakimasu. That is exactly how I am. I get so into what I am doing that I zone out everything." He picked up the onigiri and began eating it.

"Itadakimasu. I was right. If it was not for Itsuki, I would forget." Subaru unwrapped the small onigiri and handed it Itsuki before he started eating.

"Itadakimasu!" Itsuki picked up the onigiri happily and ate.

"You sure did a lot. I am surprised. Since there is so much to go through that it would take us a few days but we might actually finish this today." Subaru looked at the pile on the fabric and sighed.

Gabriel ate his onigiri fast and then drank the water. "Gochisosama. I do not like wasting time. There is a lot that we need to do. I want to get home as fast as I can. I do not like the fact that I am so far away. She needs me and I need her. She is my angel." He blushes and covers his face. "Sorry, we just agreed on our engagement before I left and we were supposed to have a formal marriage meeting on the weekend."

"You are very passionate. I can respect that. Gabriel, I know where you are coming from. We will finish this today and by the end of tomorrow we will be able to bring everything back to your place." Subaru slowly ate and watched Gabriel.

Gabriel got up and went back to work. "Thank you for the meal, I will get back to work." He quickly worked on the tea leaves.

Itsuki watched Gabriel and wondered how he moved so fast. He ate his onigiri slowly and picked up the second piece while watching Gabriel. "Big Brother is fast!"

"Yes, he is fast. I am just glad that he ate." Subaru picked up his third onigiri and ate it slowly. "It is a bit of a surprise that he didn't choke. Do not eat like Gabriel and take your time. Gochisosama." He lifted Itsuki and set him down to eat his meal.

Amelia followed Edna and the two went into the flower arrangement room. "Oh, those are splendid." She reached her hand out and touched the flowers.

"Instead of you getting the leftovers I decided that you should pick the ones out that you want now, that way you can create something amazing." Edna opened the packaging and let Amelia pick out the flowers.

"Thank you, Mother Edna." Amelia touched the lilies that were pure white in colour and then picked out two branches, she then grabbed three red roses, she also grabbed some accents and looked at the flowers in her arms. "Would it be okay if I took a branch from the sakura tree?"

"Yes, that is acceptable. Miyuki, please take these to Amelia's room." Edna saw Miyuki as she was passing by.

"Of course! I was just heading there. I will take these from you Missus." Miyuki smiled and took the flowers from Amelia.

"Thank you, Miyuki. What are you doing?" Amelia was confused at what she was up to.

"Lady Irene is here with your items. I am directing the others to move it to your room." Miyuki bows then leaves the room and walks to Amelia's room. She places the flowers on the desk. 'She is truly a sweetheart.'

"Let's go and greet your mother and maybe she would like to help make the wagashi." Edna smiles and wraps the flows back up. She leads Amelia to the front of the house.

Amelia smiles and looks at her mother. "Mother, how are you doing? I am glad that you are here."

Irene turned and walked over to Amelia. "I was worried all night. I am good and now I am even better. That is now that I get to see you. I brought all your personal items. Your room will always be there for you to sleep in. I talked to Ami and Sachi and they are both coming over after school. I hope that you do not mind Edna."

"Nonsense, they are Amelia's good friends. I wouldn't turn them away. They are of course welcome here. Thank you for letting them know they are welcome to come here. I was showing Amelia how to make wagashi and was wondering if you would like to join us?" Edna smiles and looks at the few things being moved inside.

"That sounds lovely. What part are you at? I would love to make some. Is there a reason why you are making them?" Irene walks over to Edna and indicates for her to lead the way.

"There is a small mountain shrine in the backyard and I pray to the god and goddess of the mountains. Well, yesterday after you left Amelia prayed with me. They gifted her a fruit. As far as we know it will help her so I encouraged her to eat it so we are thanking them for their generosity." Edna walked into the kitchen.