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 "So now we will let this cooldown. Once it has cooled enough we will be able to make the sweets. In the meantime come with me and we can take a look at the flowers that I will be working with later today." Edna left the pot and got up. She walks to the door.

Amelia was curious about what flowers were chosen when she followed Enda. "Thank you as well, Mother Edna. I did not know that I would be able to learn so much but this has really been a wonderful experience. Does it worry you that Gabriel is gone?"

"It worries me but there is not a lot I can do. He is old enough to make his own choices. There is nothing to fret over. That boy may be young but he is smart." Edna smiled and walked down the hallway slowly.

Gabriel and Subaru made it to the house and sat down. "Let's take a break. That was pretty heavy but it was well worth it." Gabriel leans against the tree that was in the yard.

"Thank you for helping me get rid of that plant. There is no way that I would be able to get rid of it myself. I know that you need it but I am glad that the other plants will now be able to grow." Subaru went inside the house and came out with water for both of them to drink.

Gabriel took the water and chugged it. "Thank you. Water was just what I needed. Is it bad that all I want to do is go back home?"

"I do not think that it is a bad thing. You have a girl waiting for your back at home. I will tell you that I was in despair when my wife died but she left me our son. He is like an angel. Without him my world is bleak. Itsuki is the angel that saved me from despair." Subaru drank his water and looked at the young man. "I will never forget my wife. She will forever be etched into my heart."

"I see what you are saying. I Do not know what the future will bring but I can tell you that I would not be as strong as you have been. I can feel your love for her. You are lucky to have Itsuki and that he is such an adorable boy." Gabriel looked up then stood up. "I feel better after resting. Shall we head back out?"

"Yes, we can head back out to the tea leaves. There is a lot that needs to be harvested. I am glad that I will have help. I do not usually have help so this is rather nice." Subaru gets up, "it is not that the others wouldn't help me but they do not know what needs to be done. Each person has their own task to help this town operate. It just so happens that I am the only doctor."

"That makes sense." Gabriel follows Subaru. "I am happy to help. If you get overwhelmed I should be able to come and help you harvest. I know that it can be hard. I do take time to harvest my own herbs."

Subaru nodded and leads him deep into the woods and then they reached a stream and beside the stream is a huge plot of green tea leaves. "Welcome to my tea garden."

"This is amazing. You really have a lot." Gabriel walked to the other side and started to trim the branches. "I will have all the smaller stems but I will harvest the bigger ones. There is a lot that you have here." He broke the stems and held up the tea leaves and traced over them happily.

"I am glad that I have you here. I will need to keep some of this but I will give you what I do not need. There is going to be a lot." Subaru unfolded another piece of cloth and laid it down. "We can place the tea leaves on here. That we both can carry it together and take it back to the house."

"Alright. I will follow your lead." Gabriel made sure that all the leaves from the first batch he was working on was pruned properly. He placed the bundle he was holding on the sheet. He sees that there were some dead leaves so he detached those and tossed them to the side them started on the next batch.

Subaru watched Gabrial work for a moment then started to help. He looked up at the sun and stopped working. He glanced at Gabriel and saw that he was so focused. "Gabriel?" He said his name but did not get a reply. He sighed and walked back to the town. He went to the shop to pick up lunch.

"Papa!" Itsuki ran to Subaru and latched onto his leg.

Boss turned and saw that it was only Subaru. "Where the young'un?"

"Gabriel did not respond tome calling his name. He was so focussed that it was hard to break it so I left him to collect lunch for the two of us. He is a huge help. There will be no need for anyone to help me with the harvesting of the tea leaves this time around. Let the rest harvest the rice. Gabriel is fast and efficient. It is good that I do not need to explain anything to him." Subaru let out a sigh and picked up Itsuki. "Do you want to come with Papa and look at the tea leaves?"

"I want to go with Papa!" Itsuki kissed Subaru on the cheek.

"I will come to pick him up in two hours." Boss looked and placed the lunches down and two water-filled bamboo shoots.

"Thank you. I will take this back to him." Subaru picked up the lunches and water and walked out with Itsuki. "Are you sure you want to watch? It will not be all that fun."

Papa works so hard for me. I want to watch, please?" Itsuki held on and watched as they walked through the forest to the green tea leaves.