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57 57 My Thoughts Are Filled With You

 "Let me lay out the bedding again so that you will be comfortable again." Miyuki got up and laid the bedding on the floor by the open door to the garden.

"Thank you," Amelia waited and when Miyuki left she pulled out the book that was hidden behind the rest. 'I need to see what is written here. It looks like a personal book.' She flipped through the first few pages. She saw that there were no words but beautifully painted pictures on the pages. 'This is not what I was expecting at all.' She flipped through and smiled at the sakura tree that was in full bloom and there were petals blowing all around. The next picture was Edna doing a tea ceremony. She came off as elegant.

She kept flipping through the pages up until the last ten pages. The pictures were of her sitting at the library reading a book. Underneath it was the words who are you? The next page was the scores at school. Who is the one that matches my scores? The picture next to it was of her sitting under the tree looking a little pale. What is going on with you? She turned the page. It was a picture of her going into the infirmary. Are you unwell? The picture next to it was her sleeping in the bed. With Gabriel painted next to her. Why do you not leave my thoughts? What draws me to you?

The next page was of Gabriel staring off into the sky from his window. My thoughts are on what I saw today. The next page was of her taking her usual medicine through the widow. I found where you live by a fluke and now the sight of you there with medicine in your hands haunts me. She turned to the last page and it was a picture of her under the sakura tree in the courtyard. I want you to be mine but do you feel the same?

Amelia looked at the drawings and started to cry. 'This is so lovely. It gives me an insight into his thoughts. He has an amazing talent to create these small pictures. I cannot wait to see him and give him a hug.'

Miyuki came back to check up on Amelia and saw the book in her hands. "Amelia, are you okay? Was there something bad that the Young Master put in the book?"

"Did you know that he could paint this well? Each picture you could feel his warmth in it. I am not mad at all. I am so touched and that is why I am crying. Sorry for worrying you." Amelia dried her eyes and looked at Miyuki.

"I did know that the Young Master could paint this well. That is why I asked you not to go into his room. There are paintings that he has hidden there of you. I of course did not know who they were at the time but now that I got to see you in person I know for a fact that it was you. I hope he comes home and tells you about this himself. Please do not tell him that I told you this," Miyuki bowed.

"I will not say a word. I am so touched though. I did not know that I had such an influence over him. I did not know him all that well and when I finally got to speak to him for the first time, I wished that I was there for a marriage interview with him." Amelia covered her face and looked away 'Gabriel please be safe.'

Gabriel woke up early and got out of bed and there was a knock on the door. "Come in." He sat up and looked at the door.

Mari opened the door and bowed to Gabriel. "Good morning. I am sorry to bother you so early. I just had a quick question if you were awake?"

"I am awake. What can I do to help you? I am assuming that it portrays the medicine I made," Gabriel smiled.

"Ah, yes. I was wondering what my daughter is no longer fighting me on taking the medicine. It is unusual for her and she is starting to feel better so I thank you for that." Mari was sitting at the door still.

"It is the satonishiki cherries. They add a sweet taste and counteracts the bitter taste of the medicine. It was something that I discovered when I was making something for my girl. I made her tea to help her fevers and I saw her cringe from having to take the medicine that she needs." Gabriel covered his mouth. "Please do not pass this on to anyone else. I am trying to give her a normal life which is not easy to do."

"I promise that you will not hear me blabbing about this to anyone but you told most of this small town. My husband is with our daughter. I made you breakfast, that is if you are ready for it. It is nothing fancy and may not be to your palate." Mari pulled out a tray and held it up.

"I will eat anything. I really do not care. I promise you I have had worse food elsewhere. So I thank you for taking the time to cook breakfast for me. I have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can place the tray just inside the door and I will eat once I am ready." Gabriel covered his mouth and yawned.

"Yes, of course." Mari placed the food down and a teapot as well. She bowed and closed the door.

Gabriel let out a sigh and got up and brought the food to the small table. 'It is a basic breakfast but I bet that it will be amazing.' Gabriel went back and grabbed the tea. He sat in front of the meal and put his hands together. "Itadakimasu." He started to eat the basic meal and was delighted by the flavours. He poured himself some tea and finished off the meal. "Gochisosama." He picked up the tray and placed it outside the door. He went back and brought the tea to the hot spring.