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55 55 Morning Check Up

 Gabriel nodded to Subaru and then walked towards the door. "Mari if you do not mind could you take us to the inn. It would be a good idea to call it a night now."

"Yes, of course. Please follow me." Mari smiled and started to lead them to the inn. "I am sorry but two of you will need to share a room. I only have two rooms available for the night." Mari opened the sliding door for the first room where she had two sets of bedding pulled out.

"I'll stay here with Kosuke. You do not need to get up at the same hour as we do Gabriel. So please take the other room." Edward bowed his head.

"Yes, I agree with Edward. I do not mind sharing a room with him. I am even willing to stay in our carriage but since Edward is okay with me here I will stay." Kosuke bowed his head and looked at Gabriel when he was done.

"That is okay with me. Both of you please sleep well. I will see you tomorrow." Gabriel smiled and walked away following Mari.

"This is the best room in the inn. I hope that you will enjoy your stay and thank you again for saving Tomomi. Originally I was going to have you all stay in the same room but you saved my daughter and I can not do that to you." Mari opened the door and bowed to Gabriel.

"It was something that I would do again in a heartbeat. She is a young girl with her whole future ahead of her. Thank you for bringing me here. Go home and rest up and I will see you in the morning." Gabriel closed the sliding door and opened the door to the backyard. The area was fenced and there was a hot spring in the ground. Gabriel walked towards it and tested the water. Before getting out of his clothes and climbing in. 'This is amazing. I hope that Amelia is resting well.'

Miyuki checked on Amelia before going to sleep. She left the door slightly open and went back to her room.

Amelia opened her eyes and picked up her bedding and moved it to the doorway. She stared up at the stars and let the sleep take her back under. 'Gabriel.'

After a soak in the hot springs, Gabriel got out and dried himself off and laid down on the bedding. He passed out thinking about Amelia.

Miyuki went to check on Amelia in the morning and found her room empty. "Amelia?"

Amelia had changed her clothes and was sitting under the sakura tree. She looked up and watched as the sun started to rise. She heard her name and got up and walked back to her room and opened the door. "Good morning, Miyuki."

"Amelia, you gave me quite the fright. I will set up your bedding by the door if that is where you like it." Miyuki picked up the bedding and folded it up then placed it in the cupboard.

"Oh, that would be lovely. Sorry for scaring you. I went out to watch the sunrise. I thought that the fresh air would be good for me. I am grateful that you are taking such great care of me." Amelia smiled and looked at Miyuki as she worked.

"Have you taken your medicine yet? If not please do." Miyuki smiled and watched Amelia change her footwear.

"I haven't yet. She pulled out the packages and took them one at a time but looked at the green package. "This is a medicine that I am not sure I am to take this often." She held up the green package.

There was a knock at the door and Miyuki went to the door. "Master, it is good to see you." She got down and bowed on the floor.

"Good morning, Father Clarence. What do I owe the pleasure of the visit?" Amelia smiled and looked at the boxes in Clarence's hands.

"Good morning, Amelia, Miyuki. I brought you the rest of your medicine. Your mother brought it to the hospital last night. I made sure that I brought it back with me. The thing with the green packaged medicine is that you need to take it for a couple of days. I want to be certain that you are okay. So please take it until the end of tomorrow. Gabriel would not forgive me if you had another attack. Since you are awake may I have permission to check up on your health?" Clearance placed the packages on the desk then turned and looked at Amelia.

"Of course, Father Clarence. I will sit on the chair." Amelia sat down and looked at Clarence. "Thank you for informing me of the green package." She took the powder in the green wrapper.

Clarence looked into her eyes, felt her heart rate and then listened to her heart. "All seems to be well. I think because I managed to find your file and the medicine we were able to get this under control pretty fast. I wish my father told me about you that way I could've kept up on your file."

"I will be alright Father Clarence. You are allowed to show the file to Gabriel but be warned that it is not pleasant. If you want to show Miyuki and Mother Edna, I will not disagree. I think that it is best that they know what could happen. Gabriel did get to see what it was like firsthand so he may not freak out at the file." Amelia sat still and smiled.

"Master, if it is permitted I would like to know. I am going to stay by her side as often as I can. She is in my care and I think it would be best that I see what could happen." Miyuki bowed to Clarence.

Edna knocked on the door and came in. "Dear this is where you were. I see that you are checking up on our patient. How is she doing today?" She walked in and saw Miyuki bowing. "Did Miyuki do something wrong?"