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54 54 The Little Girl

 Subaru watched as Tomomi laid there on the couch breathing in deeply, "I know that you were worried about our town guests but you are lucky. This treatment is something that I could not whip up that fast. We are lucky the travellers were still here."

Mari turned to Gabriel and bowed to him. "Thank you so much for your help. Our inn will always be opened for you to come and stay at. I already prepared your rooms. They may not be the best but it will keep you warm and dry."

"Thank you. It is really nothing and I do not mind that the room is not the best. I was prepared to sleep in my carriage if I had too. I really do not mind at all. Just promise me that you will make sure that she finishes the medicine. I do have to make a bit more as I only made a half batch. I wanted to make it fast as she is not well." Gabriel got back up and started to make the rest of the medicine and added the cherry once again so that, the little girl would not fight the flavour. He started to wrap up all the packages and fold them in an easy way for the parents to open.

"Gabriel, thank you for your assistance. I know that you will become a fantastic doctor and I am more than willing to help provide you with the herbs that you will need." Subaru bowed to Gabriel.

Edward smiles and changes the cloth on Tomomi's forehead.

"Oh, let me do this! I cannot let a stranger do this." Mari was standing and then went to kneel.

"It is quite alright. I know how to look after a sick girl. My daughter suffers daily and I have been caring for her for sixteen years with my wife. I am okay with doing this and it is all I really can do." Edward bowed to Mari and the man.

"I have not introduced myself. I am Souji. I work in the fields and Mari is my darling wife. I thank you for aiding Subaru in helping save our daughter. It is not much but Mari is right, please stay at the inn." He bowed and sounded grateful.

"We will take you up on the generous offer. Subaru, I will train you so that you can become faster and if you do not mind I would like for you to come to the city for a day or two for the next few months. We can do some training so that you can help out better here. I can tell that there are requests that you get often and I think I know how to help each one. You will be able to perfect what you usually give them. That is if you want?" Gabriel picked up a piece of fabric and wrapped it in a bundle and handed it to Mari. "Take a towel and wipe her body down and she will not fall ill worse then she already is."

"Thank you. I will never forget your kindness." Mari bowed her head and took the medicine. "I promise you that I will not make the same mistake again."

Subaru looks at Gabriel in shock. "You know what I would really like that. I will be able to leave for a day for two and come back. I just hope that no one gets injured while I am away. Itsuki will be able to stay with Boss. A hospital is no place for a child to be running around."

"Papa is going away?" Itsuki ran into the house and clung to Subaru.

"Boss!" Souji bowed to the older man with respect.

"Souji, you are banned from working for the next two days. You need to stay and take care of Tomomi." The boss looked at him and then to Subaru. "I will allow this if it will benefit the town and you will make the usual medicines before you leave. I will hand them out so that if someone gets injured they will be cared for. Itsuki, it will be for work. Remember that I told you that Papa might have to go to another town for work it is all he is going away for."

Gabriel smiled, "if it is too much of a bother I can always come here. I just wanted to show some things that can only be done at the hospital and for him to bring those techniques back here."

"Boss, thank you for your kindness but what about the fieldwork? We still need to work in the fields." Mari looked at Souji and then at the boss.

Kosuke was wondering what was keeping the Young Master and heard what was going on. "If it is not much trouble I would be willing to work the fields. I have experience and since Gabriel is here, I do not have anything that I absolutely must do besides make sure the carriage doesn't go missing."

"I could also go and help. I have experience in that as well. One must work to earn his keep. I have not done enough to warrant a room." Edward smiled and bowed.

"For now let us all get some rest and you two are welcome to work the fields. I will not stop you. We start at five in the morning. If you need a wake-up call Mari will wake you up." Boss nods his head and leaves that house.

Souji picks up Tomomi and carries her out of the house. "I will bring her home. Mari, I will leave our guests to you."

"Since you two will have an early morning I will let you guys go back and rest. Gabriel, I will show you that area in the morning." Subaru patted Gabriel's shoulder and picked up Itsuki. "Come on it is bedtime. I will still be here in the morning."

"Papa, I am tired. I want to sleep with you tonight. That way I know that you did not leave me alone?" Itsuki hugs Subaru tightly.