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53 53 Emergency

 "Yes, there is enough overstock but so help me god if I go back and it is almost all gone... I will be extremely pissed." Gabriel took a deep breath, "but that is my problem. I just want to make my girl's medicine."

Subaru chuckled, "I think I know what you mean. I heal everyone in this town and take care of them. That is how you are staying at the inn. The people that live here work the fields for long hours only to just make ends meet. They do not have extra money so I help them in exchange for favours. Sometimes the favours pile up but I really do not mind. The people that live here help me out and I help them. That is our way of life."

"What kind of deal will we be working out then? If you do not need that much money?" Gabriel looked at Subaru and waited to see what he would come up with.

"I do need some money but what you paid the boss to us is a lot of money. That will help pay for some supplies for here for the next two weeks." Subaru shakes his head. "I am sure that there is something that we can work out." He pulled out a bowl and rock and added a few leaves into it and proceeded to grind it up.

"That will take a lot of time. Could I show you a faster way?" Gabriel waited to see what Subaru.

"A tip to grind faster. Since you are a master at this I will allow you to show me. I am a simple man and do not need to be fast but there is a time when it is necessary." Subaru stepped back and let Gabriel take over.

Gabriel walked over and touched the grinder and leaves. He held onto the bowl and added a little more of the supplies and then used the round rock to crush all the leaves at a rapid pace. He stops and shows the fine powder to Subaru.

"No way! That is not possible. I can not believe that you made that so fast. Teach me the hold. I would like to increase my speed to be even half that speed." Subaru's eyes sparkle. 'I didn't think that he would be able to grind everything that fast. I thought that it would take almost the same length of time.'

"Ah, sure. First, let pour this out." Cedric grabbed a paper folding it half both ways and he poured the contents into the middle of the X. He picked up the same herb and was about to add more when there was a commotion at the door.

"SUBARU!!! Help!! It's Tomomi." A young lad was yelling at the door short of breath.

"Tell them to bring her here right away." Subaru wiped out the sleeping medicine and went to the door.

A lady handed a young girl over to Subaru. "She's burning up. I thought I told you to keep an eye on her?"

Gabriel went and leaned over her chest. "She has inflammation in her lungs. If you want I can start the medicine for this. I can make it las I do in the hospital."

"Please do, I can not complete with your speed." Subaru ran to the kitchen and came back with a bowl and a cloth. He rang out the water and placed it on her forehead.

Gabriel went to the wall and pulled down the medical herbs and he grabbed the ginger root. He started quickly making a paste and he placed that on a leaf. "Edward take this to Subaru. He will know what to do with this.'' He wiped the bowl and rock before quickly added the herb in the bowl grinding them into a fine dust. He tasted the potency and then grabbed a dried cherry and ground that in.

Edward took the paste to Subaru and backed away. He patted the lady on the back. "It will be okay."

The lady cried on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, I did not think that she would get worse. She was sweating so much I let her get into the bath."

Gabriel poured this out on a different paper and looked at the girl and adjusted the dose. Once it was the right amount he carried it over and sat next to Subaru.

Subaru had added the paste to the girl's chest and neck. "Thank you for making this. I usually do not have enough time." He saw that Gabriel was sitting with the other medicine. 'It's pink in colour?'

Gabriel helps the girl sit up. "Take this. I promise it will taste good." He waited and the girl weakly opened up her mouth and he poured the medicine into her mouth.

Just then a man rushed in. "Mari, Tomomi!" He rushed to his wife and she jumped into his arms. "I am sorry for the disturbance and thank you for comforting my wife."

"I'm sorry, Darling. I did not know that a bath would make her worse." Mari was crying in his arms.

Gabriel helped the girl lay back down and went back to the table. He portioned out the rest of the medicine. He placed them in a row and nodded his head. "How many doses do you think you want her to have Subaru?"

"You are more of the expert here but she has been sick for two weeks now. So I am not sure what is the best course of action." Subaru bowed his head.

"Then I suggest a week taking the medicine at mealtimes. That will make it easier for you to monitor her and make sure that she is doing alright but you must promise me that even if she is feeling better that she will take the medicine. We do not need a repeat." Gabriel looked at the couple.

"Y-yes. I am sorry for the trouble. I will follow as you said." Mari lowered her head and the tears finally were stopped.

Edward walked behind Gabriel and counted the medicine and noticed that only half of it was needed.