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52 52 Medical Talk

 "Alright, I had a feeling that would be the case. I had another layout your bedding so that you may go to sleep as soon as you are done. Miyuki, I do not blame you for not getting everything out at this time. There is a lot that is going on. I know that you are happy and worried but if you need help then all you need to do is ask." Edna smiled at Miyuki then took a sip of tea.

"Thank you, Madam. I will learn as fast as I can. I will make sure that everything is taken care of and if I need help I will request it." Miyuki bowed to Edna.

"Thank you, for all your care. I am going to lay down now." Amelia got up and walked slowly to the bedroom. She pulled out her medicine and took them one at a time. She closed her eyes and tossed and turned before giving up and picking up the white sleeping medicine. She took it and drank a little water that was in a cup next to her pillow. She laid back down and looked at the unfamiliar ceiling. 'Gabriel, please be safe.' She closes her drooping eyes and lets the sleep drag her under.

Gabriel, Subaru, and Edward were walking to Subaru's place. "Gabriel, I know that you are looking for a lot of that herb. I have been cultivating it here but not at my house. It was hard to grow but after a year. I got so much of it that is spread and there is more than what I could ever use but if you need it then I will let you take what you need. I will show you the way in the morning. Gabriel, I want you to know that I loved my wife but it was having a child that killed her. She died during childbirth. I do not want to scare you away but I want to advise you that she is weaker and that you must not let your desires break your resolve. I know that you are young but I would advise against having a child."

"I understand where you are coming from but is that really what matters? I do not want to have a baby with her at this time. I want to spend all my days with her and if a baby is out of the picture I don't mind. I will satisfy my needs if that will allow her to live." Gabriel says this bluntly then covers his mouth, "pardon that."

Edward chuckles, "you are a great son-in-law. Do not worry we will make sure that you are happy."

"If you can do that then you will be fine. Welcome to my home. Itsuki is with Boss but will come here in an hour." Subaru carried a candle with him to show Gabriel what he had here.

Gabriel followed and saw everything that he had growing. "This is amazing. You have been growing this for a long while right? Did you dry anything or did you just let it grow like this?" He looked at the herbs and could tell from the way they flourished the amount of care that Subaru had from the plants.

"I dried a lot over the years but what am I to do with herbs that I have no use for anymore? I made that book and another to see if I could help others. If we work out a deal I will supply you with everything that you need. That is if you want them?" Subaru opened his house and everywhere you look is wall to wall herbs, roots, flowers, even some dried berries.

"I think that we will be able to work out a deal. I need all that I can get as you can see this is my list. I do not mind working out a deal with you. It is important that we get back to my hospital with everything that I need so that Amelia can survive. She is my world and I would do any and everything for her." Gabriel looked at the walls and could see how everything was dried.

"I tried to keep everything neat but it doesn't always work out. With Itsuki running around but the boy is learning. So looking at your list I have almost everything that you need already dried but if you need larger quantities than we can dig out some fresh stuff." Subaru looks at Gabriel smiling.

"You do not know how much this means to me. My baby girl is important to me and if there is anything that I could do to help then I would do it." Edward bowed his head.

"Yes, I got that feeling from both of you. I wanted you to see the house before it got too dark. All three of you are welcome to stay at the inn tonight as our guests. We are good people and only want to help you guys out. Mari will have the rooms ready for you so that you guys can rest for the evening and there is a place for your horses in the stables." Subaru started to pull out some of the dried herbs. "These are some of the ones on the list."

Gabriel took a look and saw which ones were being pulled out. "Yes, those are the ones that I need. I usually have a good supply of everything but there was a surplus of unexpected sales. Now that I am aware of that happening I can plan accordingly."

Edward doesn't comment on that and looks at the herbs. "These look like the pictures that were painted in the book. That is pretty neat to see. Thank you for allowing me to see these as well."

"An influx in sales can be unexpected but you must have a lot of extra medicines stored. You are in the hospital after all." Subaru smiles and looks at Gabriel.