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51 51 Dinner Talk

 "It is alright that you cried. You are not used to this treatment and you waited so long. I will act as if nothing happened and if you are worried about it then you can tell me later. I will not be telling the others about the treatment but since we have a young lady now living here I will order the maids to get egg rolls on Saturdays. That way everyone gets some." Edna declares this.

Amelia ate a little more soup. "Mother Edna, I think that is a lovely idea. I think they will love that but will it be sweet or salty? Or both in case there are some workers that prefer salty to sweet?

Miyuki finally stopped her tears and looked at Amelia and shook her head. "There are some of the maids that can't do sweet and prefer salty. I never asked which you prefer."

Amelia ate an egg roll and took half of her eggs and added them to Miyuki's tray. "I prefer sweet. I love sweet food. If I got served salty I would not complain." She cut a piece of yokan and ate it.

"Okay, well that is good. I am glad that you will eat both. There was a mix up in the kitchen earlier and they made it salty so I told them not to serve it. It should still be on the counter." Miyuki looked at Amelia.

"I will go tell the girls they can eat it. There is no way Amelia will be able to eat that and what she has on her tray." Edna got up and went to the kitchen.

Amelia blushed and looked at flower petals as they floated down from the tree. "It's very lively here but also peaceful." Amelia ate another piece of egg roll. "I want the peacefulness to last for a long time." She drank a little more soup. 'The portions are a lot smaller. I think I might be able to eat everything that is here. Well, other than the eggs but I asked for that.'

"Amelia, do you like the soup? I was wondering if it really was to use your leftover lunch to make your soup." Miyuki was fretting and watching as Amelia ate.

"I really despise wasting food but due to my illness, I was unable to eat a lot. So my mother said whatever I couldn't finish she would make it into a soup or give me for lunch. I was relieved when she did that for me." Amelia picked up her bowl of rice and took a bite. "Thank you for your concern."

"It is alright. I want to know what you like so that we can make sure you get what you need. Did you ladies pick a date yet?" Miyuki was excited.

Edna came back and heard the question. "Not yet but we also want to see what Gabriel will say. It is not my wedding but Amelia's and Gabriel's. All I want is to make sure that they have a peaceful time."

"I was going to say the two sooner dates." Amelia blushed and covered her face again. "I do not mind going to school while being married. It is better for me since Gabriel will not be at the school after this year."

"That is partially true, we are sending him to continue his studies at the school next to yours. We want him to gather as much knowledge as he can before taking over." Edna smiled and started gushing.

"Oh! That will be nice then. I will still be able to see him." Amelia was still blushing and ate the last egg roll.

"Yes, and then he will be able to check up on you and if you need to come home he will be able to pick you up after classes." Edna felt triumphant, "If you want the wedding to be sooner than I do not see why not. We can take time this week to go into the storage room and look at the wedding kimonos we have here. If you do not see one that you would like to wear then we can head into town."

"I am sure what you have here will be perfect. Miyuki tomorrow I will be making wagashi sweets and doing a flower arrangement. I thought that you would like to know." Amelia finished off her soup and rice.

Edna sat down and continued to eat. "I made sure that the girls ate the mistake and I told them they will be allowed to have more on Saturday and every Saturday from now on. They looked really excited."

"I bet, I was worried that they would get mad and jealous about the fact that Amelia shares with me but now I am a little relieved. I will keep in mind your activities for the day. Will you need berries to dye the wagashi and if so what colours would you like?" Miyuki ate her rice and ate the seaweed that was on the side.

"Yes, I will need berries. I am not sure which ones I want to make but all different colours would be nice just in case. I will need both red and white beans. I am glad that the girls are happy about the egg rolls." Amelia eats the last yokan piece and places the chopsticks down. "Gochisosama. This is the first time I have eaten so much or maybe the portions were smaller."

"I made sure that you did not get overloaded with food. I did not want you to get sick. So I made sure that what you requested earlier got complete and Madam also made sure that it got done. The chefs were confused but filled the commands of Madam. They didn't take what I said seriously." Miyuki smiled and blushed slightly.

"Yes, if you run into that issue again, you know that I will back you up. I made sure that they did not disobey you for next time." Edna ate slowly and looked at Amelia, "how do you feel?'

"I am feeling a little tired. It has been a bit of a long day." Amelia looked at Edna then back at the sky.