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50 50 Yokan

 Amelia fell asleep leaning against the tree and her embroidery slipped from her hand.

Miyuki got up and fixed the blanket and moved the embroidery so that when she worked up she would not hurt herself when she came to.

Edna came back to the blacked and sat down, "I am sure that you heard from Amelia that she received the gift. I was surprised but I will forever be grateful. I want her to live and be here for as long as possible. I wonder if she will be happy here?"

"Madam, I know that this might be improper of me as I am merely a maid but I think she is happy. No one could fall asleep like this if they were not comfortable." Miyuki bowed to Edna.

"Miyuki, I know that you have waited a long time for your lady to arrive. I am deeply sorry that you had to wait so long. Please watch after this one and let me know of any abnormalities." Edna smiled and waited for a reply.

"Yes, of course. I will be watching her and making sure that she is safe and sound. I would not want to upset the young master. He is a good person. I really respect this family." Miyuki bowed to Edna.

"I know that if there is anyone that I can trust in this house it is you. That is why I am tasking you with this Miyuki." Edna walked over to Amelia and slightly shook her shoulder.

"Mmmmm," Amellia blinks her eyes and yawns. "Oh, I fell asleep again. Hello, Mother Edna."

"Shall we have dinner next? I would like for you to sleep in your room after dinner. You are pretty out of if. Miyuki will be in the room next to yours and if you need anything you will be able to wake her up and ask her." Edna sweetly smiled at Amelia.

"Yes, some food would be great. I was worried that I would wind up sleeping through dinner." Amelia sat up and slowly moved on to the blanket.

"I will go and grab the trays." Miyuki left and went to collect dinner.

"Sorry to wake you up but I thought some food would be a good idea. I teach tea ceremony at sunrise and when the sun is at the peak I teach flower arranging. So if you want after the tea ceremony, I can show you how to make the wagashi treats?" Edna looked at Amelia and saw that she was gaining more colour back in her face.

Amelia listened to the schedule and nodded her head. "If you show me what to do then I will do the rest. I will do everything that I can so that you are able to do your classes. If you do not mind would you be able to bring me some flowers for the flower arranging to my room when you are done with your class? I will do an arrangement for you to admire."

Edna looks shocked and nods her head. "Of course, I will make sure that Miyuki knows that you are going to be doing that. So after making the treats you will be able to do what you would like to do."

"Thank you. I know that it is not an easy request but I am happy that you do not mind. I have done both flower arranging and tea ceremony in the past. I sometimes do it in the clubs at school but that is only if I am in good health." Amelia blushes and hides her face behind the sleeve of the yukata that she was wearing.

Miyuki came back with all three trays. She placed them down and set her tray aside and handed Edna her's and then handed Amelia her tray. "Please enjoy the fish soup."

Amelia took the try and bowed to Miyuki and looked down. 'Soup, egg rolls, a cup of tea, and this is something I have not seen in a while.' Amelia looked at Edna, "yokan, it has been a little while since I have had it last. Thank you for the sweet treat, Mother Edna."

"If you like it that much I will buy you some more. I picked some up earlier and with your condition, I thought that yokan would be nice. It might be a little heavy as it is a thick jelly of agar* and bean paste. I hope that you like it." Edna looks at Amelia hopeful.

"I not only like this but I love it. It is an amazing treat. I, thank you for taking the time to buy some and share it with me. Miyuki, Thank you for bringing the meals out here." Amelia takes a sip of soup and eats a bit of yokan. She holds her hand to her cheek and blushes as she eats a little bit.

Edna looked at Miyuki and pulled out a bamboo leaf and handed it to Miyuki. "This first night will be hard on you so here is something for your troubles. I know that it is not much but please enjoy some as well."

Miyuki starts crying, "I really am not worthy of this. Honestly, this is part of my job. I don't mind. I do not need the yokan." She tries to refuse while wiping the tears away.

Edna had handed the bundle over to Amelia to see just what plans she could come up with and was surprised at what she heard and looked shocked.

Amelia takes the yokan and places it on Miyuki's tray, "think of it as a bonus. As I am unwell. You will need to do double the amount of work now. I would like for you to have some otherwise I will feel like I am using you."

"NO! I would never think ill of you. Amelia, Edna, I am sorry. I am just not used to this and it is making me emotional. Let's eat before our food gets cold." Miyuki looked at the wrapped yokan and finally stopped crying.

*Agar is a jelly made from red algae that are used in a wide range of traditional Japanese foods and desserts. It is white and translucent with little taste and few calories.