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45 45 Making a Gif

 "The threads are in these drawers here. I know that there are a lot of colours to choose from so if you need me to help I will do so." Miyuki watched as Amelia walked to the drawers and started to pull out different shades of blue and green.

Amelia grabbed a bunch of different shades and happily placed them on the counter. She found every colour she would need and looked to the small pile. "I think that I went a little overboard." giggling she went over to the box of fabrics and pulled out the biggest square that was there and brought it over to the threads. She tied the edges together and placed all the threads inside the makeshift bag. "Do not worry I think I got this."

"If you say so, Amelia." Miyuki watched as Amelia made a carrying pouch from the square fabric and waited for her to finish before leading the way back to Amelia's room.

Amelia followed Miyuki but looked back at the study. 'I am glad that I am here.' She slowly walked back to her room and smiled at Miyuki, who was chipper and excited. The two switched shoes and went back out to the blanket. Amelia sat down and took the fabric piece from Miyuki and pulled out the deep blue colour. She threaded that needle that Miyuki handed her and started to create the Alstroemeria.

Miyuki sat down and made sure that Amelia would be warm and saw the design that Amelia was doing. "A deep true love. Is that what it means?"

"That is what the colour means for roses. Alstroemeria means devotion and friendship but I will add in some roses and that will create the meaning of devotion and deep love... Do you think that is a good idea?"

"I think that as long as it is a gift from his beloved then he will not turn it down. I love the symbolism and with you two just starting your love story it makes sense to me." Miyuki smiled while watching Amelia stitch the start of the Alstroemeria lily.

"Thank you for your honest opinion. I will work on this when I feel up to it so if he comes back before it is complete please do not tell him about it as I want it to be a surprise." Amelia smiled and started the groundwork for the roses as well.

Edna and Irene came back to where the two were sitting and smiled. "Amelia, I will get the maids to bring you dinner out here. You look comfortable. I am not exactly worried about where to eat but when everyone is home we will eat in the dining room. Irene showed me how to make soup so I hope that it is good for you."

Irene walked up to Amelia, "I am going to travel back to the hospital and let Clarence know to bring your medicine home with him. If I see Sachi and Ami I will let them know that you are here."

"Thank you, Mother. Please, go home and get some proper rest. Last night was not good and you did not sleep all that well. I can see it in your eyes." Amelia smiled and her embroidery was exposed.

"Oh, that is absolutely stunning. You are very talented, Amelia. Would you like to see Irene off? You do not need to worry about your shoes, we will walk around the garden." Edna smiles and waits for Amelia to decide.

"I am sure that I will love your soup and I will walk with you ladies." Amellia got up and walked in between the two older ladies. "I will be back Miyuki so you do not need to worry about following me."

"I will be here waiting for your return. Have a safe walk around the garden." Miyuki bows and picks up the embroidery that she had been working on then continued where she left off.

Irene looked at Amelia brightly. "I know that you will get better here. I hope that you grow completely happy."

"Mother you are talking like I will never see you again." Amelia giggled, "I am sure that I will be happy hee. There are a lot of books in Gabriel's study. I will have a lot to do over the next few days. I will do what I can to stay well so that I can go back to school."

"I will do everything that I can to help you feel better. I know that you are going to get stranger here as your complexion is better than before and you seem rather happy here. As a mother myself I understand the concern of letting go of your child." Edna looked up at the sky, "you know I was sad that Gabriel had to take over the hospital. He had to bear the burden when it should've been Kazuki's job but now I can see that it will all work out in the end. He will be able to take over where his brother failed to do so. It was unexpected but everything happens for a reason."

"I am sure that Kazuki will come home one day. I can not say when but he must be worried about coming back after all this time that has passed. I hope that he hears that Gabrial took over and comes back to his roots." Amelia looked at the sky and felt a little uneasy but ignored the warning sign of an attack.

"I do agree with Amelia, I am sure that everything will get better. I know that I did not have a child leave home but I still care to help, so, Edna if you ever want someone to lend you an ear to listen I will do that for you." Irene looked at Edna and Amelia. "I think that we have a great friendship blooming. If it is alright with you I will come over for tea tomorrow morning."

"Oh, of course, it would be my honour to have you come again for tea tomorrow. Normally I would offer t keep you here overnight but you need to relay a message to my husband unless you would like to come back up here after you do what you need to?" Enda looks hopeful at Irene.