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44 44 The Study and Fabric Room

 "Amelia, you can speak freely around me. I will not hold anything to you. I know that you are deeply in love with the young Master. He is very handsome and there is no way that you couldn't think of these things. Gabriel will be happy to hear just how much you missed him. Why don't you make a small gift for him? I am sure that he could use a new handkerchief." Miyuki giggles at Amelia and smiles at the blushing girl sweetly.

"I could do that. I was wondering what he could use. As he is the young Master of a household there is not a lot that he must need but if you think that is something that he could use I will do it. Oh, but I do not know what his favourite colour is." Amelia starts to plan out the design.

The two mothers come out to the garden and overhear the conversation. "Amelia, blue is Gabriel's favourite colour. I heard what the two of you are planning. Miyuki why don't you take Amelia to the fabric room so that she may decide on what to make the handkerchief out of." Edna smiles sweetly at the two girls.

Irene looks at Amelia and smiles, "It is nice to see you so happy and relaxed. I heard you could and I was concerned until you said that there was no blood. You do not need to be embarrassed about being in love with your beloved."

"Oh, Madam, that is a wonderful idea. I will take her there and then we can sit out here and relax some more. Do you think that Young Master would mind if Amelia was to look at the books in his study? I know what books not to touch." Miyuki asks since they were already on the topic of going to places.

"If you really want to read those books you can. I will not stop you. I do not think it is right to enter his personal quarters though. He will return soon enough. I hope that you do not mind me saying this Amelia dear." Edna smiled and looked at the girl wrapped up in the blanket.

"Oh goodness no. I would not enter his personal quarters. That would be improper. I just want to read something under the sakura tree and now that I know that there are some blankets that I can bring outside, I will be able to do that more often than not at all." Amelia blushed but smiled at Edna.

"I just love how sweet you are. Amelia, I will leave you and Miyuki to do as you like. I will give Irene a grand tour." Edna smiled and walked with Irene happily.

Irene looked at Amelia. "Have a fun time dear. I know that you are a wonderful lady." She bowed to Miyuki and left with Edna.

"Well, that settles that. Amelia, would you like to get the items to go and make the handkerchief or collect a book?" Miyuki stood up and stretched.

Amelia stood up and folded the blanket that was wrapped around her body. "If you do not mind I would like to get both. That way I can choose what I would like to do." Amelia smiled at Miyuki. 'I wonder if it is okay to embroider Alstroemeria on the cloth? Well, I guess that it would be okay.'

"If that is what you would like to do then it will be okay. Place the folded blanket on the laid out blanket. There is no point in cleaning up as we will be coming back here and the breeze will not move what we leave here." Miyuki left the embroidery that she was doing and walked towards Amelia's bedroom.

Amelia followed after her smiling after laying the blanket down. She changed her shoes and followed Miyuki. "This place is so huge and clean I am impressed that all you maids know where everything is."

"After you have lived here for a while you will get used to it. I have been here for five years already. I was sad that what I was hired for did not happen right away but now I get to be with such a gentle soul like yourself. It makes the wait so much more worth it." Miyuki knocked on the door to the study out of habit and opened the door. "This is the Young Master's study room."

Amelia stepped into the room and looked at all the books. "Oh wow. There are just so many books here." She picked two books and then found a hidden book and grabbed that one and hid it in between the two books she grabbed.

"I will take those for you. I do not want you to do anything that will set you off. So please allow me to hold the books for you." Miyuki smiled and held out her hands.

"Thank you, Miyuki. I know that it is part of your job but I want you to know that I appreciate it a lot." Amelia handed over the books and gazed around the room. She smiled and walked out of the room. "It is best not to linger more than we should. Can we go to the fabric room next?"

"Of course that is where we will go." Miyuki followed Amelia out and led the way to the next stop. She knocked on the door and then entered.

Amelia stepped into the room and smiled. She looked around the room and saw that there was a box that had some squares cut out. "Is this used for anything?"

"That is leftover fabric. That we didn't want to go to waste so we cut them into squares. Sometimes it is used for rags but you are free to use one if you can find the colour you are looking for." Miyuki smiles and watches while holding the books. "What colours of thread will you need?"

"I was thinking a darker blue and green but I will need different shades of both." Amelia found a silky white colour and pulled it out. "This is perfect. Where do I find the thread?"