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43 43 A Nap

 "Thank you, Edward. I know that it must not be easy to let your daughter go, but I promise you, man to man that I will do everything in my power to protect her. As she will be my one and only throughout our days together. She is my happiness and without her my days are bleak. Although, it must be weird to hear this from someone that has not been with your daughter very long." Gabriel realizing what he said looks away and covers his mouth awkwardly.

"It is alright Gabriel. It is so nice that my daughter found someone that will love her the way that she deserves to be loved. I know that it is not ideal but I trust you and this is a trip that will help us get to know each other better." Edward looked at the book and papers on the side and nodded his head. "You worked really hard on these. I was not thinking that there would be so many herbs that you could get but here we are staring at the book. I am glad that we are going over this as I was not all that familiar with the herbs. For instance, turmeric has an interesting purple flower on top."

"Ah, yes, I was fascinated when I saw that myself but it makes it easier to harvest because you know what you are looking for. Whereas when you have two herbs that look so alike it is hard to distinguish which one is which. I hope that you do not mind if I take a rest. I have been up for a majority of the night. I did not want Amelia to feel lonely and sitting in the window with her was relaxing but not a significant amount of sleep. Although, I did sleep a bit earlier in the day..." Gabriel's face goes beet red.

"Oh god no. I will sleep as well. I was up trying to make sure my," Edward yawns and he covers his mouth, "wife did not leave and rush back to the hospital. I trusted you and Aiko."

"I understand. There is no need to explain." Gabriel stood up and pulled out two blankets and curled up in a sitting position on the other side and closed his eyes.

"Thank you for the blanket." Edward made himself comfortable and passed out.

Gabriel opened one eye and sighed. He cleaned up all the papers and put them where the blanket came from than looked out the window. 'I had a feeling that he was tired. If I pretend to be exhausted then I knew he would fall asleep.' Gabriel pulled out a different book that had paper and a pencil. He started sketching Amelia in the garden at the marriage meeting inn.

Amelia woke up to Miyuki lightly shaking her shoulder. "Mmmn," she blinked a few times, "Sorry Miyuki, I must have drifted off."

"I was worried as you had your eyes closed. If it was not for the fact that you were tired I would've been even more concerned but I can understand why you fell asleep under the sakura tree." Miyuki had laid a blanket on the ground and was sitting on the edge of the blanket. "If you are going to sleep at least wrap this blanket around yourself. I do not mind if all you want to do is sleep under the sakura trees." She was holding up another blanket for Amelia.

"I will come and join you on the blanket." Amelia got up slowly and walked over to the other blanket and saw that Muki was embroidering something. She took the other blanket and wrapped herself up in it. She sat down and opened the bag that contained the medicines. "The yellow package is when I am nauseous, the green package is when I have a major attack, I do hope that it does not happen anytime soon. The fancy white is my daily medicine. I take that four times a day. This last one I think you might already know." Amelia held up the package.

"The sleeping aid! The Young Master takes that from time to time. Thank you for showing me all of the medicines as it will be my job to take care of you from now on. I have been looking forward to this day for so long." Miyuki covered her face embarrassed. "I am sorry when I get excited I tend to drone on and on."

"Your voice is calming so I do not mind." She laid down on the blanket with one wrapped around herself. Her eyes started drooping and finally, sleep took over.

'Poor missus. I know that she will love the painting Gabriel did for her. It is something stunning. I made sure that it was dry before I moved it to the closet. I wonder where she saw her wearing such a beautiful Yukata. As much as I want to ask, I will refrain as it will give the young Master's secret away.' She picked up the cloth and started stitching again as Amelia napped on the blanket.

An hour later Amelia woke up, blinked her eyes and started to cough. She looked at her hand and saw that there was no blood and sighed in relief. She turned and saw Miyuki who looked like she was about to panic. "I am alright. It is when I cough up blood that you need to worry but I did not do that this time." She sat up and the blanket slid off her shoulders into her lap.

Miyuki calmed down and looked at Amelia. "I am glad that is all. I was worried that I would not know what to do." She got up and pulled the blanket back over Amelia's shoulders. "Was the nap at least pleasant?"

"Thank you. It was wonderful. Honestly, I do hope that I can sit under the tree and read. It is beautiful out here. I feel blessed that I am to live here for the rest of my life. All that is missing is Gabriel. Oh! What am I saying!" Amelia pulls the blanket to cover her face embarrassed.