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41 41 First Meal Together

 "Thank you, Edna. I must say when she goes back to school I always make her a slightly bigger lunch as she eats lunch with her friends at school. The three have always shared their lunches." Irene blushed, "I might not have sent a lot but the girls were always sweet to me."

"Ami and Sachi, they loved your lunches mother. I wonder how they will like my new lunches?" Amelia ate a little more fish and a bite of rice. "Miyuki, do please eat the egg rolls."

Miyuki, not seeing a way to refuse, ate the sweet egg rolls and sighed in appreciation. "Thank you, it has been a while since I have last eaten this. I am just a worker and it is not all that uncommon to not get rare delicacies such as this. We are sorry for the basic meal, Madam."

"I am sorry for bringing guests unannounced. It is partly my fault that I did not inform you guys that I was bringing guests. Sometimes it is nice to have a simple meal." Edna smiled at Miyuki and ate some of her lunch.

"I must say, even though this is a simple meal it is very filling and very much so enjoyable. There is nothing that I like more than a basic meal. I am not used to fancy meals." Irene smiled at the maid girl.

Amelia took a few more bites. She had eaten half her fish, a few bites of her rice she picked up the miso soup to drink all of it before she placed her chopsticks down. "Gochisosama." She looked down at the food that was left and sighed.

"Do not worry about it, Amelia. They will get used to how much you eat and will give you less so that you do not waste as much." Edna smiled at the girl that was frowning.

"I just feel bad because the ladies worked so hard on this meal for me and I was unable to finish it. Miyuki, I am sorry." Amelia looked at the girl next to her.

Miyuki had eaten all the egg rolls she was given and sighed with happiness. "No, no, Amelia, It is perfectly acceptable that you are unable to eat everything that was given to you. Besides, you gave me your leftover egg rolls. I feel blessed over that. It is something that I do not get to eat very often." She looked at Amelia's tray and saw that there was one egg roll left but did not ask for it as it would be impolite.

"Go ahead. You may have the last one. You are very passionate about the so you must like it as much as I do. You can let them continue to make me the same amount of egg rolls, but less rice in my bowl. I am not sure what to do about the fish." Amelia looked down at the half-eaten fish and felt really bad.

"Amelia, Hunny, there really is nothing to worry about. I usually finish your food off or I make it into something else for you. So maybe that is something that they can do here. There isn't as big of worry over money here let alone food. I know that sounds bad. I am sorry." Irene says this and looks at Edna. "Edna, is it possible that I make some fish soup with the leftovers?"

"Fish soup! I know how to make that. It is something that can easily be done with the leftovers and it will be just enough for Amelia." Miyuki gets super excited about this.

"Miyuki, you will be tasked with keeping her company but I do enjoy your enthusiasm. Irene, my kitchen, is your kitchen. I will permit you to do as you please in there and if you need an ingredient that is not there then I will get someone to go and get it for you. I will accompany you and we can do that after we finish eating. I do not mind as your words are correct but we are pretty much family now." Edna smiles at the girls.

Miyuki blushes while taking the last egg roll and finishes eating her food. She says, "gochisosama." then places her chopsticks down. "What is it that you would like me to do?"

Edna looked at Amelia and saw that she was looking a little exhausted. "Why don't the two of you go to Amelia's room and go over her medicine?"

Amelia stood up and bowed slightly. "I think that I need to lie down so that is a wonderful idea. Miyuki, if you do not mind. Could you lead me back to the bedroom? As I just got here today, I am not familiar with the layout yet."

"Of course, Right this way. Madam, we will be on our way." Miyuki bowed deeply before getting up and leaving the room. "Amelia, you are staying in the room that was supposed to be for another. Does that bother you?"

"Not at all. I think that it is a lovely room and it is not like that person had seen that room. I was told that the room had not been used before. So we can pretend that it is a room prepared for me." Amelia walked along the porch and watched as the cherry blossoms blew around the yard as she walked.

Miyuki smiled, "you are someone that is very kind. Do you know what your illness is and is it treatable?"

"Thank you. My illness is not widely known but I have been taking medicine that curbs the effects of it. Gabriel is actually away because he has decided to make the medicine himself just for me. I am looking forward to him coming back home though. I want to see what he will think of me being here. Are there any books that I am able to read?" Amelia looked over the yard and smiled.

"Young Master has a study full of books. I am not sure if we are allowed to go in there but I will ask for permission." Miyuki watched Amelia stare into the yard. "Do you want to walk through the garden? There are a pair of sandals you can wear into the garden to walk around, stored in your room."