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40 40 Eat With Me, Miyuki

 Miyuki stood up and carried the trays in like a professional. "Of course. I am here to serve you, Madam." She placed the trays in front of the guests and looked at the younger girl in between the ladies. 'No way! He has chosen someone.' Miyuki started cheering inside but kept a straight face. She sat down in front of the ladies.

When Amelia was handed her tray she slightly bowed and said, "thank you." She sat back up and looked at the meal that was in front of her. It was a traditional meal. Cooked fish, a bowl of miso soup, a bowl of rice, and some sweet rolled egg.

Edna sighed inside and thanked the gods that it was a simple lunch. "Thank you for complying, Miyuki. As you can conclude this lovely lady is Amelia the bride for Gabriel. I want to ask you to become her attendant but there is a catch as you will need to help her out. She has some health issues but despite all that Gabriel is completely smitten by her."

"If the young Master has chosen her then I have no complaints. I have been waiting for this moment for a while now. If there is anything that I can do then I will do it. I look forward to working with you, Missus." Miyuki bowed to Amelia.

Amelia started blushing, "Would it be bad to ask Miyuki to call me Amelia? At least when it is just us. I do not know if I would be able to get used to being called Missus but I will try. I just hope that it would be okay to address me as Amelia at least for the time being." Amelia smiled at Miyuki and slightly bowed to Miyuki.

"I am okay with that. Miyuki you are permitted to do as Amelia requests. Gabriel is not going to be back for the rest of the week so I want you to get used to helping her out during that time. That will also include helping her with the medicines." Edna sat there and watched Miyuki.

Irene looked at Edna and wiped away her tears, "Edna that you so much. I am very grateful to you."

Amelia took her sleeve and wiped away her mother's tears. "Mother, I am sure that you are very happy and relieved right now. I am feeling the same. I am grateful to be able to be here. I am most happy that I get to be with the one I love." She smiled sweetly.

'This girl is the sweetest girl ever. She makes me want to take care of her and protect her for the rest of her life.' Miyuki softened and bowed. "Amelia, I am not used to your medicines so if after your meal you would do the honour of explaining them to me. I want to be able to help you out as much as I can. While the young Master is gone, I will do everything in my power to take care of you. Just remember that if it is not just us, I will call you young Missus, okay?"

"Yes, that is a good idea. Amelia, I will let you and Miyuki get familiar with each other as your mother and I chat about the wedding. Can you show us the dates after the meal?" Edna smiled at Amelia and Miyuki.

"Yes, please show us the dates. I am curious as you did not show us yet." Irene clapped her hands and smiled happily.

"Miyuki, would you like to eat with us? It would be a good idea for you to get used to us, so if you would be so kind as to share a meal with us. Oh, that is if that allowed, Mother Edna?" Amelia looked over at her to see if it would be okay.

"Go grab your meal and come back here, Miyuki. Amelia is right that it would be a good idea for you to get to know her. She is not a normal girl and it would be best to figure out everything. The best way to do that is to spend more time with her." Edna clapped her hands and said, "itadakimasu."

Miyuki got up and bowed before leaving the room. 'This is my first invite to eat with the family. I am grateful to Amelia. She's a very kind young lady.' She went and got her tray from the kitchen and left to join the group in the banquet room.

Irene said, "itadakimasu." Then she started eating. She looked at Amelia and smiled. 'I know that she is waiting for Miyuki. She is not as hungry as me or Edna.'

Miyuki came back to the room and sat down in front of the ladies and bowed her head embarrassed. 'I do not know if I will be able to match up.'

Amelia stood up and moved to sit next to Miyuki, "Let's eat together. I do not care if you do not match up. You are going to be the one that will help me out." She held her hands together, "itadakimasu."

"Itadakimasu," Miyuki held her hands together and smiled at the girl. She started to eat but she wasn't the most elegant eater.

Amelia ate a little fish and touched it to the rice before eating it. She picked up the egg roll and ate it. When she saw that Miyuki did not have any egg rolls she took three pieces for her tray and added them to Miyuki's.

"Oh, no. Missus, I can not take your food." Miyuki started shaking her head.

"Amelia not Missus and you will eat it. I can not eat everything on my tray. You do not have any so you will eat it for me. I know that it is improper but I will only be able to eat maybe half of my meal and you do not have any egg roll." Amelia smiled and ate the next egg roll.

Edna beamed with pride, "Miyuki, it is alright. It is just us here. You can eat it. When you and Amelia eat meals together in her room, it will be permitted that you can eat what she gives you. Irene, you did an amazing job of raising Amelia."