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39 39 Room to Have Lunch In

 "Okay, I will stay here. Enda, I will be in your care. I will not go back to the hospital tonight. So it is possible to get Father Clarence to bring my medicine here, then I will stay." Amelia utterly defeated by the insistence of both mothers, she caves and decides to stay here.

"Oh, I am so glad you decided. I was worried that we would need to convince you more. Amelia is there anything that you do not eat?" Edna smiles and starts to plan out meals.

"Actually, I do not eat much due to health reasons. I am going to try and eat a bit more but there is no guarantee that I will be able to right away." Amelia covered her face with her hands in embarrassment. "I am sorry for not being healthy."

"Nonsense! You are alive and living your life to the fullest. No one can fault you for that. I will get them to prepare soup for you and, Hmmmmm." Edna thinks about what would be good for her.

"I usually make meat buns. I pack them full of meat and veggies. That way she is getting some in her diet. There is only so much that I can do for her after all." Irene smiled and spilled that secret.

"I thought the buns tasted a little different, thank you for all your hard work mother." Amelia smiled when she saw her mother blushing deeply.

"Oh, dear it is nothing to thank me over. I tried my best just for you. You are my precious daughter and what kind of a mother would I be if I did not do something to help you out?" Irene was still blushing.

"That is a lovely idea. Amelia is there anything that you would like for lunch? I won't be cooking this meal but I could make you dinner." Edna looks up to the sky and sees that it is almost lunchtime.

"Something to eat. I have not thought about it but it is that time of the day." Amelia looks up at the sky thinking about what she might be able to eat. "I usually have a bento box for lunch but I only eat some of it. Mother, you must have known that Sachi and Ami helped me eat what was leftover."

"Oh, that is right you are a student and you would rely on the school to tell you when lunch is. Why don't we sit down and eat what the maids have made for us? Amelia, if it is too heavy you can let me know and I will adjust the meal plans just for you." Edna got up and waited for the other two.

Irene got up and held out her hand to Amelia. "It would be a good idea to eat something. You didn't eat anything this morning. You must have been concerned over if you would be able to keep it down, not that I blame you, dear."

Amelia took Irene's hand and got up. "I will eat. I was just staring at the trees. The flower petals are beautiful." She held out her hand and a flower petal landed in her hand.

Edna watched and was happy. 'A girl like this is very rare. It is sad, that she is sick but at least she makes Gabriel happy. It had been a long time since I had seen him smile like that. He was holding her as if she was his world. I just pray that she will live for a long time.' She started walking along the porch. "I will lead the way to the dining area."

Irene saw Amelia and beamed with happiness, before following Edna. "Thank you, Edna. I did not know what I was going to do when she chose to be the one she fell in love with but here we are."

Amelia walked slowly behind the ladies only paying half attention to the conversation as the garden was captivating her attention. She followed them around the corner and gave the garden one last look before facing forward. 'I feel a connection to the beauty that is in the garden.' She listened to Edna now.

"This is the kitchen, one the right is the bathroom, and the room next to the kitchen is the dining area." Edna opened the doors to the dining area. "Amelia, Irene, we will sit close together. I know that is not customary but it is just the three of us, so who cares."

Irene looked around the room and sighed. "This is lovely. If it was a formal setting I would not normally be able to be in such a lush room."

"Mother Edna, is the banquet room? It does not seem like the dining area." Amelia sat down and looked around the room.

"You got me on that one. I thought that it would be nice for you both to see the room that we could hold the wedding in." Edna smiles and sits next to Amelia. "I am glad that you like this room. Do you think that it will be satisfactory?"

"I like this room very much, but for some reason, I am drawn to the garden. I do not know what is up with it out there but it is amazing." Amelia looks around the room and smiles, "it is not that this room isn't nice. I love this room too."

Irene sat on Amelia's other side and patted her daughter's shoulder. "You have always loved the outdoors. Maybe because you always had to stay inside. I am not one hundred percent sure though but the garden is really stunning."

"Could it be that the garden here reminds you of the garden that you met Gabriel in?" Edna smiled and picked up a flower petal from Amelia's shoulder.

There was a knock on the door. The door slid open and a maid bowed. "I have brought lunch." The girl stayed bowed until she heard Edna's command.

"Thank you, Miyuki. You may bring in the food." Edna thought for a moment. "Miyuki, before you leave please sit with us. I think that I may have a request for you."