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38 38 Tea Ceremony

 "Kazuki was supposed to marry and we prepped this room for his bride to be and in the end, it was not used by anyone. Come to the back and look outside." Edna sat on the porch and looked out at the sakura trees. Amelia walked through the room smiling and sat down next to Edna. "You are right. The mountain air feels a lot better on my lungs. I am very happy with how I feel. I kind of don't want to go back to the hospital."

Irene ran to Amelia and hugged her from behind. "Stay here. If you are feeling better than you should stay where you feel best. You are looking a lot better already. I can always make sure that Saito Sensei brings your medicine home with you. This is the healthiest you have looked in the last two years."

"Then it is settled. Amelia you will stay here. I will not take no for an answer. This will be your room. I will make sure that you learn where everything is. This place will take a lot of getting used to. You will stay home at least until Gabriel comes home." Edna stood up and clapped her hands together.

Irene stood up and helped Amelia stand up. "Yes, I do agree with Edna. You should stay here. Just because you are here does not mean that I can not come and visit you when I am free. I will come and help plan the wedding. We should hold it here. Your place is spacious enough."

"May I make the tea for you? I have studied tea ceremony in the past." Amelia stood up and the breeze blew through her hair gently. "Oh, but what about Ami and Sachi? They wanted to visit me at the hospital this evening."

Edna leads the way to the tea room and the three walk into the room. "I will allow you to make the tea for us. Normally I would not allow someone that is sick to do it but you are offering I would like to test your skills."

"Thank you." Amelia sits on her knees. She takes the cloth and folds it neatly. She then pours one scoop of water into the cup and places the water scoop back down gently. She warms up the whisk using that hot water until the whisk and bowl are warm enough. She dumps the water out in the extra bowl. She takes the clothe and unfolds it slightly to dry the bowl then proceeds to dry the bowl. She places the bowl down and picks up the matcha holder she opens it and scoops out two chashaku scoops of matcha powder. She lightly taps the spoon on the bowl then closes that matcha container and places the scoop on top of the container. She picks up the water scoop and slides her hand down the handle gently and adds the water without spilling water all over the floor. She places the scoop back. She bends over slightly and starts to whisk vigorously until a fine foam forms. She twists the whisk up and turns the cup to the left and places it in front of Edna and the two bow to each other.

Edna picks up the cup and brings it up and turns the cup to the right and drinks the tea. After the cup is empty she turns the cup and places it back down. "That was very well done. I can tell that you taught this properly."

Amelia bows and stands up and sits next to her mother, "it is an honour that you feel this way. It has been a while since I have been able to make the tea. Feeling a little out of it she leaned gently against the wall.

"If you need to sit on the porch we can have the door open, Amelia. I know that it is improper but it is only the three of us. I will still make you and Irene some tea." Edna got up and opened the outside door.

Amelia got up and sat on the porch. "Thank you very much." She closed her eyes and was leaning against the wooden post letting the light breeze blow the sakura blossoms around her.

Edna took her seat and made two cups of tea and the first once she gave to Irene. Then she started on the second cup.

Irene bowed and drank the tea. Once she finished she turned the cup and scooted forward and bowed. She moved back and bowed. "Thank you for the tea. It is lovely to be able to drink this again. Next time I would love to be able to have Amelia's tea."

Edna finished making the second cup and got up and brought it to Amelia. She bowed as she handed it to her. "You do not need to bow as I do not want you to get dizzy. I know that you can do this properly. It shows in the fine details on how you made tea for me."

Amelia took the cup and turned it. She drank the matcha tea. She finished the tea and turned the cup. Once she was done she turned the cup and handed it back. "Thank you for the tea. I can see how I need to improve. It was amazing." Amelia turned and smiled. "Do you think that it would be selfish of me to want to stay here? Even though you said that you would not take no for an answer."

"Not at all. As I said if you decided to stay you can and yeas I did say that as I did not want you to go back home. Besides it is what is in your best interest and not anyone else's business." Edna took the cup back into the room and came and sat outside.

"Sweetie, I really think you should stay. You will get better faster in the air here. I will be sad to see you gone from the house but at least I will be able to come and visit and your father has a job so now you do not need to worry about that." Irene was standing at the door smiling sweetly, "that is not to say that I will not miss you. You have been in our lives for the last sixteen years. All your father and I want for you is your happiness and safety. It is not a bad deal to stay here and recover faster."