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37 37 The Saitos Home

 Hideo starts laughing. "Since I am done I can do that. I do have more work lined up for later but I have time right now to help you down. Are you happy with your partner?"

"I am very happy with my partner. I found out that you made Sachi go to omiai. Will she choose him or reject him?" Amelia asks curiously.

"It is hard to say. I know that the guy is very keen on taking over the shrine but it is ultimately up to Sachi. I will not force her into something that she does not want. You know how level headed that girl is. This guy is a good person as far as I can see but is a complete pushover." Hideo laughed heartily. He walked with her to the stairs.

Amelia stopped walking and sat down. She felt her chest tighten. She pulled out the green package and her hands started to shake.

Hideo took the powder package away from her and opened it for her. He tilted her head back and poured the powder in her mouth. "You should've stayed home and asked Sachi to get me to come to you. What colour next?"

Amelia swallowed the power and coughed a little... "yellow and fancy white."

Irene ran to the water and carried a cup over. "Here drink this and rest a moment."

Amelia drank the water then let Hideo feed her the yellow powder and she drank a little more water. She closed her eyes for a moment. "There is not a lot the hospital can do for me. Father got fired. I do not know if Sachi explained everything..."

Hideo pulled out the last powder and poured it into her mouth. "I know all about it. I told Sachi to let me know if you needed anything. She told me she would offer our assistance." He rubbed her back and watched her start to fall asleep. He caught her and carried her down to the carriage.

Edna followed closely. "Do you think that I should cancel the rest of our plans and take her back to the hospital?"

Irene dropped the cup scoop on the ground and raced after them. She reached where they were and tried not to panic.

"I think that it will be okay to continue on with your daily plans. She is going to be okay. It is not a big attack. She just needed to take the medicine." Hideo placed her in the carriage and took a step back. "Please go safely and if you need anything, feel free to ask me." He bowed after stepping back.

"If you think that it will be okay then we will continue to my place. I want Amelia to test the air out there. I thought that it might do her some good." Edna bowed back to Hideo.

Irene bowed to Hideo and climbed in. "Thank you for all your help. I am sorry and dropping.."

"Shhhh. It is alright. I am not worried about that. It can be washed. Amelia is important to everyone. So it is good that you ran down the stairs to make sure that she is okay. I bid you both a wonderful afternoon." Hideo closed the door on the carriage and stepped up the stairs and waved them away.

Amelia slept on the way there and woke up as they got to the house. She rubbed her eyes and sat up slowly, "where are we?"

"Amelia, how do you feel?" Edna looked at Amelia totally worried. "We are almost at my house. I thought that the air here might be good for you. So, after chatting with your mother, we decided that we would bring you here so that you see if you feel any different."

"Do not move too fast. Fujiwari-san helped you with your medicine. You do not normally pass out from medicine are you okay?" Irene had her hands out to steady Amelia as she still looked shaky.

Amelia opened the bag and saw that she took four powders and sighed in relief. "I think that Hideo saw the sleeping medicine and mixed it with my normal medicine and that is why I passed out so fast. I am still a little drowsy but I will be fine. He was not wrong in giving it to me but I did not need the sleep at that moment."

Edna smiled and patted her hand. "It is okay, you are safe now and that is all we are concerned about." The carriage stopped and Edna got out.

Irene got out and waited for Amelia to get out. "It is true that all we care about is your safety."

Amelia weakly climbed out and breathed in the air. She stood and looked at the manor that was in front of her and smiled. "It is beautiful here. I am surprised at how amazing this place is. The air is way better for me. Can you show me around, that is if that is okay with you?"

"Oh, dear you do not even need to ask. I was going to show you around anyway." Edna walked through the door and maids bowed to her.

"Ojōsama. You are early today and you have brought guests, shall we prepare the tea room?" One maid came forward.

"Nozomi, please do that. I will lead my guests around and when I am done we will go to the tea room." Edna shooed the girl away and walked away. She walked down the hallways and led them to a room and opened that door. "Amelia, sweetie. If you decide to stay with us, this will be your room until you marry. I can see that you have more colour now, just from being here." Edna opened the door and stepped inside the room and lit a candle. She went to the back door and opened it up and the light for outside lights up the room fully.

Amelia entered the room and gasped at how stunning it was. "This is too much for me. Why did you have a room prepared?"