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 "Suzuki there is no reason to thank us. You should know that by now if we think Amelia needs help then we will do everything in our power. Besides, we would do it again in a heartbeat. I want to know if you will incur a hefty cost and is so how can we help?" Sachi asks this and looks at Amelia.

"There will be no cost. She is to be my daughter in law and so I would not charge her anything. I will make sure that the room that she is in now is open for her to use anytime she gets worse." Saito Sensei bowed to the girls. "It was because of your efforts that everything worked out nicely."

Ami smiled, "Amelia, your room is upstairs right. After class, we will help you get back up to your room. I was the one that carried you inside so it will not be difficult for me to carry you up the stairs. I asked my dad for an allowance advancement but since you do not need us to pay I will set it aside in case we need it for something else." She blushed while smiling.

"Your father was sad when he heard about Amelia and he gave you so much extra and said that if it wasn't enough he would give you more. I will come back to your place tonight and explain with your father so that he does not think that you are scamming him." Sachi patted Ami on the head. Then she looked at Amelia. She reached out and touched her forehead. "You still have a bit of a fever." She took off her scarf and wrapped it around Amelia's neck. "Stay warm and safe. I do not need the scarf, I brought it just for you. I wanted you to be warm just in case you got released today."

"Thank you, Ami and Sachi. I will be heading off and you two need to head to school. I am sure Ami's father will understand." Amelia ushered the two out the door blushing and waved as they left.

"I have a lot of work to get done so I will see you lovely ladies later today." Clarence bowed and took off to the patients' rooms.

"We will meet you outside," Edward says this and holds Irene's hand. He escorts her outside.

Edna smiled at the two left. "You have some great friends. I will also be waiting outside. Take your time and make sure to not trip." She left the building and went to her carriage.

Gabriel took Amelia's hand. "We are alone at last." He walks her into a room and closes the door. "I am glad that we are together. I promise to not do anything that would make you uncomfortable but I would like to give you a goodbye kiss. Will you let me?"

Amelia looked up at him and looked at his lips and started blushing. Instead of words she closed her eyes and lifted her head up while puckering her lips.

Gabriel places his arm around her back and bent down slightly and brought his lips to hers. It was a gently quick kiss that left both of them blushing. "Thank you for honouring my selfish request."

Amelia covered her lips with her hands and looked up at Gabriel. "I am happy that you asked. I enjoy the sneak kisses that you have been giving me. Being asked is more embarrassing."

Gabriel bent down and kissed her cheek. "I will shower you with kisses when I return." He leads her out of the room and takes her outside. As they walk to the carriages he makes sure to protect her from the wind. Once they reach the carriage he looks at her and smiles. "The time apart will be over before you know it. I will come back to you." He helped her get inside and closed the door. "Be safe." The carriage takes off and Gabriel stands there until it disappears from sight.

"Thank you for showing her so much love." Edward poked his head out of the carriage and waited for Gabriel to get inside.

Gabriel instructed the driver on which way they were heading and climbed inside. "I will continue to shower her with love forever. She is my one and only." Gabriel picked up the book and opened the list. "I made a list of everything that we need to grab. I know that a lot of these you have never seen or heard of so I will teach you so that when we get out there we will be able to hunt two times faster."

"Thank you for your guidance and patience with this. I am actually glad that I moved to your hospital. I was treated like an errand boy at the other hospital. It was not pleasant but I did it for my wife and daughter." Edward looked at the book that Gabriel is holding.

"That is terrible. You will be liked here and we will try to get you doing other things but right now we need help in the gift shop the most. Okay for each of these are unique in look and texture. When you pick the herb you will be able to tell. Even if you pick the wrong one, I will help you out. If you look at the Saffron and Milk Thistle you will see the similarities but also the difference." Gabriel points out two random herbs.

"I did not mean to complain. I am quite happy at the gift shop. Aki works just as hard as I do. He is a professional at his job. The Milk Thistle has a different look for the Saffron built since the colour is the same it would be hard to tell. I am glad that you are taking the time to show me. I am really grateful for this." Edward bowed his head.

"No, it is going to be an interesting time. These two herbs are not ones that we are looking for but I wanted to show you so that you could see the difference," Gabriel smiled, "if you run into any issues just let us know."

Amelia watched as Gabriel got smaller and smaller until she could no longer see him. She went and sat down next to her mother in the carriage.

"I can see your love for Gabriel. I want you to know what we will work on together to help you get cured. First, let's get the shine visit done If you need a break while going up the stairs then we will take one. I don't want you to get worn out." Edna looks at Amelia smiling.