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33 33 A Farewell but Not Forever

 Amelia was sitting on the chair patiently when the door opened and Aki stepped inside the room.

"Gabriel, how much are we selling today?" Aki looked at the young girl sitting on the chair relaxing.

"Aki, we have the usual amount to sell today. I will be gone for a while so it would be best that you ration how much you sell. I will not be back for at least two to four days. Amelia, that scary guy is Aki. He runs the gift shop and if you have any problems he will be able to help you out." Gabriel continued to move things around and pull out the packages that would be needed.

"Hello, Aki-san." Amelia bowed slightly to Aki and went back to watching Gabriel. She giggled as she watched him pull out the different medicines in all sorts of colours. "I am sorry that I have made things so hectic for both of you."

"Naw, this happens every once in a while. Gabriel is true to his faith and tries his best to keep the cost of medicine down by going out and hunting for herbs. There must be a particular herb that he needs since he is not supposed to go out hunting for another month." Aki leaned on the doorway watching the chaos.

"Instead of standing there looking stupid, why don't you come and grab the tea and get to work!" Gabriel shot a glare at Aki who was still standing there.

"Whelp, you heard the boss. I will be around if you wind up needing my help. All you need to do is ask." Aki stepped into the room and started counting the tea packages. "The red tea is going to be sold or are you going to keep it back here for a little while?"

"Don't put it out yet. I do like that way that it tastes and the effects were how I wanted them to be. I want you to give a bag to every staff member that works here. My father will agree with that." Gabriel finished pulling out what was needed.

Aiko took the list that Gabriel was supposed to fill. "Gabriel, I will put all this away for you. So go ahead. I will keep this room locked up tight so that nothing happens."

"That is a great idea. Aiko, I will put you in charge of the distribution of the medicines so that it gets to where it needs to go. Gabriel, I like that you want to offer the staff the tea. I will sign off on that but whatever is leftover I will place in Amelia's room so that whomever is looking after her may use it to stay alert overnight." Clarence walked into the room and saw everything that was out. "And the green bagged tea is for Amelia correct?"

"That is the correct, Father. I am glad that you remembered. It is a lot but I do not want her to run out." Gabriel had finished making sure that everything was stocked up and pulled for the days that he would be gone. "If they need more there is enough down below of everything."

"Thank you, son. Amelia, here I am giving you three more sets of medicine. You might need it as the ladies were discussing going to my place today. I do not want you to run into any issues with the fact that you are out there with no medicine." Clarence was holding out the packages to Amelia.

"Thank you, Father Clarence." Amelia took the packages and added them to her bag and then smiled. "I am assuming that it is almost time to go?"

"Yes, it is but you have two ladies looking for you before you go." Clarence smiled

Gabriel walked over and handed her the sleeping aid. "You can take this when you can't sleep. Come let's go and see your friends." He held out his hand to her.

Amelia placed her hand in his and got up. "Thank you. I will go and greet them now." She held onto Gabriel's hand and blushed slightly.

Ami jumped out of her chair and sprinted towards Amelia. "Amelia! I was so worried. I slept but it was so hard." Before Ami could jump on Amelia, Sachi grabbed her by her uniform.

Before Sachi walked over, she saw the hand holding before they let go of each other's hand. "I am also glad that you are doing alright. I was worried that you would still not be up and about today. I will make sure that you get the notes for the next few days. I checked with Saito Sensei and he said that you are going to be staying here for the next few days. I will also make sure that this one keeps up on her studies."

"Yes, I am going to be here for the next few days. I had an attack last night. So it is to be on the safe side but I have been allowed to go out today. I am only going to be out for a short while." Amelia glanced at Gabriel. "As you both know this is Gabriel of the third-year class. He stayed here and looked after me all night. We talked and it was decided that our parents will allow us to date. We did a marriage meeting and we all agreed. So if I have any issues, Gabriel will be the one to help look after me." Amelia's face turned red from embarrassment.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both. I will promise you both that I genuinely care for Amelia and I would do anything to help her. I used to see you guys in the library studying together. I used to study and do research at the library whenever I had the spare time. I do not mean to rush but I am about to leave. I have a long week ahead of me. I will be away from school for the next week. So if something does happen make sure to get her to this hospital." Gabriel bowed to the girls.

Ami and Sachi, thank you for everything that you did for Amelia yesterday. I am sorry that you had to trouble yourselves." Edward bowed to the girl's while holding a book with a lot of pages sticking out of it.