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32 32 A Few Small Gifts

 "I am also aware of that. So I thought that it would be best for her to come live with us. We will prepare the proper dowery for you two." Clarence bowed his head.

"Oh, not that is not necessary. All I want is for my baby girl to live a long prosperous life." Edward shook his head at Clarence.

Inside the room, Amelia stood up and looked at Irene. "Mother, did you by any chance bring me a change of clothing?"

"I did. I was not sure if you would be stuck here so I brought you a yukata to change into. If there was a chance that you could come home today I wanted to be prepared." Irene placed the package she was carrying and untied the string that was holding the package together.

Amelia smiled and started to change out of her clothing. She took the Yukata from her mother and put it on. She was going to grab the obi but Edna grabbed it before she could.

"I will do this up for you so that you do not need to struggle." Edna went behind Amelia and started to tie the obi up. She touched Amelia's hair and pulled it up and clipped it up with the hairpiece that had been holding her hair up.

Amelia touched the hairpiece. "You did not need to do that Mother Edna."

"Nonsense you are going to be the daughter of my household so of course, I will gift you something that has been in our family for generations." Edna stood back and nodded. "It suits you really well."

Irene walked over to the table and pulled out two of each powder and added it to a small cloth bag. "Here is a small gift from me as well. I made you this bag so that you would be able to carry some small items with you. The powders fit inside really well."

"Thank you as well, Mother. Let us head out so that Father and Gabriel can head out. The sooner that we leave the room the sooner that they will be able to come back to us." Amelia opened the door and tapped Gabriel's back. "I am ready to head downstairs."

Gabriel turned around and was speechless. Then he bent over to pick her up. He lifted her up with ease. "You look beautiful. Did you grab some medicine?"

Amelia wrapped her arms around his neck and shook her head. "Mother did and Mother Edna did my hair. I am glad that I will be able to go out for a little bit today. The weather seems to be nice." She blushed and rested her cheek on his chest.

"Son, are you okay carrying her? If you need help I will give you a hand but since you managed to carry her up going back down will not be an issue." Clarence thought about it and shook his head.

"Father I will be fine. She is very light. I hope that she will be able to eat more. While you are out with our mothers please be sure to eat more. Tea is good but it is not as important as food. I will only be gone for a little while. Once I get back we can chat about all sorts of things." Gabriel left the parents behind and started the descent down the stairs.

"I would like that. If your mother suggests that we go to your house, I do have two sets of medicine. So I will be okay as long as I get back here in time for the next dose. I will worry about you so can you make sure that I have the sleeping aid. My brain may not shut down as I will be worrying about you the whole time. Things like are you sleeping, has there been an accident..." Amelia grabs onto his shirt.

"Shhhh, I will be perfectly fine. This is not my first time hunting for supplies. I will come back as soon as I can. I want to make sure that I have enough of everything so that I do not have to go back out for a while I want to spend every moment that I can with you and if that means I travel two days time away and to get to the area then so be it. I will make sure that you get what you need. Besides I just really need the herb from far away. If I find other herbs in the process then I will collect it as well. I will see how long I can keep the horses walking for before they tire out." Gabriel reached the bottom of the stairs but continued to carry her to the laboratory. He opened the door and sat her down on a chair.

"I thought that I told you that I would handle this for you?" Aiko turned and saw Gabriel and Amelia then shut her mouth.

"Yes, I am leaving soon so I thought that I would take some of the fatigue tea with me. I want to make sure that I do not come back exhausted." Gabriel picked up the red bags and placed four at the end of the table. He then went to the spare cupboards and unlocked them and brought out some more medicine.

Aiki froze as she watched Gabriel. "Good god. Just how much do you have prepared?" She covered her mouth in shock.

"Grandfather was hard on me. He trained me to be extremely efficient. I know that Kazuki could do this much as well. Do you ever wonder what I do back here? Father writes up a list of medicines that the nurses need and I fill the order. I take all the older stuff, give it out, and then I replace it all. I think since that I will be gone I would move some around since only Father and I have access to these cupboards. As much as I want to leave them unlocked I think that it would be a bad idea." He pulled out a few baskets and placed them on the counter.