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31 31 The Reques

 "What is that, Saito Sensei?" Edward looked at Clarence slightly confused.

"We would like to formally request that Amelia lives at our place. It is a little way out of town but the air is crisper. This is something that my wife and I talked about on our way home last night. Normally we would do this after marriage but because her health is not well we thought that it might be a good idea to start early. Since Gabriel and Amelia go to the same school they will be able to come and go together. If anything was to happen I would be home or Gabriel will be there to take care of her right away." Clarence says this clearly.

"Also, I would be willing to learn so that I could help her out when my husband is at work and Gabriel is out as well. The cherry trees are beautiful at this time of the year. I do hope that you do not think that we are overstepping here." Edna bowed her head.

"Overstepping?" Irene shook her head. "No, we are both concerned about the same person. So there is no issue with this. If it is alright with you I would like to visit your place so that I could feel the air before we make a choice. If it is better than I think that it would be a fantastic idea. Just the fact that there will always be a doctor around is very important. I do need to ask, Gabriel, this tea is very red and different from the last fever tea you gifted Amelia. Did you make this as well?"

"I did make this tea just for Amelia. I added Satonishiki cherries to add a sweeter cherry flavour. I did not want her to be stuck with just a fever tea so I thought that it would be nice to whip her up some tea that was different. Father, in my laboratory there are green bags. That is the tea just for Amelia so if you could make sure that she gets all that she would need from it. I prepared a few batches as well as the fatigue tea. That tea I will bring some along with us as well. So that Suzuki-san and I have an easier time." Gabriel drank the rest of his tea and moved Amelia's hair out of her eyes.

"Thank goodness, that you do not think that we are overstepping. If you are okay with it then we will take over her school fees. The three of us ladies can sit and chat while the guys are gone so we can decide on what we want to do for the wedding. Like when and where it should be held." Edna starts to get excited.

"Oh, are you busy after this then Satio-san? We could go to the shrine and pray and check for audacious days. That way we can avoid the bad and settle for the good." Irene started to get excited and dabbed her eyes.

"Mother, you two should go and have some fun. I may not be allowed to come unless Suzuki Sensei says that it is alright?" Amelia rested her head on Gabriel's shoulder.

Gabriel felt her forehead and turned and kissed her head in the front of their parents. "I think it should be okay. Some fresh air would do you some good. Take one of each medicine with you so that you do not have an attack. Father that should be okay and she will come back here when they are done but the stairs will be hard on your body." He starts to think about it.

"Gabriel, I will help her up the stairs and if I am busy then I will ask for her to wait near the guest shop." Clarence nodded. "I will permit you to go out with the ladies. I hope now that we will be connected that we could be on a first-name basis with each other, do you agree, Edward?"

Caught slightly off guard Edward looked at Clarence, "yes, you are correct, Clarence. You just caught me off guard. I was thinking that you would suggest that we should get going before we lose too much daylight."

"Oh, that is a lovely idea, Dear. Irene, we are going to bond well today. Amelia dear, I hope that you will call me, mother as well. I always wanted a girl but I was not honoured with having one." Edna bowed to Amelia.

"Please do not bow to me, Mother Edna. I am honoured to be a part of such a wonderful, caring family." Amelia blushed then turned and looked at Gabriel, "my father is right. You two should head off soon. So if the guys could leave the room. I will get dressed in normal clothes so that I may accompany our, Mothers."

"Of course, Sweetie. We will be outside if you need us." Edward got up and held the door open for Clarence that was behind him.

Gabriel got up and kissed her cheek, "if you need me, I will be outside the room but I am sure our mothers will take good care of you." He left the room and stood in front of the door. "Father, I was worried that you would not agree since she is not healthy."

"You only find true love like this once in your lifetime. If you let her go you will regret it for the rest of your life. That is something your grandfather told me. I will not let you suffer from losing the one you love. So you and Edward will hunt for as long as it takes to get the herbs, roots, and leaves. Take all the time that you need." Clarence patted Gabriel on his back.

"Gabriel, I want to thank you. You are an amazing son in law. I am sure that she told you that her days are numbered but I think that in the right environment that you will be able to extend her life to be longer." Edward sighed and patted Gabriel's other shoulder.