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30 30 Spur of the Moment Marriage Meeting

 "Does this include last night? If that is the case then she should stay another night. She had a bad episode that I was able to handle because I am used to them. I may just be a nurse but I think it would be best for her to stay a few more days." Aiko looked at Amelia and her eyes were saying that she was sorry.

"I would agree with Aiko. I did not do well last night and if Gabriel is leaving then I might panic and send myself into a deeper panicked state as I do not know what is going on." Amelia tightened her grip on the blanket in her lap.

There was a knock on the door, then Edward and Irene walked into the room. Irene ran to Amelia's side and touched her face. "You look a lot better than last night but you look so serious."

"Good morning, Mother. You are up early." Amelia let go of the blanket and hugged Irene.

Edna was sitting and holding back her tears. 'It is just so sad.' She dabbed her eyes. "Suzuki- san, I was thinking of making some fresh tea. Would you care to join me?" She got up and patted Irene on the shoulder before picking up the tray of two pots.

"Oh, of course, I will give you a hand." Irene stopped hugging Amelia and got up. "I will be back in a moment.

After the ladies left, Edward looked at Clarence. "So what is the verdict?"

"She needs to stay for monitoring for a few more days. Gabriel and you are going to go hunting for supplies for the medicine so that we can cut the cost down. The medicines we make here are all made by Gabriel now. He will not fail you." Clarence looked over at Amelia as she was sitting on the bed looking somewhat lost in thought.

"She had an attack last night, I know that is something that you do not want to hear about but I think that it is important that she stay here. Your wife is welcome to stay as long as she likes. Aiko will be here to help as well." Gabriel got all the papers together and stacked them at the beginning of the book.

"Okay, if that is what you feel like should happen then that is what we will do. I will go with you. I want to learn about Amelia's medicine and the usual person that makes it has increased the price. So it would be best to have someone else make it." Edward bowed to the two people. "We are in your debt."

"No, no that is not what you should say. We will hopefully be family after this. That is if you guys do not mind." Clarence looked over at Amelia.

Edna and Irene came back. "I think that since everyone is here. Maybe we can do the meeting now. Since Father and Gabriel are going to hunt for the herbs for my medicine." Amelia slowly sat up and set the pillow behind her back until she was sitting up straight. "I know that this is not ideal but it is not a bad idea."

Edna placed the tray down and poured the fatigue tea for everyone as she made two pots. "That is actually a lovely idea."

Irene walked over to Amelia and placed the teapot down on the side table. She poured her some tea and added a little honey. "Here drink this, I also think that is a good idea. You are such a thoughtful daughter."

Clarence left the room and grabbed a few chairs from the other room. He brought them back and set them up near the bed.

Gabriel got up and sat beside Amelia much to the shock of Irene and Edward. He patted her arm as she was sitting up against the pillow.

Aiko stood at the door, "I will go and make sure that everything is running smoothly and Gabriel, I have your key so I will make sure Aki has today's supplies." She waved and left the two families alone to discuss the matter at hand.

"I, Saito, Gabriel would like to request that Suzuki, Amelia become my betrothed. That is if both our families will allow it." He was sitting down but still bowed to the families.

Irene looked at the boy and was surprised. "I read over your information and I already know that you understand that our daughter is not well but if you can get past that then and only then, will I allow it."

"It is a miracle that brought our two families together but I want someone that will be able to do everything for my baby girl and you young man has gone beyond my expectations. I approve of this." Edward bowed back to Gabriel.

"I, Suzuki, Amelia, would like to request to join your family. I may not be able to do as much as a healthy girl but I will do all that I can and be there as long as I can. I may be sick but I will still do everything that I can." Amelia bowed her body but sat up as it made her a bit dizzy.

"Please, do not worry about the bow. You are unwell and very polite with your speech. I knew from the moment that I saw you with Gabriel in the garden that you would be the one that would capture his heart. I know that it is not easy to let go of your loved one but I wanted to do everything in my power to keep you from falling into another's hand. Which is why we ended the meeting with the people we were trying to set Gabriel up with. I have not received your profile but from what I have heard I am not worried about it." Edna smiled, "all I ask is that you stay safe and get healthy."

"I also agree. My son is smitten with you and if there was a debate if you were the right person for my son then it would be a yes. Gabriel has not asked for much and has taken on a task that was not supposed to be his issue. Suzuki-san, I am glad I was able to give you a job here. It is not right what the Yukimura's did to you guys. There is a request that I do have." Clarence looked the couple across from him.