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29 29 Meeting Delayed

 Gabriel feels her fall asleep in his arms and kisses her head. He sat there and an hour or so later the door opened. Edna and Clarence walked into the room. "Good morning, Mother and Father."

"Good morning, Son. It is unusual for you to hold someone so close to you. I would ask you to move but she looks so comfortable in your arms." Clarence looked at Amelia and smiled sadly.

Edna walked closer and smiled at the picture. "Do you think the family will accept if we let her live with us in our place? We have all those cherry trees in the courtyard and the air is purer there. It might help her out."

Amelia had woken up when the door opened and tapped Gabriel where the others could not see.

Gabriel looked down and smiled, "I can not see why they would not accept. We will give her the best life or at least that is what I want to do. What do you think, Amelia?"

"I would like to accept but we still have to have a meeting so that everyone will be on the same page. That is if you guys are okay with this request of mine? Both sets of parents can come and discuss everything together." She turned her head and she was blushing.

"Of course there is no issue with that. We can even finalize everything at the meeting. You are such a wonderful girl." Edna smiled and looked at the two before stepping back.

"Thank you," Amelia sat up slowly and then slid off the window sill. She stood up and coughed a little bit.

Gabriel got up and guided her back to the bed before helping her sit down. He then went and grabbed all three colors of medicines. "Mother, could you get a cup of water?"

Edna placed her stuff down before heading to the door. "Of course, I will be back."

Aiko woke up as the door closed and looked up at Amelia who was sitting on the bed. She blinked a few times before realizing what happened.

"Good morning, Aiko. Did you rest well?" Amelia took the medicine packages and placed them on the bed. First, she picked up the yellow package and took it.

"I am so sorry. I must have fallen asleep." Aiko quickly got up and saw Clarence at the door. "Sir, I am so sorry." She started bowing deeply.

"Father, do not blame Aiko. I slept and she fell asleep while I was in the shower. When I returned I saw her asleep so I grabbed the blanket and placed it over her. I decided that I would be able to watch Amelia on my own and I was no longer tired. Amelia woke up do I made us tea. Amelia and I watched the sunrise in the window before she fell back asleep. Nothing serious happened while Aiko was asleep." Gabriel was looking at Aiko and his father.

"Then there is nothing that is wrong. Aiko, you took the first watch and Gabriel took the second. It looks like he got everything that he needed to do. Although, I am surprised that you have a book of herbs. When did you have time to get that?" Clarence was looking at all the notes on the table.

"When I went into town and picked out the gift I wanted to buy. I saw the bookstore and decided that it would be a good idea since I was unable to distinguish the herbs used in Amelia's medicine or should I say at the time vitamins? I did not think that everything would be in there but it was all there. Thank goodness. There is a note that one of the roots only grows in the north about a two days trip from here. So that will have to wait until you give me permission to go and collect it. All the others are not too far." Gabriel walked over to the book and showed his father the information on the root.

"If you need to go and do that I do not see an issue with it, Gabriel. You usually make all the medicines that are sold in the gift shop but you made extra tea and we can always limit how many get put out." Clarence patted his son on the back. "I will not be able to go with you so you can take Suzuki-san with you. He might be able to learn more about what we sell in the shop this way."

Amelia picked up the green package and opened it and took it with no issues. "I think that is a good idea. You could get to know my father while you two go on this journey but if you are going we will need to delay the meeting until your return."

Edna walked into the room and heard those words. She brought the water to Amelia, "now, now let's not be too hasty. Delay the meeting?"

"Mother, I am going to be gone for almost a week gathering roots and herbs that will be needed for Amelia's medicine so of course, we will not be able to hold the meeting this week." Gabriel watched as his mother relaxed.

"If that is the reason then yes I agree wholeheartedly." Edna passed the water to Amelia and sat down next to her, "but we will still use that room. The three of us ladies will go and have tea. Of course, it will be my treat. What do you think?"

Amela drank some water then placed the cup down on the table and took the white package and drank the rest of the water frowning from the taste. "I do not mind but it also depends if Saito Sensei clears me to go back home or not."

"By then you should stabilize. So I do not see any issue with it." Clarence looked at Gabriel and saw that he was relaxed. He walked over to Amelia tested her temperature and saw that some of her color that was off yesterday had come back. "Okay, I want you to keep drinking tea today and stay here. If you have an episode then you need to stay longer but if you go the whole day without one then you will be allowed to go home."

Meeting Delayed