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28 28 I Already Belong to You

 Amelia woke up and slid out of bed. She wrapped a blanket around herself and hugged Gabriel while he was looking out the window. "Have you been up since your shower?"

"Yes, I did not want something to happen while Aiko was resting. You are the one that is important to me." Gabriel turned and got up. "Let me go make you up some more tea and we can watch the sunrise together."

"Okay, I will wait for you here." Amelia sat down and looked outside the window.

Gabriel patted her head and left the room with the tray and went to the mini kitchen on the floor and placed the pot over the wood-burning stove to boil some water. He emptied the tea leaves and added some new ones into the pots. He poured the water after it boiled and carried the tray back. He entered the room while holding the door open with his foot.

Amelia looked at Gabriel, smiled but stayed seated on the window ledge. "I think this is the most relaxed I have been after an attack. I am sorry that you saw me in that state."

Gabriel set the tray down and poured two cups of tea before bringing them to the window. "Maybe because you are more relaxed?"

Amelia got up and took the teacups from Gabriel. "I will hold onto these as you sit down."

"Thank you." Gabriel let her take both cups and sat down. He took both the teacups from her. "Come and sit, I will not do anything to you."

Amelia climbed into his lap and sat down, she rested her back on his chest. "Thank you for last night."

Gabriel handed her her cup of tea and leaned by her ear, "shhhhh, you really do not need to thank me. I did not do anything that you need to thank me for. Although I understand what you may want to thank me for. All I want is for you to understand that I would do it all again in a heartbeat." He sipped his tea.

Amelia blushed and took a sip of her tea. "Gabriel, tell me more about yourself. I want to know more about you."

"I am the second son of the Saito family. I have an older brother but the pressure of taking over the hospital got too much for him and he ran away from home. I told my father that I would take over since Kazuki ran away. I was already studying medicine at the time. I wanted to become like my father and big brother. I thought it would be nice to work alongside both of them. Father says that it is hard to run the hospital and I have seen what he has done." Gabriel took another sip of tea, "I feel like I am spilling my secrets out to you."

"You are but I will tell you mine as well. That is if you want to hear them?" Amelia was listening to his voice and was wrapped in the blankets while leaning on his chest.

"I would love to hear more about you. I am glad that I finally worked up the courage to talk to you that day of our failed arranged marriage meetings. I will never forget how beautiful you were just sitting there with the flower petals falling around you. You looked like an angel."

"Thank you, I do not have a pleasant story. As you probably have heard. I have been sick since I was young. I always wanted to go out and play outside. When it came time for me to go to school. Mother and Father worked harder so that I would be able to go to the best school out there that would be able to work around my illness. That is why Amiritsu Sensei knows and why I am in the infirmary a lot. Whenever I feel an attack coming on I go there and sometimes I have a coughing fit like what you heard. Aiko was just starting here and Saito Sensei came to my house numerous times. As I got older I saw him less. Did you really not know that your grandfather made house calls?" Amelia couldn't turn around but listened to his heart beating in his chest.

"I did not and neither did my father. We were not just saying that. I am grateful to my Grandfather for doing that because now I will be getting the most beautiful bride out of the equation. Are you comfortable?" Gabriel had finished his tea and placed the cup on the chair.

"Very much so. Thank you for all your hard work. When I got out of bed I saw everything that was on the table. You not only managed to take care of me but you managed to get the herbs that you need all lined up." Taking the last sip of tea she turns her head and kisses Gabriel's cheek. "Thank you."

"There really is no need for that. You mean the world to me now. I would not want to go without you. Let me take the cup from you." Gabriel held out his hand and once the cup was placed in his hand he placed it next to his cup, then he wraps his arms around her. "You have a beautiful scent. I just can not get over how lovely it is. Sorry if that is strange."

Giggling Amelia pats his arm. "I have heard that in the past. I have been hit on by guys. Many of them have sent me marriage proposals but since I am not healthy I have turned them all down. I will not turn down yours. I wonder if they will bring me the folder that contains your information today?"

"Does it really matter if they do or not. I already belong to you and you already belong to me." Gabriel leaned back a little and let Amelia lay down slightly on his chest.

Amelia blushes at his bold statement and nods her head. She relaxes in his arms listening to his heartbeat. She breathes in his soothing scent and falls back asleep in his loving embrace.