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24 23 An Attack

 Gabriel laid down and this time placed his head on the pillow, "since you trust me I will lay here and be here for you. As for my mother, she might bring some cloth, and maybe you two will embroider something together." He covered his mouth as he let out a yawn.

Amelia giggled which caused her to cough a little bit. She had coughed into her hand and got out of bed slowly, "I will be right back." She shakily got out of the bed.

"Let me help you at least walk to the bathroom." Gabriel got out of the bed quickly and held her waist and led her to the bathroom and left the room. He went and sat down on the edge of the bed.

Amelia opened her hand and saw that there was more blood than the last time she coughed. She grabbed some paper and tried to wipe it off. 'This is not a good sign but I thought the higher dose was supposed to help. I might need a second dose of the green package. I didn't mean to hide this but I am just not used to it.'

Aiko came back into the room and saw that Amelia was not in the bed. She placed the tea down and promptly entered the bathroom. "What happened?"

"Aiko, I.." Amelia started coughing and this time she threw up on the floor.

Aiko immediately held Amelia's hair away from her face and patted her back, "it is okay. You need to let it all come out. I know that this is not pleasant for you."

Gabriel rushed to the door and heard Amelia coughing and throwing up. "Is everything okay in there?"

"Gabriel, do you have medicine to calm the stomach? Amelia will need that right away. You can come in and get your key." Aiko kept patting Amelia's back.

"I giggled and it started with me coughing up more blood than usual, I thought that it was strange and I came to the bathroom. I had no idea this would be the result." Amelia was crying because of everything.

Gabriel entered the bathroom and saw the blood. "Amelia, I will get you the medicine. Do you want me to get my father to come back as well?"

"That will not be necessary. She will need rest but there is no need for your father to rush back here. Gabriel just go grab the medicine and a janitor as well please." Aiko passed the key to Gabriel then continued to pat Amelia's back.

"Aiko, I am ready to get up. I think that everything that needed to come out has come out." Amelia's body was shaking as she tried to sit up. "Thank you for holding my hair."

Aiko scooped Amelia up and her down in a chair. "Sit there for a moment."

Gabriel left the room and rushed down to his lab carrying the key. His hand shook as he opened the door. He went to the herbs and calmed his mind. 'Gabriel, you need to calm your mind. Panicking is not going to help your girl. You need to make this medicine just for her. The blood was unnerving but we can make it through this.' Slowly he gathered everything needed and whipped up a fresh batch of medicine to calm the stomach as fast as he possibly could. He lifted the mixture and measured out four doses just for her. He wrapped them in yellow paper. He closed the door and locked the door before running back up the stairs.

Aiko grabbed a cloth, wet it up, and wiped Amelia's deathly pale face. "You must not be feeling all that well. It would be best for you to stay here."

"I will stay here. It would be unwise for me to go home after that episode in the bathroom. Sorry to trouble you." Amelia bowed her head and felt the room start to spin. "When Gabriel returns I will need to take my normal medicine as well as what he is bringing me."

"Okay, I understand that you need that. Stay seated for a little bit I know that the room is starting to spin but if you lay back down you will fall asleep and you need your medicine first." Aiko finished wiping Amelia's face then proceeded to wipe the leftover blood from her hands.

Gabriel was rushing up the stairs and saw that janitor. "Ito-san, could I trouble you to come clean up the floor in room 317 right away?"

"It would be my honor to help in any way I can. I will change the water and be there shortly." Ito-san bowed to Gabriel as he bolted back up the stairs. 'I wonder what has happened?'

Gabriel rushed into the room and looked at Amelia sitting on the chair. "Here take this. I made it just for you." Gabriel opened the package and poured the powder into Amelia's mouth.

Amelia had opened her mouth for Gabriel and tasted a cherry ginger medicine. "That is a strange combination but somehow it works. Thank you, Gabriel and I am sorry."

Aiko picked up the white package and opened it. "Here, Amelia you need to take this one and then drink some water."

Amelia opened her mouth back up and took the super bitter medicine. She saw a glass of water brought to her lips and she swallowed a few gulps. "Thank you, I would like to lay back down if possible."

Gabriel handed the cup to Aiko and lifted Amelia on to the bed. He placed her on her back and covered her up with the covers. "Will she really be okay?"

Aiko watched Amelia start to shiver as if she was cold. "It is hard to say. That attack was not the worst. She may not be allowed to leave until the weekend."

Gabriel notices that she was shaking. "What do we do to warm her up? Should I grab another blanket?"

Sighing, Aiko looks at Gabriel as if she could not believe he just asked that. "The best way to warm her up is if you lay with her. Your body temperature is higher than hers. Blankets will only do so much. So it would be better off if you just lay down beside her. I will grab another blanket in case she still seems cold."