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23 22 I Will Learn to Make it All

 Clarence came up behind his wife. "You know that Father in law gave Gabriel the recipe for the medicine that she just took as a trial and he improved it tenfold. We will make her other medicine for her as well. Gabriel, I found the recipe for that medicine. We will need to take some time tomorrow and get a certain herb but not from the market. We will find it from the woods. It might take a while to find but I will send you to try and find it."

"I will do it but I told Amelia that I would be here when she woke up so I would like to keep that promise." Gabriel patted his mother's back, "it will be okay, Mother. We will do everything possible."

"The plan is that in the morning after you said goodbye we will get the driver to drive you to the location where the plant is grown. That way you can harvest all that you will need. We can talk in the morning on how much you will need to get. Aiko, Gabriel, I will leave her in your care for the evening. If anything happens you can send someone to the house. I need to get some rest. I have been working non-stop for twelve hours now. So I need the rest but do not go to the other doctors as they will not know what to do. Also, this bag is the medicine that she takes daily." Clarence placed the bag next to the green packages.

"Thank you, Father. I will do as you have said. If you brought the recipe with you I would like to see what it needs and I will get familiar with everything before going to rest." Gabriel bowed his head.

Edna walked to the girl's side and kneeled down, "you have suffered so much. I am sorry that we could not help you more before but now we will do everything that we can to help you out." She patted her hand.

Amelia coughs a little, "i-it is not your fault. Thank you for your concern." Amelia placed her other hand on Edna's. "I am just sorry that I caused.."

"Shhhhhh, you don't need to worry. I do not really care. Only you are allowed to trouble my family like this. I want you to stay here for a few days. I know that you say you will be fine and that might be the case but I would worry about you going to school in your condition. I will force Gabriel to go to school and I will accompany you during the day. If you get bored I will get you an activity that we can do together." Edna patted Amelia's hand before getting up.

"Mother, does this mean that you approve of me staying here?" Gabriel was a little shocked.

"It is one's partner that should care for you when one half is weaker than yourself. I will be here in the morning." Edna walked out of the room.

"As I said I will be back in the morning. I will check on you as soon as I can. Gabriel, do get some sleep. Aiko if you need a break in the morning I will allow you to take a few hours rest in the morning." Clarence looked at the three people left in the room, placed a few pages on the table, then left the room, and closed the door quietly.

"Aiko, thank you for all your help." Amelia bowed her head and was still smiling.

"No, no. There is no real need to thank me. I know that you think that you must thank me for everything that I have done but I told you in the past that I think of you as a little sister. I will give you two a moment to chat. I will go down and get a cup of tea. Is there anything that I could get for the two of you?" Aiko smiled sweetly and looked at the two.

"I am okay with the water that Gabriel grabbed for me already. Thank you, Aiko." Amelia was looking at Aiko and smiled weakly.

Gabriel looked at Aiko and thought for a moment. "Go to my laboratory and there is a new fatigue tea that I made. That would be the best thing for you to drink. If you make a pot I will drink some of that as well. There is no need to pay for it. I placed the tea mixture in a bag that is the same color as the medicine that you brought here." He stood up and handed her his key.

"Okay, I will do that instead. Thank you for trusting me with your key." Aiko bowed and then left the room. 'That boy is a genius but he must have worked his ass off to make everything.'

Gabriel turned and sat next to Amelia cupping her cheek with his hand. "You didn't sleep for very long. Are you not as tired as you thought that you would be?"

"I woke up from the noise of something breaking at the door. It startled me. I thought something bad had happened. I didn't mean to eavesdrop." Amelia turned her face and kissed the palm of his hand. Before resting her cheek into the palm of the hand that she had kissed.

"No need to worry. You can listen to what is going on with my family. You will become a part of it one day. Okay?" His neck was beet red from her kiss.

"Okay, I will not worry about it. I am going to be yours one day. I just hope that I will be better for the meeting on Saturday. What kind of activity could your mother want to do with me I wonder?" She smiled and moved over slightly. "Lay with me again."

Gabriel moved closer to her. "It is not right to do this but I know that you feel safer with me by your side. I will only lay with you until you fall asleep, okay?"

Amelia nodded her head, "okay, I understand. You are right, it is improper." Her face went beet red after she realized her actions.