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22 21 Edna Finds Ou

 "I would be honored to have you join our family. We will do everything that we can to fight this illness. I will focus all my spare hours trying to figure out a way to beat it. You will be the most beautiful daughter in law." Clarence stated this and there was a crash sound at the door.

Edna walked into the room and grabbed onto Clarence's shirt, "you will tell me everything right now or else I will cut you off." She was glaring daggers at Clarence.

"Good evening, Saito-sama. I am glad that you came to see me." Amelia bowed her head slightly and waited.

"Mother, I do not think that Father was going to keep you out of the loop but what are you doing at the hospital this late in the evening?" Gabriel looked over at Edna while still holding Amelia up.

"I am sorry to have caused a ruckus." Amelia bowed her head slightly again.

"Gabriel," Enda growled out his name, "you can not sugarcoat this. I will not be kept out of the loop. I was the one that followed you into the garden. YOU. WILL. TELL. ME. EVERYTHING. RIGHT. NOW!"

"Alright love. Please do not freak out the patient any more than you already are. Come with me and I will tell you everything but I need her to get some rest. Amelia, please rest when you feel tired. I will come back after I have informed my wife on what is going on." Clarence gives her an apologetic look and leaves the room with his wife in tow.

Edna glances back at the girl and her heart breaks a little. 'I hope that it is not too serious. I do not want to lose the perfect daughter in law.'

Once the room is empty Gabriel helps her lay back down. "I am sorry for keeping you upright the whole time. How are you feeling?"

"Thank you for still wanting me after you found out about my disease. Will your Mother not approve of me, is that why you and your father were concerned about her finding out?" Amelia looked up at Gabriel. "I have had worse attacks. So as long as I stay attack free throughout the evening I will be okay."

"I will stay with you. I do not want to leave you alone. I would not be able to rest knowing that you were not okay. As for my mother, it is not that she will disagree. She will come back in a rush after finding out as she likes you a lot. I get my stubborn, possessive side from her. She will more than likely demand that you stay here for a few days to make sure that you are okay. I would like to stay with you but I have classes to attend to tomorrow so she will more than likely come and kick me out in the morning." Gabriel lets out a long sigh.

Amelia giggles, "I am sorry. It is a bit funny but I am excited to think that I will be accepted so easily. Gabriel, will you lie down next to me. I know that you will not do anything to me. I want to be close to you as I rest." She starts to yawn.

Gabriel's face turns red and he lays down next to her and holds his head up with his arm and looks down at her. With his other arm he rests it over her hand that was still out of the cover. "Rest, well. I will still be here when you walk up."

"Okay, thank you for fulfilling my selfish request." Amelia's eyelids flutter closed as she tries to fight her sleep before she passes out into a restful sleep.

Gabriel watches her fall asleep and sighs in relief. Once she was in a deeper sleep he sits up and looks at the door. "Aiko, I know that you are there. You can come in now."

"Sorry, I heard her request. You could've stayed in that position. I doubt that anyone would complain." Aiko steps into the room and carries a box to the side table. "This is more of the powder that your Grandfather stored."

"Thank you for bringing it but if you didn't find it I could make it. Before Grandfather got sick he taught me how to make that medicine. All the ones in there were wrapped by me. That was why I was surprised when I saw it." Gabriel picked up the green package and turned it over to show Aiko the small signature.

"Well that is a relief. I was worried that this would be everything that was left." Aiko let out a heavy sigh. "She is very voluptuous. I can see why you fell for her but there is more to a person than looks."

"It is not just her looks that I fell for. We both go to the library a lot. I would see her studying sometimes alone, other times with her friends. It was nice to see her teaching them so patiently." Gabriel looked down at Amelia before getting off the bed.

"I understand. I will tell you this now. The reason your father asked me to stay with her is because I sometimes went on the house visits with your Grandfather and I have taken care of her in the past. I always felt bad for her but no matter what she tried to do her best and never once gave up. She is a tough cookie." Aiko looked at Amelia who was sleeping soundly now.

Edna and Clarence came back. Edna went to the bed and was crying quietly. "I knew that Father was attending to a sick patient but I did not know that she was so young. Gabriel, we will do everything that we can for her. I will still permit you to marry her. I will not force her to do anything too strenuous and it would be better for her to come to our house. Once everything is set in motion, we will prepare a dowry for the other party."