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21 20 Will You Still Accept Me?

 Amelia woke up only for a short while as Gabriel placed her down on the bed, "Gab-re-il?"

"Amelia! You finally woke up. Do not worry you are at my family's hospital. My father will be up soon to see you. I am sorry, I just moved you to your hospital room. The rooms up here are a lot cleaner than the floors below." Gabriel got up and poured some water in a glass and helped her sit up. "Drink some of this it will help a little bit."

"Thank you," Amelia took a few sips of the water, "Was I out for a long time do you know?"

Clarence entered the room and saw that she was awake and drinking some water. "Amelia, I am Saito Sensei. I am taking over your file for my father. I found the medicine that he made for you when he went on the last house visit." He walked over and placed down a green package.

Amelia drank a bit of the water and looked at Clarence, "That must mean that Sensei knows about my condition. I am sorry to trouble you so late in the evening. I will take this but does Gabriel know what is going on?"

Gabriel placed the water down and was still supporting her. He picked up the package and looked at it a little surprised and listened to the conversation. "I do not know at this time but if you are comfortable with me knowing then you can tell me. I will keep it a secret."

Amelia nodded at Clarence, "it is fine to tell him. It would be better for him to hear it. I will tell you what I can after I take the medicine." She lifted her hands, took the package from Gabriel, and opened the green package. She swallowed the powder and looked into Gabriel's eyes. "I am sorry. I lied to you. I do not actually take vitamins. I am on a high dose of medicine. If I miss a dose my body will not be able to hold my condition in check. I see a medicine man once a month to make sure that the dose is accurate. I will continue to suffer from this disease until the day I pass on from this world. Sometimes I cough up blood if I suffer from being unable to control my body. Also, I get fevers easily, can't participate in gym class, and I am not able to eat a lot. Ami and Sachi know about my condition. I can't have a partner. I do not think that I will live a full life." She looked into Gabriel's eyes and touched his cheek, "I am sorry."

"There is nothing to apologize about. I thought that it was strange but there is nothing that can be done about it now. We will work through this together. Father, why do we not make the medicine here for her? I am willing to learn how to make it." Gabriel pulled out the package and held it up. "Honestly, I thought it was strange that you took this so often and I am sorry that I took a package without permission. I will not allow you to suffer from this alone."

"You are such a good son. I will teach you how to mix it up but your mother will be sad that she is unwell. That is why I told you to keep it from her." Clarence looked at Amelia and saw that she was starting to gain back some color.

"She will need to know at some time as I will be living at your house that is if we go through with the arranged marriage meeting." Amelia looked at Gabriel. "I am not mad at you, I would be curious about it if I was in your shoes. I am the first case like this. So there is not a lot of information to go off of. Your grandfather took really good care of me for so many years. I appreciate that you want to make the medicine for me. In school, I will continue to say that they are vitamins."

"Who else knows? It would be good for me to know who your allies are." Gabriel leaned over and placed his forehead on hers. "Your fever is receding. I am glad about that."

"Amiritsu Sensei, most of our teachers, Ami, Sachi, oh, and the Principal all know. Just the people that are close to me. Sachi takes over the class duties when I am unwell so she is the co-class representative. Now you know as well." Amelia blushed as he placed his forehead on hers.

"Do not keep any secrets from me again. If you are unwell, just let me know. I will do everything that I can to help you. If I am free I will take you home or the hospital. I made you a new tea. It is for fevers but I added something to change the flavour. Sorry if I am overstepping here. I must admit to you that when I saw you sitting on the bench I found you breathtaking and I wanted to do anything that I could do to capture your attention and keep it. Before when I saw you. I had told you that I saw your name on the leader board but that is not the first time I noticed you. I saw you in the library. I sit in the same spot and review books and you always sit in the library reviewing. I had never reached out to talk to you before and regret it now."

"If we are confessing that I should say that I thought you were handsome and that is why I sat in the library but I did not know your name and it was true I never looked at the leader board. Ami and Sachi always told me the scores. Ami would always beg me to help her out preparing for the finals. I loved looking at you but now we can sit together and you can take care of me. I will formally accept meeting you for the arranged marriage meeting. I was in and out of consciousness downstairs so I heard that you were going to be offering me a marriage meeting that is if you still accept me?" Amelia smiled at Clarence and then at Gabriel.