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20 20 Potential Marriage Partner

 Ami looked up and started crying harder. "I-I don't want to leave. Sachi, I am so scared that we will not see our friend anymore."

"Ami, come with me for the evening. We can check in before school in the morning. I will ask my parents if I can stay over at your place. Your father will not like it that you are coming home late and you know what will happen if you do not go home." Sachi helped Ami up and hugged her. "I am scared and worried as well. Let's let the family sort everything out, okay?"

"Okay..." Ami hugs Sachi back and keeps crying. She slowly follows Sachi out of the room. "Amelia, we will come back to see you before school starts, I promise."

Gabriel watched the girls leave and stood off to the side. 'She has two really good friends.' He walked over the Amelia and sadly smiled at her and touched her hand. 'Please wake up soon.' He sat on the edge of the bed holding her hand waiting for his father's return.

Irene watched the boy's actions and was surprised. "Darling, what are you doing here?"

"A spot of good news is that I got a job here at the hospital. I decided to try here before going anywhere else and this young gentleman is our daughter's potential marriage partner. This time there really are no strings attached. They are even offering to buy her a new yukata. It was not a part of my contract. Merely an offer. I will let Amelia decide what she wants to do." Clarence watched what Gabriel was doing and hugged his wife. "You were strong."

"I was not strong. Sachi was strong. If it wasn't for those two we wouldn't have gotten here as fast as we did. I am so grateful to both of them." Irene leaned her forehead on Edward's shoulder. "I am glad that you found a job."

Clarence came back with the file and he closed the door. "I am glad that you came here. I will need her to stay overnight and you both know the reason why. I will explain it to Gabriel but I do not think that this will change that boy's mind so you are still welcome to offer the arranged marriage meeting. I am glad that she does not do sports at school." He starts to shake his head.

"How do you know about that?" Edward looked over at the door sharply.

"I brought my father the paperwork for a scholarship and it said that she could not participate in the gym class. I may not know what is going on but I know that it has to do with those vitamins. I will not change my mind as my father said. I have fallen too deeply to move on to someone else." Gabriel kept his eyes on Amelia and didn't move from her side.

"I read my father's file on Amelia, it is impressive. I did not know that my father made so many house calls and never really charged you for anything. I am not blaming you guys and I will not charge you guys for this visit. There are a few things that we will do for her here at the hospital. I will get Aiko and Gabriel to help out. I want the two of you to go home and try to get some rest. She will not be happy to see the two of you tired and upset. It will not do well for her health." Clarence lifted up the file and placed it down on the table.

"Okay, we will trust you. Please take care of our baby girl. If you need more of her medicine please send someone to the house to collect it I will take my wife home now." Edward stood up and held out his hand to her. "Come let's let the doctor do what he needs to do. We can come back in the morning."

Gabriel stood up, "I will walk you to the door and you can take my carriage home with you. Use it to come back in the morning. Father, I will be back soon." He left the room and took that couple to the carriage. "Please have a safe trip home, Suzuki-san. I will see you both in the morning. I will stay and help my father. It will be good for me to know what is happening. I know that you guys do not mean to deceive anyone. I am not worried."

"Thank you, Gabriel. I will entrust our daughter to you. I trust that you and your father will take good care of her for us." Edward got Irene in the carriage and joined her inside.

Gabriel bowed and turned to go back inside. He fast-walked and entered the room and closed the door. "Father, do we need to move her to another room?"

"Gabriel, can you lift her up and carry her to the third floor to room 317? I will meet you up there as soon as possible and when I arrive I will explain what is in the file. Your grandfather has a special medicine prepared for her. I need to find it." Clarence steps out of the room with the file and looks at Aiko. "Aiko, I need you to assist me in the main laboratory right away."

"Yes, Sir. I will be there in a moment." Aiko bows to him and finishes what she was doing before heading to the laboratory.

Gabriel walked up to Amelia, "if I had known this was going to happen I wouldn't have left you all alone. I thought you were just weak from the fever but there is something more serious going on. Please pardon my arms and hands as I carry you." He lifted her up and carried her towards the stairs. He climbed up to the third floor and walked through the door. He went down the hallway and took her to the bed and laid her down.