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19 19 In the Hospital 1

 Ami stood back up and looked at Irene. "Come with us, Irene. I do not want you freaking out at home alone." She stepped outside and took Amelia to the carriage.

Irene changed her footwear and followed Sachi outside. "Thank you, girls." She started to cry while they were sitting in the carriage.

Sachi pulled out her handkerchief and started to wipe that tears away. "You have always been a second mother to me as well. We both know everything that you do for Amelia. We do not want you to struggle. Please let us help you sometimes."

Ami was still holding Amelia who had not woken up since she first picked her up. "Amelia, I need your help. Who is going to teach me the schoolwork that I don't understand? Please stay with us." Ami started crying.

The carriage stopped in front of the hospital and Sachi opened the door. She waited and then followed the group inside. 'I hope that it is just fatigue but this time I think that it is not just that.'

Ami carefully stepped out and carried Amelia into the building. When she brought Amelia inside the first nurse noticed and rushed over. "What happened to her?"

"She collapsed at home and became unresponsive. She did have a fever at school today. We went and checked up on her after school was out." Sachi said while trying to hold steady and strong for Irene and Ami.

"Please come this way." The nurse quickly walked to an exam room and made sure the sheets were on the bed properly before moving away. "Please lay her down and I will start the initial assessment"

Sachi pulled Irene towards the chair, "sit and try to calm down. I know that you are worried but since we are at the hospital they will be able to help her better than we could back at home."

"Y-yes, you are right Sachi..." Irene sat down looking very forlorn.

Ami placed Amelia down on the bed. She backed away and stood on the other side of Irene. She still had some tears running down her cheeks. "Why did this have to happen?"

"We will do everything that we can for the girl. I am Fujiwara, Aiko and I will be the nurse attending to the girl. Is there anything that I should know?" Aiko was looking at Amelia while asking this question.

"She has been weak her entire life, has been to the hospital a few times, and Senior Saito-Sensei will have some of the information about her medications," Irene said this in tears.

"Thank you, I know that this is hard for you. I will go grab Sensei. Please hold on until I get back." Aiko bowed to the group and left the room. 'Saito Sensei knows this girl? That is strange as I do not think I have seen her here before.' She walked to his office and knocked on the door. "Excuse me Sensei, but there is a patient that needs your immediate attention." She bowed to him.

Clarence was sitting at his desk and heard what Aiko had said and got up right away. He was looking through old files. He quickly followed Aiko to the room and walked through the door. He looked at Irene who was silently crying. He walked up to the girl. "Your daughter was my father's patient, wasn't she?"

"Ah, yes. Senior Saito Sensei made house visits before he passed from this world. He was a wonderful doctor." Irene looked at Clarence a bit surprised.

Clarence before coming to the room remembered that there were house call patients that his father covered and was going through the files when he had come across Amelia's file. "Let me say that she will have to stay the night tonight. I started to read her file and I would need to finish reading it before I can properly assess the situation but do not worry. I will come and sit in the room. Do you have any of her medication with you?"

"Yes, I do." Irene pulled out a cloth bag and held it out for Clarence to take.

Clarence took the bag and got up. "I will be back with the file. Suzuki-san, your husband is in the gift shop. The two of you should go home and get some rest. I will look after her throughout the night." He bowed and left the room to grab the file from his office.

Ami hugged Sachi, "Sachi!!! I do not want anything to happen to Amelia."

Amelia's eyes opened but the room was still spinning. She opened her mouth but realized that she was not able to speak at the moment. She yawned before she fell back asleep without being able to hear what was going on in the room.

Gabriel made three batches of tea for tomorrow's sale and the special Satonishiki cherry tea for Amelia. He opened the door and saw his father rushing to the office. He jogged and caught up to him. "Father is there something that I can do to help?"

"Gabriel, there is a patient that will need to be monitored overnight. We will not tell your Mother about this incident as it involves the girl that you want to be with. I do not know all the details but Can you please bring Suzuki-san to room seven?" Clarence looks seriously at his son and opens his office door.

"I will go and grab him right away." Gabriel raced away and back to the gift shop. "Suzuki-san, come with me please." Gabriel waited until he saw that he was following him. He started leading the way into the room.

"Gabriel, what is going on? Why are you rushing?" Edward was confused but followed him into the room. He rushed to Irene, "Sweetie, what is wrong?" He glanced over at the bed and saw Amelia laying there still breathing but not conscious.

"Amelia collapsed in the bathroom... Edward, what are we going to do?" Irene started to cry again.

"It will be okay Irene. I will make sure that Ami gets home. We will leave this up to you and we will pay for anything that you are not able to." Sachi grabbed on to Ami's arm.