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18 18 Everything is Spinning

 Aki looked at Edward, "Wait you have a daughter? Is she unwell?"

"My daughter for some reason does not have vitamins in her diet. So she has to take vitamins at least three times a day and when the weather changes she gets a fever. She is so sensitive." Edward placed down the empty cup.

Gabriel saw that Aki winked at him. 'He asked and doesn't realize that I am already trying to win her over.' He smiled at Edward, "I will make the tea for her. I want to add the cherries to the tea for some extra flavour. Do you think that she will like it? I am not aware if she will like it or not."

"She will enjoy it. She loves fruit and I think that the tea tasting like that would be nice for her. If you want I can ask her?" Suzuki san looked at Gabriel for an answer.

"No, that is quite alright. Your word is more than enough. Since you guys have finished the tea, I will get back to tea making." Gabriel collected the cups and went back to the laboratory. Once he closed the door he let out a sigh. 'I did not think that I would be able to win Suzuki-san over but I seem to be in his good books already. Amelia, I hope that your fever has reduced and that you were able to get the much-needed rest that you needed.' He stepped back to the leaves that were all set up on the table. He examined each leaf to make sure that it would be the best ones before adding it to a second bowl.

Amelia woke up from her light nap and saw that she was still holding the note from Gabriel. She slides into a sitting position and the room starts to spin. She closes her eyes and waits for the dizziness to pass. She opened her eyes and looked around before getting up and weakly going to the bathroom.

Irene came up the stairs and saw Amelia up and out of bed. "Amelia! How are you feeling?" She looks at her daughter and offers her arm.

"Mother, I am sorry that you need to do all this for me. The room is spinning and I was going to go back to sleep after going to the bathroom." Amelia grabbed her mother's arm and let her help her to the bathroom. "If I wasn't so sickly I would be the one taking care of you."

"Hush now sweetie. I am glad that I have a daughter that cares about my well being. I am not mad at you and I know that you would do what you could to help out. When you are not sick you cook such amazing food. I just want you to be happy. I am not sure how I feel about marrying you off, as you are so sickly." Irene pats Amelia's hand that is on her arm

"Mother, It is customary to marry off your children. I will do my best but I am grateful that the two of you are not forcing me. Ami and Sachi have found their matches. I am happy for both of them." She let go of her mother's hand and went into the bathroom. Amelia went to the counter of the sink and held on as she felt the spinning of the room get worse. Then she collapsed on the floor.

There was a knock at the door so Irene was not there to hear when Amelia collapsed. She opened the door and saw Ami and Sachi at the door. "Good evening you two. What can I do for you?"

"Good evening Suzuki-san we have brought Amelia's homework since she had to leave school early." Sachi bowed to Irene.

"Also, we were hoping that you would allow us to visit with her a little bit?" Ami looked hopeful, "we just have been fussing all day."

"Of course, you two are allowed to visit her any time that you want. I would not stop either one of you. You take such good care of that girl." Irene invited the two inside and set down some slippers.

"Thank you for allowing us to come in." Sachi came in and took off her shoes and slipped into the slippers.

Ami hopped inside and switched her shoes, "Irene, you have always felt like the mother that I never had. I am always so happy to visit here. Is Amelia awake?"

"At the present she is but I do not know for how long. She was not in good condition when I came to answer the door." Irene led the girls up the stairs and knocked on the bathroom door. "Amelia, Sweetie?" Not hearing a response she opened the door, "AMELIA!!!!"

Sachi followed Irene into the bathroom. "Amelia, oh my goodness."

Ami stood at the door before walking in and scooping up Amelia. "I can carry her, do you think that she needs to go to the hospital or just back into her bed?"

"As much as I want the doctor to look at her I can not afford it." Irene shook her head.

"Do not worry, I will pay for it. I think it is time for her to see the doctor. We will not take her to the Yukimura's hospital but to the Saito's hospital. I do not want her to continue to suffer." Sachi touched Amelia's forehead.

"Please let us help you guys. The carriage we came in is still waiting outside. Come let's get her there." Ami lifted Amelia up and went to the front door.

"Ami, sit on the chair and we will change the slippers into shoes." Sachi said in a stern voice.

Ami sat down reluctantly, "I hate that we need to change the shoes when Amelia is not doing well. I was going to say that I would buy new slippers but proper etiquette."

Sachi changed Ami back into her shoes and placed the slippers on the side. "I do understand where you are coming from but this appointment is going to take a lot of our spare money. Not that I mind. Amelia has been helping us with our grades this whole time." Sachi got up and changed back into her shoes.