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17 17 A New Creation

 Gabriel placed the powders down and covered his face as he thought about the kiss he placed on her forehead. 'I need to get my mind in the right place. She is adorable and I could resist giving her a kiss but if Ken tries to do something to her I will surely kill him.' Finally calmed down, he brought the rest of the powders to the counter. "Suzuki-san these are the rest that needs to be stocked. If you need more just knock on my door."

"Thank you, both of you. I was worried that I would not be able to work here but you both have made it easy on me. I am used to the crowd. At my last workplace, I dealt with the crowds almost every day. I am not sure why people need to buy so many medicines. I sometimes wondered why they would continue to buy it." Edward bowed to the two.

"There is no need to bow at me Suzuki-san. I am in the same boat as you as I am a lowly worker. It is not normally like this here but I must say that it is nice for a change. We will need to keep working hard together!" Aki took a look at Edward and then at Gabriel. "We are lucky because now you can focus on making more tea."

"I have not taken over the hospital so you do not need to bow to me. I am happy if you treat me like another worker at least until the time is right." Gabriel rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "I will start making the tea. Since Suzuki-san is here I will not need to stock so maybe I can make more tea than normal." He waved and entered the laboratory. He let out a sigh and pulled open the drawers. Slowly he started combining the leaves in a bowl. He grabbed some dried berries and placed it in the grinder. 'I wonder if I should try and make something else for her?

Edward looked at Aki, "Aki-san is he normally like this, or is he a little different today?"

"Who? Gabriel? Naw, he loves the hospital and does everything that he can to help out. Originally Sensei was hoping that Renji would do his part but I think the pressure was too much and Renji snapped. I was just starting at that time. Gabriel promised that he would take over and to let his brother have his freedom. It was rather sad. Gabriel became caged and forced to go to arranged marriage interviews after that point and he found ways to turn them all down." Aki looked at the door and sighed.

"That is kind of sad. I did not know that such a young man carried such a burden." Edward felt his heart hurt for the young man.

"It is okay. Gabriel loves it here and he was always interested in medicine so everything works out in the end." Aki clapped his hands and stepped out and started to help stock, "between you and me, Gabriel needs a woman that is going to be okay with being with a doctor. They work strange and long hours."

Gabriel was tossing the tea leaves and then turned and ground the berries so that they were now a fine powder. He sprinkles that on top and tossed the contents in the bowl. He boiled some water and pulled out three mugs. In the teapot, he scooped the tea leaves inside, and once the water boiled he added it over the leaves. Gabriel went and whipped up the usual tea fast but the new one was something special. 'I wonder if this will help her out better?' After pulling out all the tea leaves ingredients he poured the three cups of tea. He went to the door and carried two of the cups. "I would like your opinion on a new tea, Aki and Suzuki-san. That is if you do not mind?"

"A new tea!!! It has been a while since you have been inspired. What is the difference?" Aki took the teacup for him and looked at the red color.

Edward took the other cup, "Thank you, I will be honored to try your new tea."

"Thank you, I will explain and let me grab my cup and we can try it together." Gabriel walked back to the laboratory and picked up his cup of tea and came back. "This one is for fatigue, I know that after a long hard day people might need to pick me up. The red color is from the berries we dried. I thought it might add some nice flavour." He took a sip and relaxed.

"A fatigue tea, that is a marvelous idea. Sometimes I wish I could get in your brain." Aki took a sip and tasted the Satonishiki cherries. "Oh, the Satonishiki cherries are so refreshing. So it is a cherry tea?"

Edward took a sip and enjoyed the flavour. "This is a luxury. I think that the flavour is really balanced. I am of course in no way an expert but I really like this. Thank you."

"I want to know when you guys start to feel the fatigue fading away. I know that it is not something that will happen right away. I was hit with inspiration as you two looked so exhausted. So I made this for you guys. Suzuki-san, I would like your permission to make some more tea for Amelia if that is alright with you?" Gabriel asked for permission before just assuming that he would be allowed.

"Gabriel-san you have my permission! I would rather know that you are working on something that is for my daughter and knowing that it is safe then you buying it from somewhere that can not be trusted. My wife will be happy about it. She tried to get some tea from here many times and failed each time. She was taking care of Amelia and by the time she made it here it was sold out."