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15 15 Was it a Dream?

 The carriage stops and the driver opens the door. "We have arrived, would you like me to wait here?"

"I will not be too terribly long. So you can wait here." Gabriel hopped out and walked to a yukata shop he started looking at the premade ones. Then on the wall, he spotted a lavender purple color yukata that had pale blue butterflies all over the yukata. He stopped and stood in front of it thinking about it. There were also some white orchids on the yukata and sometimes there were butterflies on the flowers.

The owner came out to see who was here. "Suzuki-sama, it is good to see you here again. What can I get for you today?"

"Please wrap up this yukata. It is exactly what I am looking for." Gabriel went to the hairpieces and found a butterfly pin that matched the yukata. He picked it up and went to the counter.

"Yes! Right away." The owner took it down carefully and then folded it up neatly and wrapped it in a box. He placed the box down and looked at the pin in his hand. "That as well?"

"Yes, please. Originally I was planning on going home but I am glad that I decided to come here. I am glad that I didn't go home now. This is what I wanted to get for someone." Gabriel handed the hairpiece over and then pulled out his money.

The owner wrapped the hairpiece up in a matching cloth handkerchief. "I will include this handkerchief as it goes with the yukata. Have you found that special someone that make s your life feel complete?"

"I do believe that I have. For me, I know that it was love at first sight. I can not say how she feels about me but I know that she is a sweetheart and I would do what I can to help her out. Even if she does not feel the same about me." Gabriel started placing the money down.

"If this is a gift for her then she will be thrilled. It is a rare gift that not everyone would give to a potential partner." The owner looked at the money and smiled.

"Yes, but this is something that my father will be giving the family. I am picking it out as I think that it would be best for me to do. I know her better than he does anyways." Gabriel finished placing the money down and picked up the items.

"Thank you, I am glad that we had what you were looking for." The owner took the money and bowed.

Gabriel carried the items out and went to the carriage he placed the items on his seat and then went to a different store. He looked around and found that there was a book about different herbs and their tastes. He grabbed that and paid for the book. He looked at the store next to the bookstore. He saw that it was a jewelry stand, where he found a butterfly necklace that was the same blue color as the yukata and bought it, and as it was getting wrapped he looked up. The sky was starting to turn dark. Once he got that item he went and got into the carriage. "To the hospital please."

"Very well, Sir. I will make sure that you get there as safe as possible." The driver drove him back to the hospital and Gabriel placed the necklace in his school bag and carried the three items into the hospital. He went straight to his father's office and knocked on the door. When there was no reply he opened the door and placed the yukata, hairpiece, and handkerchief down on the desk. He took a seat and waited for his father to come back from surgery. While he was waiting he pulled out the herb book.

Amelia woke up three hours later and was starting to feel a little better but she was still out of it. She searched her room and saw that Gabriel was no longer there. She touched her forehead and sighed. 'I wonder if that was a dream. On one side I hope that it is but on the other side, I hope that it is not just a dream. If he comes up as my partner, I would not want to turn him down." She slowly got out of bed and went to the desk and counted the vitamin packs. 'One is missing that must mean that Gabriel took it. Then I guess that it was not just a dream.' She felt her face heat up. She went to the washroom and splashed some water on her face.

Irene heard the movement and brought up some strawberries in hope that she would be able to eat them. She knocked on the door and came inside. "Amelia, I brought you some fresh strawberries and some more tea. She placed the tray down and waited for Amelia to come out of the bathroom.

"Thank you, Mother. I am sorry that you have to do so much for me. May I ask you something?" Amelia looked down at her feet and saw that her shoes were still on. She sat on her bed and removed them

"Sweetie, you can ask me anything. I do not mind." Irene looked at her daughter, who was starting to look a little better.

"How did I get home and into bed? Everything is a little blurry and I want to make sure that what I am thinking happened really did happen." Amelia handed her shoes to her mother.

"It was the young man, Gabriel that brought you inside. It was really a sweet gesture. I was worried but he carried you up to your room. He was going to leave and you pulled on his coat. Do you really not remember?" Irene looked at her daughter.

"Oh, so he was really here. That is a relief then. Thank you, Mother. I am sorry for all the trouble. That tea is really good, do we have enough for another pot?" Amelia picked up a strawberry and ate it. "They are really sweet. Thank you, Mother."

"Change out of your uniform I will wash it and make you some more tea. I am able to make three pots from the tea that you brought home. I always wanted you to get what you needed." Irene turned to leave.